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We started TrailTacoma.com out of pure frustration with the traditional automotive forum. After years of combing through dead threads, off-topic conversations, disgruntled users, broken images, dead links, and old outdated content – we needed something better. Sure, a forum of sorts but better. A place where we could come to expect expert opinions and rigorous product testing, with a full product review of the product including the installation. We have an open platform where anyone is welcome to submit a non-biased review – so long as they have fully tested and vetted that product. We don’t want product bashing here – just an honest opinion from genuine independent Tacoma owners with real-world experience. Every author on TrailTacoma.com owns a Toyota Tacoma. That is a requirement. If you do not own a Toyota Tacoma, then there is no merit in you reviewing Tacoma products. Unlike some editorial/review websites where they don’t require you to be an expert or true enthusiast in your field. Our authors cover step-by-step installs, news, reviews, product overviews, trail tips, and much more.

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