Top 8 Floor Mat/Liner Options – 3rd Gen Tacoma

Top Floor Mat & Liner Options for 3rd Gen Tacoma

A Buyer’s Guide to Finding The Best 3rd Gen Tacoma Floor Mats

It is no secret that the OEM carpet floor mats that come in the 3rd Generation Tacoma, or any new vehicle, kinda suck. The carpet wears down incredibly quickly, typically only lasting your first 3-4 oil changes before noticeable wear starts to show. Not to mention, they do very little to protect your carpet.

When it comes to the Toyota Tacoma and its reputation for being a dependable and insanely capable off-road vehicle, the carpet floor mats simply don’t cut it. Luckily, Toyota realized this and was smart enough to include (depending on the dealership) OEM all-weather floor mats in the TRD Off-Road trim of the Tacoma.

If you own an SR or SR5 Tacoma, your truck likely came with the carpet mats unless you opted to shell out the extra cash for the all-weather mats. In either case, it is probably time for you to upgrade to some floor mats that can handle all of your adventures.

When it comes to aftermarket options for floor mats/liners, there are quite a few different options. Luckily for you, I poured through the internet and did the tireless research so that we could create this comprehensive guide to finding the best floor mats for your Tacoma.

So Why Might You Need Floor Mats?

This might seem like a very basic question, but there are several benefits to upgrading to a more functional set of floor mats.

The interior of your Tacoma, and especially your carpets, experience a lot of abuse. Whether you have kids, dogs, or muddy/dirty feet, your carpet is liable to get ruined fairly quickly. The last thing you want is to mess up the carpet in your new truck.

A solid set of floor mats can help prevent stains and unnecessary damage, make cleaning up easier and ultimately, increase the resale value of your car. Keeping the carpet clean also prevents things like mold and bad odors from forming.

The options listed in this article are mainly for those with double cabs. While the front set will fit any model Tacoma, the rear is most likely different if you own an access cab. That being said, most people with access cabs only buy mats for the front. I haven’t seen very many people install them in the rear or even carry passengers.

Floor Mats VS Floor Liners

It is worth noting that there is a difference between floor mats and floor liners, even though the two terms are typically used interchangeably.

Floor mats are flat and can be found at nearly any big-box retailer or auto parts store. Their purpose is simply to cover the carpet of your vehicle where your feet come into contact with the most. Floor mats usually don’t offer too much protection from mud and spills since they don’t cover the floor entirely.

Floor liners, on the other hand, are floor mats that are contoured to the floor of your truck and offer much greater protection for your carpets. They will usually provide some protection on the walls of your truck’s foot wells to help contain spills. Floor liners are more expensive than floor mats, but the additional cost is worth it for the level of protection they provide.

Without further delay, let’s go over the best floor mat options for your 3rd Gen Tacoma!

OEM All-Weather Mats

Toyota OEM All-Weather Front Floor Mats for 3rd Gen TacomaPhoto Cred: @toyotausa

As stated above, some dealerships include the all-weather floor mats with the TRD Off-Road trim Tacomas. The 2016-2019 TRD Pro models came with a fancy herringbone-esque pattern, but the mats were made of carpet. Toyota finally saw this shortcoming and gave the 2020 TRD Pro trim a new all-weather mat that has a cool rocky texture with a tire print going through it.

The all-weather set includes three mats total: one each for the driver and passenger sides and one for the rear which spans from door to door. The normal set features a deep, ribbed pattern to help catch mud, dirt and any liquids that could ruin the carpet. The material is pretty soft and pliable, like rubber. I haven’t noticed the sides bending in at all, but I have seen others complain about them not fully forming to the floor.

Driver’s Side Mat Features Dual Twist Locks

Toyota OEM All-Weather Floor Mat Twist Lock for 3rd Gen Tacoma

The driver side floor mat locks in place with the two twist locks on the floor that come standard on all Tacomas. The passenger side, however, only comes with floor locks on the 2018 and newer models. The 2016 and 2017 models lacked any anchor to the floor so owners despised the floor mats because the passenger side slid around so easily and was almost useless. The rear floor mat doesn’t have any type of anchors but from my experience, it doesn’t move around all that much. They are also available for manual and automatic Tacomas in either double or access cab configurations.

The Toyota OEM all-weather floor mats are a great option to start with. They will, however, wear down after a year or two. Typically the driver’s side is the first to wear down in the area where you rest your heel under the gas pedal.

Toyota also offers a bed mat if you want something to keep your cargo from sliding around on the slippery composite surface of your Tacoma’s truck bed. The bed mat is a great way to help secure your cargo. The Toyota bed mat is around $120 but can sometimes be found for $80-100 from certain dealerships.

Toyota OEM All-Weather Rear Floor Mats for 3rd Gen Tacoma

The best part about these mats is the price. The quality is decent and you can get them for relatively cheap, at just over $100, compared to some of the other options on this list. If you are lucky, you may be able to buy them in great condition, for a fair price, from another Tacoma owner who is looking to upgrade. If you buy your mats direct from a reputable Toyota dealer, Toyota extends a 12-month warranty on all accessories.

Find It Online


  • Cost-Effective
  • OEM Fitment
  • Deep Ribs Help Contain Liquids
  • 1-Year Warranty


  • 2016-2017 Tacoma Passenger Side Has No Anchors
  • Starts To Show Wear Within 1-2 Years
  • Coverage is Lacking

WeatherTech FloorLiner

WeatherTech Front Floor Liner for 3rd Gen TacomaPhoto Cred: @weathertech

The WeatherTech FloorLiner floor mats are likely the most popular aftermarket floor mat option for basically any new vehicle. They even trademarked the term “FloorLiner”. WeatherTech used digital laser measurements to precisely map out the floor of the Tacoma and create floor mats that fit perfectly. These floor liners are available for both automatic and manual Tacomas in the double and access cab configurations.

This set also comes with the two front floor mats and the rear “over the hump” FloorLiner. The WeatherTech FloorLiners are made from a patented High-Density Tri-Extruded material. This means that they will last forever without any noticeable wear. One thing to note is that the WeatherTech FloorLiner is significantly more rigid than the OEM all-weather mats. Depending on your personal preference, this may be a pro or a con.

The WeatherTech FloorLiner offers superior floor coverage for both the front and the rear. There is a reason they are called “FloorLiners”. The front ones cover nearly the whole wall of the center console “hump” and cover about half of the plastic door sills on the opposite end.

WeatherTech Front Floor Liner for 3rd Gen TacomaPhoto Cred: @weathertech

These mats also feature a recessed area on the mat near the seat. This helps any water that is spilled to flow down under your legs and away from your feet. This is an important feature on these mats since the material is quite hard and, despite the gritty texture, can become slippery when wet. They also come in three different colors: black, grey, and cocoa. The cocoa color is a dark brown, espresso-like color for Tacoma owners who want to be fancy.

Overall, the WeatherTech FloorLiners are probably the best option for someone who hates vacuuming their carpet. As I stated above, these mats essentially cover the most real estate in the truck when compared to their competitors. They can have the most floor coverage since they use a more rigid material that will not bend or flop over on the sides.

WeatherTech Floor Liner for 3rd Gen TacomaPhoto Cred: @weathertech

WeatherTech also offers a bed mat called the TechLiner, which is also trademarked. The bed liner is a “soft touch”, weather-resistant material, unlike the FloorLiners. It’s worth a look if you want something different than the Toyota bed mat.

The level of coverage and durability that the WeatherTech liners provide does come with a price though as they are more expensive than most of their competitors. The mats come with a limited lifetime warranty. They are typically in the $200 range for front and rear unless you catch a sale. The TechLiner bed mat can be found for around $165.

Find Them Online


  • Superior Floor Coverage
  • Durable Material
  • Precision Fit
  • Recessed Section to Catch Liquids
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Relatively More Expensive
  • Slippery when Wet

Husky Liners

Husky Liner Floor Mat VS OEM All-Weather Mats for 3rd Gen TacomaPhoto Cred: Tibadoe

The debate of Husky vs. WeatherTech is an everlasting rivalry between two companies that both make quality floor mats.

As I mentioned in the previous section, WeatherTech is typically seen as the most popular option for floor mats. This is partly due to the aggressive advertisements campaign you will find on both TV and the internet. Husky Liners, in my opinion, has been less aggressive with its advertisement strategy while remaining a very popular option.

One advantage that Husky has over WeatherTech is that they offer two different material types. As I mentioned before, the WeatherTech liners are rigid. Husky Liners realized that some people like the rigid floor liners while others like a softer feel, so they decided to make both.

Husky Liners offers two main floor liner styles: X-Act Contour and WeatherBeater. According to the Husky Liners website, both floor liners cover roughly the same area but the X-act Contour liners are much softer and more flexible, where the WeatherBeaters are still malleable, but not as rubbery. So the WeatherBeaters are more comparable to the WeatherTech FloorLiner while the X-Act Contour is closer to the OEM Toyota all-weather mats.

Husky Liner Front Floor Mat for 3rd Gen TacomaPhoto Cred: @husky_liners

The X-Act Contour and WeatherBeater liners have a similar design. The only noticeable difference is that the X-Act Contour appears to be a bit thicker in the area where your heel rests under the pedal. If I had to guess, I’d say this is likely because the material is softer and wears down quicker. The X-Act Contour liners don’t fit manual Tacomas, but the WeatherBeater liners do. Also, the X-Act Contour will work with vinyl flooring but the WeatherBeaters do not. Both liners have options for access and double cab configurations.

Another nice feature of the Husky Liners is that they have a bunch of StayPut Cleats on the underside of the mats. These cleats, paired with the factory twist locks, should ensure that your mats won’t slide at all.

Husky Liners also offers a bed mat solution for the 3rd Gen Tacoma. They offer an Ultragrip rubber-type mat and an Ultrafiber carpet-like mat. Unlike the Toyota and WeatherTech bed mats, the Husky mats come with an attached tailgate mat so the whole length of your bed is covered. The Husky Liner bed mats are both around $220.

Husky Liner Front Floor Liner for 3rd Gen TacomaPhoto Cred: tibadoe

The Husky Liners are another great option, but they also come with a steep price tag. They do come with a lifetime warranty thou. A set of front and rear liners are around $200, with the WeatherBeater version being slightly more expensive than the softer X-Act Contour liners.

Find Them Online


  • Two Material Options
  • Durable Material
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Precision Fit


  • Slightly Less Side Coverage
  • Relatively More Expensive

OEDRO Floor Liners

OEDRO Front Floor Liner for 3rd Gen TacomaPhoto Cred: @oedroautoparts

Next up are the OEDRO floor liners. This is a brand I hadn’t heard about before my research for this article, but they have some pretty good reviews.

My initial impression of these floor liners is that the front and rear liners appear to cover a little less area under the dash than WeatherTech and Husky Liners do.

The OEDRO liners are similar to the WeatherTech liners in that they are significantly more rigid than the OEM all-weather mats. The rigidity of the liners will be helpful when you spill liquids and you are trying to remove them from the truck without making a bigger mess.

The OEDRO liners are different for the 2016-2017 model year Tacomas as opposed to the 2018-Current model years. This is due to the lack of factory twist locks on the 2016-2017 Tacomas. Unfortunately, the OEDRO liners for the 2016-2017 Tacomas do not include any feature to lock down or grip the liner to the carpet on the passenger side. These floor liners are also not compatible with manual and access cab Tacomas.

OEDRO is relying completely on the rigid nature of their floor liners to keep them from moving around too much, which may help, but will not completely solve the issue. The ridge pattern on the OEDRO mats is similar to the Husky liners with the ribbed-pattern and the reinforced/thicker part under the pedal where your heel rests.

OEDRO Front Floor Liner Set for 3rd Gen Tacoma

As I mentioned above, the OEDRO liners don’t appear to go up as high under the pedals on the driver side and the glove box area on the passenger side. This may not be an issue for the driver side since the pedals are in the way, but my passengers frequently put their feet as far up as they can go under the dash so I could see the OEDRO liners failing to keep all of the carpets clean.

The rear liner doesn’t wrap around the side of the seat as much either, though the front liners do appear to cover more of the sides than the Husky Liners, similar to the WeatherTech.

What these mats lack floor coverage, they make up for in price. These mats can be had for around $115 depending on if you can catch a sale. For that price, these floor liners could be a really solid option. And don’t forget a limited lifetime warranty.

Find Them Online


  • Cost-Effective
  • Durable Material
  • Good Side Coverage
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Less Coverage Under Dash
  • Less Coverage on Sides of Rear Seats

3D MAXpider Kagu Floor Mats

3D MAXpider Kagu Floor Mat for 3rd Gen TacomaPhoto Cred: kdttocs

The 3D MAXpider mats are probably the most unique and interesting option on this list. Unlike their competitors, they do not have big, deep ridges to hold in liquids. Instead, they have a pattern of rubber ridges that looks similar to carbon fiber. This is a pretty interesting design that looks like it will still help to contain spills relatively well.

I have seen these mats have a couple of different branding changes. I believe they were originally called the Aries StyleGuard but are now called the 3D MAXpider Kagu mats. Regardless of branding, the mats all seem to be the same, save for the logo attached to the mat. I couldn’t find a manual-specific configuration for these mats, but they do have options for both access cab and double cab Tacomas.

The floor coverage these mats provide seems to be similar or slightly more than the Husky Liners while still being slightly less, especially on the sides, than the WeatherTech. The front driver floor mat also has a slightly different pattern for where your heel rests under the pedal.

It doesn’t, however, appear that the different pattern is any thicker than the rest of the mat. The rear mat looks solid, and while it doesn’t cover quite as much as the OEM all-weather mats around the corners, it does appear to cover higher up the sides.

3D MAXpider Kagu Rear Floor Mat for 3rd Gen Tacoma

I am really intrigued and pleasantly surprised by these floor mats. The reviews seem good, they have a 3-year warranty, and they are unique. On top of that, the price is pretty incredible for how nice they look. 4WD Action’s Graham Cahill also endorsed the product, so you know they’ll hold up to some serious abuse.

These mats can be found for around $150 and are available in black, tan, or gray. For about $150 for front and rear, these liners seem like a great deal. I’ll be giving them a second look when I go to upgrade from the OEM Toyota all-weather mats.

Find Them Online


  • Unique Design
  • Cost-Effective
  • 3-Year Warranty


  • Less Side Coverage
  • May Not Contain Liquid as Well

Wade Automotive Sure-Fit Floor Liners

Wade Automotive Sure-Fit Floor Liner for 3rd Gen TacomaPhoto Cred: @wade_automotive

Wade Automotive has been in the truck accessories market for quite some time now. They have a solid reputation and a ton of options for your Tacoma.

The front and rear liners appear to fit the interior very well. The front liners fully cover the plastic on the door sill, which is the first floor liner on this list to do so. Is that necessary? Probably not, though it is nice to see them go above and beyond. The front liners also go up pretty high on the sides, similar to the WeatherTech, while the rear wrap around the back seats nicely.

On Wade’s website, they have three color options: black gray, and tan. They do not have an option for manual Tacomas, but they are compatible with both access cab and double cab Tacomas.

One major con for these floor liners is that they do not account for the twist locks on the 2018+ Tacomas. The passenger floor liner has no holes to accommodate the locks, so you would either have to make your holes or just deal with the imperfect fit.

Wade Automotive Sure-Fit Floor Liner for 3rd Gen TacomaPhoto Cred: @wade_automotive

The Wade mats can be found for around $90 for the front or rear set. So complete coverage for the Tacoma will run you around $180. The mats also come with a limited lifetime warranty. These are just as expensive as the WeatherTech and Husky Liners. For your money, I’d suggest getting one of the other options.

Find Them Online


  • Good Coverage in Front
  • Rigid Construction
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Relatively More Expensive
  • No Holes for Twist Locks
  • Less Rear Coverage

Rough Country Heavy Duty Floor Mats

Rough Country Heavy Duty Floor Mats for 3rd Gen TacomaPhoto Cred: @roughcountry

If you have been in the off-roading community for a while, you have most likely heard about Rough Country. I have personally heard both good and bad things about the company, but some of the products they make are pretty solid. Their floor liners appear to be similar quality-wise to the Wade Automotive liners.

The front floor liners have solid coverage on both the sides and under the dash. The rear liners look to be more similar to the OEDRO in that they do not wrap around the sides of the seat as much. The ridge pattern on the RoughCountry mats do not appear to be very deep, so any liquid spilled will move a bit more freely than it would in other mats.

Rough Country Heavy Duty Front Floor Mats for 3rd Gen TacomaPhoto Cred: @roughcountry

The Rough Country liners are described as a flexible, easy to clean, eco-friendly design which is made of durable polyethylene. This leads me to believe they are softer than the WeatherTech, and more comparable to the Husky X-Act Contour liners.

One major drawback of the Rough Country floor mats, similar to the Wade mats, is that they did not account for the floor locks on the 2018+ Tacomas. This means that the passenger mat will slide around a bit, even thou the RoughCountry liners are rigid. They also do not have an option for manual Tacomas and are not compatible with vinyl flooring, but they do have options for both access and double cab Tacomas.

Rough Country Heavy Duty Rear Floor Mat for 3rd Gen TacomaPhoto Cred: @roughcountry

The price point is the main thing that saves the Rough Country liners. They go for around $160 directly from the RoughCountry website. The mats also come with a great limited lifetime warranty.

Find Them Online


  • Good Coverage in Front
  • Price
  • Rigid Construction
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • No Holes for Twist Locks
  • Less Rear Coverage
  • Less Aggressive Tread Pattern

Westin Profile Front Floor Mats

Westin Automotive Floor Mats for 3rd Gen TacomaPhoto Cred: @westinautomotive

The Westin Profile front floor mats are another budget option floor mat.

These mats can be found online in a variety of places. They appear to be more of a replacement to the OEM all-weather mats as opposed to an upgrade over them. Westin is the parent company of several brands, Wade Automotive is one of those brands. The Wade Sure Fit mats are also offered on the Westin Automotive site.

The coverage is lacking when compared to some of the previous options, covering about the same area (or slightly less) than the OEM all-weather mats. They also appear to be a relatively thin material and do not have deep ridges to catch liquids. The coverage under the pedals/dash area appears to be pretty decent but they lack coverage on the sides and do not fit nicely over the curves of the floor.

It’s nice to see that the Westin floor mats have the holes for the twist locks on the passenger side. However, they do not seem to have any solution for the 2016-2017 model year Tacomas. This means that the mats will have a hole straight through the mat to the carpet for those years, so the carpet could get dirty. They also do not have an option for manual transmission Tacomas, but they do have options for both access and double cab Tacomas.

The rear Westin floor mat is quite odd and I honestly, do not like it. For some reason, it is two pieces. The driver side rear is attached to the “hump” cover but the right side is not. I’m not sure why they did this, but it is a bit odd. It may look fine in the truck but will introduce a place where dirt and debris can slip through to the carpet.

Westin Automotive Floor Mats for 3rd Gen TacomaPhoto Cred: @westinautomotive

The biggest selling point for these mats is the price. The front-liners can be found for around $60.  I wasn’t able to find the rear mats on Amazon. On the Westin website, the front floor mats are listed at $77 while the front and rear are listed for $110. The mats also come with a limited lifetime warranty.

That is a GREAT price for floor liners, but you only get what you pay for. I would recommend getting the OEM Toyota all-weather mats instead, but the Westin mats are worth a shot if you want to change up the look a little and try something new.

Find Them Online


  • Unique Design
  • Cost-Effective
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Poor Coverage
  • Odd 2-Piece Rear Mat Design
  • No Support for ’18+ Tacoma

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few viable options for replacing the stock floor mats in your Tacoma. I will likely be upgrading to the WeatherTech or the 3DMAXpider mats as they both have great reviews and I like the look of them. I have had Husky Liners in a past vehicle and I didn’t hate them but I also didn’t love them, so I’ll give another brand a shot.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, I would recommend going with either the OEM all-weather mats or the OEDRO mats. If you can spare an extra $20 more than the OEDRO mats, I would recommend getting the 3DMAXpider mats.

I would stay away from the odd Wade ones as the information on them is iffy. The Westin mats I also wouldn’t buy for my truck due to the lack of coverage and weird 2-piece rear mat. If you do end up going with one of those options, let us know how they work out.

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the floor mats on this list, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Pick the option that fits within your budget and will work for what you need it to do.

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Joseph Y.
Joseph Y.
1 year ago

I have a set of weather techs for sale for a Tacoma. Any idea how to know what generation they are for?

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