ORU Designs Tenfold Weekender Camper Review

ORU Designs TenFold Weekender On Toyota Tacoma

An Innovative Camper At A Great Price Point!

The ORU Designs Tenfold camper is creating ripples in the overland space. When comparing it to a high-end rooftop tent and a quality bed rack, you’ll find it challenging to choose. On the one hand, you have more modularity. Or, for just a bit more money, you can build a complete off-grid living space.

This complicates the decision-making process between the two options. While most people build up to a full camper, let’s discuss why you might want to dive right into one.

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TenFold Weekender Wedge Style Pop Up Camper

With most platforms starting ranging from $7,500-$12,000 price point, the Weekender is a no-compromise, more affordable option. It delivers on the promise of a lightweight live-in setup.

An alternative to camper platforms is bed racks and RTTs, as mentioned earlier. However, those still hover around $3000-$5000. Also, considering those expose your gear to the elements and theft, I prefer fully enclosed campers.

The camper itself is well-designed and made with simple parts. The company is focused on producing quality products and building a trusted community following. With small touches like laser-cut logos, seam-filled edges, and universal parts, it’s easy to see that their products were designed with the user in mind, not just for profit.

If you need more space for your family, ORU has a larger model, the Bruin, which has hard side walls and a roomier interior.

They also have a sister company called Viato Equipment, which manufactures drawer and seat systems. They complement any camper perfectly and make for a complete setup.


ORU Designs Tenfold Weekender Side Profile With Tent Open

The Tenfold boasts a simple yet sleek design. The tent unit is universal and fits all platforms, whether a long bed, short bed, full-size, or mid-size truck. It houses a queen-sized mattress.

The lower section varies in size based on the vehicle’s dimensions. In mid-size trucks like the Tacoma, the side walls are near vertical, providing a smooth surface for mounting various accessories. Full-size trucks may feature slightly angled walls.

The top wedge section of the tent platform pops up, offering an impressive 8.5 feet of standing room. The bed platform is adjustable, sliding out of the way to create a 58″ L x 56″ W area of usable space in a long bed Tacoma. In a short bed, that area is slightly reduced. This extra space allows you to cook, change, and more without sitting.

Additionally, all campers are handcrafted and assembled in San Marcos, CA. The hands-on approach ensures close attention to quality. During our visit, it was evident that their focus was on delivering a high-quality product rather than a speedy one.


Truck Camper For Toyota Tacoma

As the base model of the Tenfold lineup, the Weekender comes in at a competitive price point, offering features that punch well above its weight class. With comparable features to other campers, making a decision proves challenging.

The camper incorporates a queen-size sleeping platform, a 3-zipper tent, a rear access door, a lightweight design, and more. Constructed from aluminum and featuring an Insulated Polymer Honeycomb Ceiling to keep the weight down, it was designed for efficiency.

The Weekender lacks windows on the sides, front, or back. While this may be a downside for some, it results in a highly secure camper, keeping contents out of view and eliminating breakable glass surfaces. Other models in the lineup include windows and additional doors if desired, but the blank walls provide a clean canvas for future accessory mounting.

Initially, I missed seeing out of my rearview mirror, but I swiftly adapted by incorporating the WOLFBOX Rearview Smart Mirror. This allowed me to mount a camera on the back and see what was behind me. This setup also functions as a rear dash cam in case of an accident.

Sleeping Platform

Large Camper Queen Size Sleeping Area

The Weekender does not come with a mattress from ORU Designs. You may purchase one from them or adapt your own. While some may see this as a downside, being able to choose your mattress might be advantageous. I spent numerous nights on the factory mattress and found it may not meet everyone’s needs.

Currently, I am using the Kamp-Rite Queen Self-Inflating Mattress. The 59-inch width of the mattress allows me some side space for storage, and the hybrid air design enables compression, keeping the weight at a minimal 24 pounds.

The sleeping platform is made of the same Insulated Polymer Honeycomb material. It utilizes a split design that allows me to slide the platform over and fold the mattress to the front. With the bed fully deployed, I can keep a sleeping bag and a few pillows at the top even with the lid closed.

One key feature of the sleeping platform that’s often overlooked is the space behind it. This open space allows you to get in and out of bed without waking anyone else by removing panels.

Tent Specifics

ORU Designs Camper On Tacoma

The tent canvas only comes in a tan color. There are three large windows around the top of the camper, allowing for a full 180-degree view. These windows comprise a canvas interior and a mesh exterior, allowing them to be opened for airflow. This also lets you pipe in a portable diesel heater or air conditioner.

The canvas material is of good quality and thickness with moderate light rejection. It lets in some light, similar to the ambient light in a room. This may be good for those who prefer to sleep in late.

An integrated bungee strap pulls the canvas inwards when the top is closed. It’s worth noting that due to the wedge style, the canvas does not puff out when closing to the top, unlike other campers.

Final Thoughts

TenFold Weekender By ORU Designs

I am very pleased with the platform after spending considerable time camping, modifying, and enjoying the ORU Design Weekender. It fulfills all the requirements to get out and enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

Some key features that I appreciate are its simplicity, ease of modification, and the open space at the end of the bed. This addresses a common concern with other styles, where you disassemble the bed to get out.

I much prefer having the extra standing space and the ability to accommodate more than two people inside during bad weather.

If you have any questions about the camper or my build-out, comment below!

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1 month ago

Currently own the bruin, and will say that everything about the tenfold and bruin is awesome except the rear barn doors. Would recommend the hatch style rear door for better security. There are a plethora of posts on the Facebook page regarding modding the barn doors if you choose that route though.

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