Cali Raised LED Bed Light Kit For (2020+) 3rd Gen Tacoma – Install & Review

Cali Raised LED Bed Lights For 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Cali Raised LED Complete Bed Light Kit For 3rd Gen (2020+) Tacoma: Easy + Affordable Upgrade For Factory Bed Lighting – Detailed Install, Review & Overview

Who doesn’t need more light in the bed of their Tacoma? Is there such a thing as too much when you’re looking for gear in the middle of the dark? If you are running a RTT or have gear mounted to the top of your bed rack, the OEM-mounted bed light often gets covered and is rendered useless.

The Cali Raised LED bed lights are the perfect way to add the light you need during a late-night gear search.

Note: Only compatible with 2020+ 3rd Gen Tacomas with the factory bed light option.

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    Product Overview

    Tacoma LED Bed Light Upgrade

    An affordable, quality product from a reliable company – what could be better? The price of the Cali Raised LED bed light kit is unrivaled in its utility and ease of installation. This is not my first Cali Raised LED purchase, but this is by far the best product that I have purchased from them.

    Bed lights are a good beginner modification for 2020+ Tacoma owners with the factory-equipped bed light option. The product shipped very quickly and came packaged very well. During the installation, all connections fit together perfectly and work exactly as advertised.

    With how well the lights fit in the factory bed cutouts, they could easily be mistaken as OEM lights. The lights have a sleek, clean design and are useful during the day or at night.


    Cali Raised LED Bed Lights For Toyota Tacoma - How To Install

    Tools Needed

    • Pry tool, panel removal tool, or a flat-head screwdriver
    • Socket wrench with 10mm socket

    The tools needed for installation are minimal and should only take about 10 to 20 minutes.

    Step 1. Remove OEM Light Panels

    Installing LED Bed Lights For 2020+ Toyota Tacoma

        Remove the two bed light panels that are pre-installed on 3rd Gen Tacoma bed channels. Using a pry tool, start from the bottom of the panel (this is where the clip is). If pried from the top, the clip holding the piece in place could be damaged. After the bottom clip is disengaged, the panel will slide down from the top.

        Step 2. Remove Tail Lights

        Remove 3rd Gen Tacoma Tail Light For Installation

        Using your 10mm socket, remove the two bolts holding the tail light in place; one on top and one on the bottom.

        Grab the outside and the bottom inside of the light and will pull straight back. You will start to feel the inner clips release. The first time doing this may be difficult and will take some force but keep pulling. Once removed, set the tail light on the tailgate. Do not remove any of the light harnesses.

        Step 3. Insert Bed Lights

        Installing Cali Raised LED Bed Lights For 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

        Feed the Cali Raised LED wiring harness through the hole in the bed channel where the factory cover was removed. Then, pull it through the tail light opening. Do not fully snap the bed light into place yet.

        Step 4. Connect Wires

        Tacoma LED Bed Light Harness

        Find the OEM Tacoma bed light harness clipped onto the inside of the tail light opening, next to the hole where the Cali Raised LED bed light harness was fed through. Connect the new bed light wiring harness to the OEM wiring harness.

        Once the wiring harness is connected, reinstall it in the factory location with the clip.

        Step 5. Reinstall Tail Lights

        Reinstall Tacoma Tail Lights

        After the wiring harness is reinstalled, reinstall the tail lights in reverse order of step 4. Push firmly until you feel and hear a click. That indicates the tail light has been secured back into place. Once completed, reinstall the two bolts.

        Step 6. Secure Bed Lights

        Cali Raised LED Bed Lights Installation Guide & Review

        Secure the bed light by pushing it into the panel hole in the reverse order of how the factory light was removed. Start by angling the top of the light into the hole and then by pushing the bottom of the light firmly until you hear a click. Lightly pull on the light to ensure it has been installed correctly.

        Step 7. Test Light

        Cali Raised LED Bed Lights Toyota Tacoma

        There are three ways to test the lights:

        • Open a door
        • Click the unlock button on your vehicle remote
        • Switch the light on with the “lamp bed light switch” in the cab of the truck.

        Final Thoughts

        Cali Raised LED Bed Lights Review & Overview - Night Output Shot

        After my most recent camping trip over the New Year’s holiday in the desert, I can confidently say that these bed lights held up to the test.

        After going through heavy winds and rain in the Southern California desert and snow in the mountains, there was no leak or condensation inside the lights. They allowed me to easily find all my camping gear during the pitch-black desert nights. I have periodically checked the lights over the last few weeks to see if they’ve come loose or damaged in any way. So far, the fitment is still snug, and the lights perform perfectly.

        The Cali Raised LED bed light kit lives up to the brand’s reputation for quality and affordable products. For the price and ease of installation, I highly recommend these lights; especially if you are often accessing gear at night.

        This 2020+ Tacoma modification is great for novices and experts alike. If you are just starting out and are overwhelmed by the high costs of popular modifications or unsure about installing products yourself, this is a perfect start. It looks great, is affordable, and the installation is quick and easy. You’ll be building your confidence to move on to bigger modifications for your Tacoma in no time!

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