13 Best Go Fast Campers Accessories

White 3rd Gen Tacoma With GFC Camper Off-Roading On Chinaman Gulch In Colorado

We Tested 13 Products From Mattress Upgrades to Storage Systems, Diesel Heaters & More

So… you bought a GFC. Awesome! It’s arguably one of, if not the best in its class. You’ve got a covered bed and a rad tent. Now it’s time to get your setup dialed in.

The question is, what other options are out there? You may have tried to find them, but information is limited and hasn’t ever been organized. But that’s why I’m here!

In this post, I’m going to highlight a series of companies to make your camping experience even better. I did my best to hunt down every single one, but there may be some smaller items missing. Let us know in the comments below if you have seen any others!

1. Matt Gecko LEDs

Matt Gecko Dual Color (Red/White) Complete (Upper/Lower) GFC Camper Lighting Kit

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With over 20 years in modifying cars/trucks, Matt has been creating quality LED products for multiple applications. The approach is simple – focus on quality and reasonable prices.

Matt sells a complete camper lighting kit. The kit has multiple sets of lights, and lights not just the bed portion, but also the tent area. It comes with absolutely everything you need for installation and detailed instructions. With three different color options (red, white, red/white), you can choose what works best for you. I went with the red and white combination LEDs, since having the ability to jump back and forth was very appealing. Especially late at night where white light can be a bit harsher.

I love this lighting kit, and it’s high on my list. Having ample lighting easily available on hand is super clutch.

2. BamBeds

BamBeds Removable Sleeping Platform - Secondary Truck Bed Platform In Truck Camper

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Did someone say bunk beds? Pretty much what a set of BamBeds will turn your GFC into. A newer company to market, BamBeds set out with a goal to create aesthetically pleasing accessories. The result is a modular sleeping platform that works with long and short bed models. And not only that, there are options to use this platform with or without opening your bed.

This accessory effectively doubles the amount of sleeping space in your truck. If you plan on sleeping more than your tent will allow, this is the answer. The modular nature makes it easy to take in and out, and the platform can double as an organizational tool to add another layer of storage to your bed. Get this… the platform pieces can be connected together with an optional set of blocks that turn them into a couch! Now that’s multipurpose.

BamBeds are available in bamboo or birch, depending on your budget and preference. They also recently released their “sliders” which pair nicely with the platform to add two sliding trays to further improve your storage game. Support another rad small business with big plans for the future.

3. Goose Gear

New Goose Gear GFC Camper Drawer & Storage System With Fridge Slide & Sleeping Panels In Toyota Tacoma

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Much like how GFC established itself as an industry leader, Goose Gear is similarly positioned as leader and pioneer of storage systems. These guys have been building some of the highest quality options on the market when it comes to organization. From base plates, to sliding drawers, drawer modules, kitchen setups, and seat deletes – these guys have something for everyone.

In terms of specific support, Goose Gear just released their new camper system line for several major manufacturers. The system features their signature bed plate, and offers nice variety of options for customizing storage to your needs.

Personally, I’m running their bed plate, with a driver’s side package, and a passenger’s side package with solo fridge slide (w/ cutting board), and the sleep deck panels. The added function is incredible and one of my favorite parts about my truck. Yes, this is another premium option, but you get what you pay for.

4. VRNCLR Sewn Storage

Vernacular Sewn Storage - GFC Space Frame Pack Bags For Storage & Organization

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Creative thinking leads to creative solutions. Couldn’t be more true for Vernacular Sewn Storage! This one man team is laser focused on creating hand made storage options for your GFC and beyond. Many items are made to order, and customizable.

With three main products, my favorite is for sure the Frame Pack (seen above). The frame packs integrate into the space frame. They wrap around the triangulated supports and use factory mounting points on top for extra stability. With several different pockets and compartments, getting organized is easy. I absolutely love how functional these are, and how well they utilize a previously empty space.

VRNCLR also has two other notable products. The Bedding Catch – which securely holds your bedding and otherwise, suspended up and away from the elements. And the Top Shelf – a bag made to add pocket storage to the sleeping area.

Whatever product you choose, you can rest easy knowing that these guys take pride in quality products and use premium parts like YKK zippers to ensure longevity.

5. Two Track Nation

Two Track Nation Hot Box Premium Diesel Heater For Truck Campers & Overlanding - Mounted On V2 GFC On 3rd Gen Tacoma

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This is a company run by two guys who love to explore and push the limits of off-road travel to share the beauty of the outdoors. From all their experiences, they’ve set out to create amazing products to make things easier and more comfortable.

Their pillar product is the Hot Box – a premium diesel heater with a configuration designed specifically for camper applications. With well over two years of research and development, the Hot Box is incredibly dialed. Featuring the most dependable diesel heating unit on the market (Eberspacher/Espar), all housed in a Zarges box, paired with RotopaX fuel storage – the features are reliant on the best products that could be sourced for what could be called the best heater on the market today.

I’ve tested this setup down to 10 degrees in the middle of winter, and it easily heats to interior temperatures to well beyond minimum comfortable levels. In fact, I’ve found myself frequently turning it off or down in the early mornings – even in the coldest settings. The point is, the system is incredibly efficient with low levels of power and diesel consumption.

Once again, yes, this is a very high end product. However, for those looking for the best, or frequently living out of or using their setups in the winter, the comfort and utility provided is unmatched.

6. Aeronaut Outdoor

Aeronaut Outdoor Hoverquilt - Super Lightweight & Warm Alternative To Sleeping Bags

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Sleeping bags can be annoying. Sure, a quality sleeping bag will keep you warm. But nothing beats sleeping under the covers in the comforts of home. Enter the Hoverquilt.

The Hoverquilt is essentially an oversized sleeping bag – converted to basically a large blanket. With a footprint of 90″ x 80″, it’s the perfect size. And it packs down into a really small storage bag. On top of that, it weighs less than 3 lbs (hence the name – it “hovers” over you). Its small size and fluffy nature means storage is easy inside your camper when its closed.

This quilt really shines in colder weather, it easily keep you warm down to 30 degrees. I’ve used the Hoverquilt many times, and it is shocking how well it can contain heat and keep you very toasty. In my experience, I was warm even under the recommended temperature rating. This is due in part to the zero cold spot construction. An important element, the goose down helps to keep things light and warm.

This option is certainly premium. But it was developed with years of experience and it will significantly outperform other alternatives. The fabric is water resistant, and can be machine washed and dried. It comes with a lifetime warranty from manufacturing defects, and a 110 night trial period. If you’re not 110% excited, Aeronaut will issue a refund and pay return shipping. That’s confidence!

7. Overland Soft Goods

Overland Soft Goods Flannel Sheets For GFC Camper Mattress

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Scott and Sharon, owners of a GFC themselves, quickly understood that several factors impact and improve upon your truck camping experience. Utilizing their knowledge, they started by creating a few products like insulated window coverings, after identifying a need in the truck/van space. Their idea took off and fast forward to today, they have a full product lines.

I can tell you from experience, the fleece fitted sheets, especially paired with a mattress topper, make a huge difference in comfort. Any of their products that I’ve gotten my hands on have been great.

From fitted flannel sheets, to window covers and mattress toppers, these guys have a wide variety of products.. With premium materials, attention to detail, you can’t go wrong with these guys. They’re decently well known in the community and you’ll likely find others running at least one of their offerings.

8. Shittco

Shittco Awning Kit For GFC Campers

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As you might already know, Shittco makes cool shit… Lol. This company only operates via Instagram and takes inquiries and orders via direct message.

Known for two main products, this small business makes Shitbrix Awning Kits and Solar Cable Wire Organizers. The Shitbrix can be seen above. Simply put, it allows you to turn your windows into awnings. The kit comes with two anodized mounts that attach to the extrusion on the outside of the GFC. The remainder of the kit contains rain fly poles and different brackets to attach to your tent material. For those looking to organize their solar wiring, the organizers are also available.

9. JE Design & Fabrication

JE Design & Fabrication Drip Rails For Preventing Water Runoff Into Truck/Window

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This company was started with one thing in mind, creating and designing quality products that solve issues. And they have certainly lived up to their intentions!

One of their most functional products from my experience, is the Drip Rail. Pictured above, you can see it attached to my camper. This simple product prevents water from running directly into and over your windows by redirecting it to the roof. This stops staining and allows you not worry about flooding your interior if you need to access your truck during a storm.

Other notable items include MagSpots (a steel mount for magnetic accessories), the 10Rack (another crossbar systems, and the BuddyMount (bracket for attaching your Buddy heater to factory bed rail. Problem solvers? I think so!

10. AL Offroad

GFC Wumbo Camper Roof Rack From AL Offroad

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Best known for their Trailgate (available for many trucks), AL Offroad also has a few supporting mods.

Most notably, as seen above, we worked together to create a super strong GFC camper roof rack that complements the lines perfectly. With two stout mounting locations per side, and larger crossbars than the industry standard, this rack can hold gear without breaking a sweat. And most importantly, no chance of hitting the rack and causing damage.

AL also offers a more affordable alternative to beef bars (crossbars made for the roof). They took a different approach to their design, so you might find their design more aesthetically pleasing.

11. Strawfoot Handmade

Strawfoot Handmade Custom Window Cover For GFC Rear Window For Privacy

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Strawfoot is another small company creating great products with solid designs and materials.

While they don’t offer a ton of options, they have one focused product. The window covers. If you opted to get front and rear windows on your camper, you might be looking to block the morning sun or decrease outside visibility. Strawfoot’s custom dimensions fit your windows perfectly, and install quickly and easily with very little effort.

12. BZShopDesigns

GFC Lock/Latch Covers To Prevent Debris Buildup & Freezing

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And last but not least, a small business that currently has two products.

Based in Montana, BZ offers replacement latch covers (to help protect latches against debris and freezing) and Starlink mounts. A straightforward set of items to optimize your setup. Hopefully we see more innovative solutions in the future.

13. Backwoods Adventure Mods

Space Frame MOLLE Panel For GFC From Backwoods Adventure Mods With Gear & Accessories

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Although this molle product was a limited run, I still wanted to give it a quick mention. Especially since I’ve got other Backwoods products on my truck (front and rear bumpers).

As you can tell, I’ve got a Molle panel bolted to the front of my space frame. We collaborated with Backwoods to do a limited release of these to test the waters. Since then, they have not been produced again, but you never know!

I store my MORRFlate inflation/deflation hose kit, some recovery gear, an H3R fire extinguisher, an ax, and a Molle bag on the panel.

Final Thoughts

White 3rd Gen Tacoma With White V2 GFC Camper With Diesel Heater Hard Mounted To Side Panel/Door

That’s about it! 13 different companies offering a big variety of aftermarket support.

The GFC is a brilliant product on its own, but there are always new ways to optimize your experiences. With the products on this list, hopefully you found a setup that works for your needs. There’s something for everyone, at every price point.

Aftermarket Gear & Accessories For The GFC Truck Bed Camper

Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments below. If you’re a brand looking to get featured in this post, shoot us an email!

If you’re looking for even more, check out the GFC marketplace forums. There are quite a few companies over there selling really cool parts.

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Kenny C.
Kenny C.
4 months ago

Great post dude! I love that Molle panel, it comes in handy and looks awesome.

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