MESO CUSTOMS Long Travel Twin Turbo 3rd Gen Tacoma

Meso Customs Total Chaos Long Travel Twin Turbo Tacoma Build on 37" Tires and Tons of Custom Modifications

A Tacoma Build That Will Go Down In History As One of the Greats

If you own a Tacoma and haven’t heard the name Meso Customs, you’ve been hiding under a rock.

Meso Customs is owned by Stew Gibbs and this guy has set the highest bar possible when it comes to modifying a 3rd Gen. In the vast realm of Instagram Tacoma profiles, there are rare moments when a single vehicle build captures the attention of just about everyone. Not only has Stew’s incredibly famous quicksand Tacoma build inspired enthusiasts around the globe – but he’s also created one very impressive brand around it.

I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Stew and I can tell you right now, this guy is a vehicle visionary. What he sees as possible, most of our minds can’t even fathom. His vision for each build is really special and it’s been a privilege getting to watch Stew customize this Tacoma (the version pictured here) and what he has planned next, which is even more insane; which I’ll jump into at the end.

Stew’s long-traveled twin turbo 3G build has become the stuff of legends, showcasing a thoughtful blend of innovation, meticulous craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. At the end of the day, Stew has masterfully transformed this Quicksand truck into a work of art, and for many enthusiasts, would quite literally be a dream come true to own and drive.

What sets Stew apart from others is his consistent attention to detail. From meticulously crafted light housings that match OE lines to thoughtfully designed multi-cam interior accents – this build was truly executed with type-a personality-driven precision. Stew has a relentless pursuit of perfection, ensuring that every detail of the build not only looks factory but also delivers insane performance and functionality.

Industry Commitment

MESO Customs Tacoma

Stews’ commitment to modifying extends far beyond his exceptional build. His company MESO Customs has redefined what it means to personalize the Tacoma, 4Runner, and Tundra platforms inside and out through incredibly simple yet highly functional plug-and-play mods.

With a strong emphasis on precision and craftsmanship, Stew and his team take pride in creating products that seamlessly integrate into factory Toyota lines, providing an OEM-like fit. Simply put, MESO Customs has a very distinctive style of highly functional OEM-like mods, bringing a fresh and unique aesthetic to custom Toyota off-road and overland builds.

Meso Customs continues to push the boundaries of Toyota customization, setting new standards that will for sure leave a long-lasting mark on the automotive industry.

Without any more, let’s jump into the build overview.

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Volk Racing TE37 Large PCD Mag blue 18X9.0 +0 on Toyota Tacoma

  • Volk Racing TE37 large PCD mag blue 18X9.0 +0


Stoptech 6 piston big brake kit with 360MM 2PC rotors on Toyota Tacoma Long Travel Build (MESO Customs)

  • Front: Stoptech 6 piston big brake kit with 360MM 2PC rotors
  • Rear: SOS performance disc conversion Stoptech 4 piston with 340MM 2 piece rotors
  • Extended-length SS brake lines


BFG T/A KM3 37X12.50R18 MESO CUSTOMS 37" Tires Tacoma Build

  • BFG T/A KM3 37X12.50R18


Total Chaos Full +3.5” Race Long travel kit on Quicksand Toyota Tacoma

  • Total Chaos Full +3.5” race long travel kit
  • Extended chromoly front axle shafts w/ Tacoma joints
  • Adjustable limit straps
  • Extended brake lines
  • King long travel coilovers
  • King 2.5 triple bypass
  • King 2.0 bump stops
  • DMZ SUA rear suspension kit
  • DMZ bed cage


Stew Gibbs MESO Customs Long Travel Tacoma Build 3rd Gen Quicksand build on 37" Tires

  • Solo Motorsports Tundra steering rack
  • Solo Motorsports machined stainless steel tie rods
  • Solo Motorsports Toyota clevis steering upgrade
  • Total Chaos weld-on spindle gusset reinforcements


Lil Bs Bumper on 3rd Gen Tacoma with Baja Lights

  • Nitro Gears: 5.29s

Engine / Performance

Twin Turbo 3rd Gen Tacoma

  • OVtune twin turbo kit (Garrett GT2560r)
  • Lexus LS500 injectors
  • NGK spark plugs
  • RIPP coil packs
  • Walbro 255 in tank pump with OV fuel pump controller
  • Custom intercooler piping with 3” FMIC
  • JLT oil catch can
  • Custom Dual 3” snorkel intakes
  • TurboSmart boost controller
  • Custom 304 stainless steel downpipes and side exit exhaust with Spintech muffler
  • CSF aluminum radiator with custom electric fan conversion


    Lil Bs Front Bumper on 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma (Quicksand Tacoma with UpTop Overland Rack)

    • Lil Bs Fab front bumper
    • Lil Bs Fab sliders
    • CBI rear high clearance (sides wings cut off and tube style welded on)
    • RCI skid plate
    • Factor 55 fairlead and prolink
    • Smittybilt winch


    Interior Tacoma Accents from Meso Customs

    • MESO Customs chrome delete interior kit
    • MESO Customs interior lighting kit(map and dome light)
    • MESO Customs overhead hexrack
    • MESO Customs blackout door handle kit
    • MESO Customs coin bucket organizer
    • MESO Customs PRO stealth shift knob
    • Autometer UEGO boost/AFR gauge in custom MESO dash pod
    • Bride gias carbon kevlar seats
    • Planted seat brackets
    • Multicam black hydro dipped interior


      Quicksand Twin Turbo Tacoma on 37" Tires, Tundra Steering Rack, Long Travel, UpTop Overland Rack

      • The entire truck painted in matte clear coat over factory quicksand
      • Seibon carbon hood (paired with exposed carbon)
      • McNeil extended fiberglass fenders and bedsides
      • Raptor lined fenders/bed
      • BAMF front grill with custom MESO 3D logo
      • MESO gasshole


        MESO Customs UpTop Overland Roof Rack with Baja Lights on Fairing (Very Custom Lighting Setup)

        • Custom MESO TRD pro headlights with retrofitted Baja S1s and amber DRL
        • Custom MESO LED tail lights
        • Custom MESO 3rd brake light
        • MESO Customs mirror puddle pod LED kit
        • MESO Customs V5 switchback mirror signals
        • Baja XL80 + Squadron pro front lights
        • Baja S2 pro reverse lights
        • Baja S1 ditch lights


        Total Chaos Long Travel Tacoma Build on 37" Tires

        • Off-grid engineering battery relocation
        • Northstar group 35 AGM

            Roof Rack

            UpTop Overland Roof Rack with Pelican Boxes on 3rd Gens

            • UpTop alpha roof rack
            • Custom MESO front faring with Baja S1s (13)
            • Custom MESO side lights
            • Dual FDE Pelican vault cases


            Lil Bs Bumper on 3rd Gen Tacoma with Baja Lights

            • Kenwood 5-channel amplifier
            • Kenwood 10” slim sub in custom box
            • Kenwood component speakers front/rear
            • Audio control signal processor
            • Soundskins sound deadening (roof, floor, doors)

            Final Thoughts

            Custom Toyota Tacoma Build on 37" Tires

            Okay, now that’s one impressive Tacoma build. Stew has since blown the turbos and has even bigger plans for what’s next. If you’re local to Sacramento, CA, and frequent the shop Stellar Built, you may have seen what’s coming for the next stage of this Quicksand flagship Meso Customs build.

            Stay tuned for the stage as it’s coming together fast and we just might get the exclusive on another write-up.

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            Chris Fortunato
            Chris Fortunato
            11 months ago

            I drool over this truck every time I see it. The MESO Tacoma build is a dream build for many Tacoma owners!

            11 months ago

            Stew blew the OV Turbos sometime in Fall 2020 Winter 2021. The truck has been gutted and MIA since that time. Funny to see this article come out in 2023

            11 months ago
            Reply to  JR

            The TTB build is almost wrapped up. I’ve been watching it closely down at Stellar and it’s currently stuffing 40s. Freaking insane. Wait until you see what’ Stew did to it. It’s pretty gnarly.

            11 months ago
            Reply to  JR

            Yeah for sure. It wasn’t documented anywhere online like this with high-res photography so Stew and I figured we would share one last series of shots and a “final” build list as it sat before it got shipped off to Stellar Built for the TTB portion of its life.

            11 months ago

            Incredible truck! It’s a work of art! Got pics of the rear end? It’s only the front end posted in the article

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