Who We Are?

We’re a large group of Independent Tacoma Owners who first-hand install, test, and review all the products we cover. Every post is written by someone who owns a Tacoma – which is our primary requirement. Each writer is required to have hands on experience using, abusing, and rigorously testing, every single product. We recommend a minimum of three (3) months of testing before an article is published. Our goal is to provide real-world feedback, with clear demonstrations of using the product and sharing an honest opinion. Each review is designed to give you a glance into the experience so you can decide whether or not it’s right for you.

How We Make Money

TrailTacoma is a free community and is entirely supported by our users. There are no memberships. We have no hidden content. Our team makes money when you click affiliate links, and through those links, we get commissions. At no cost to you, you’re helping to facilitate future product testing. This is also how we pay our contributors. Our affiliate revenue goes right back into payments for our authors. Every author is paid for their review/install/overview. The generation of affiliate revenue is how we continue to pay writers who cover non-biased, independently submitted product reviews.

Objective, Independant Product Testing.
The authors on TrailTaco.com only write about products they have tested. Each review, install, or product overview is written by an enthusiast who owns, loves, and lives the overland or off-road lifestyle. Each review is centered around one person’s independent testing and personal experience and opinion. It may not be the thoughts of our internal team. Each post requires that the author has rigorously tested, used, abused, installed or witnessed the installation first-hand. We do not offer guest posts. We are not a guest blogging site. We do not allow promoted posts for products we do not test. We do not review products we do not test. You cannot pay for promoted posts for your product/brand on TrailTacoma.com. The posts published on TrailTacoma are those of independent owners who share/submit their own opinions and state only the facts on their experience/review of that product.