MORRFlate Quad Vs. DIY 4-Way Air Hose System

DIY 4-Hose Kit Vs. MORRFlate Hose Kit

Should You Buy An Inflation/Deflation Kit, Or Build One Yourself?

If you enjoy hitting those dirt roads, then you know about the pain of bending down to air down your tires one at a time. A 4-way hose system is the easiest way to air down and air up your tires. Say goodbye to back or knee pain from bending over and waiting at each tire, just a quick click and wait for the air to do its job.

If you’re anything like me, then you prefer to DIY anything that you have the skills to accomplish. When I first learned about 4-way air hose systems, I looked into the DIY route to save money. This allowed me to use red air hoses to match my truck (it’s the little things). See my post – DIY Inflation/Deflation Hose Kit.

I learned one big thing when I created my own; if you’re just doing it to save money – save yourself the hassle and just buy one. To my surprise, I ended up spending more on mine, even in parts alone. Not to mention my time.

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DIY 4-Hose Inflator/Deflator Kit

When you build your DIY system, the materials can vary which will also cause your overall cost to fluctuate. I ended up sourcing my parts from Amazon, so I’m sure most of the parts came from China distributors.

By comparison, a MORRFlate system comes from a well-known reputable company that may source some elements from China, but has much more experience doing so.

Weight & Size

DIY Air Hose Chuck

While the weight isn’t a massive difference, the MORRFlate setup weighs less and is way less bulky. Easier to transport, use and store in your truck.


MORRFlate Quad Vs. DIY Kit

With most DIY projects, the money-saving factor plays a big role in why you go that route in the first place. When I made my DIY version, my research fell short and I learned that it actually cost me more money for all of the components than to just buy a kit off the shelf.

When it was all said and done, my DIY kit cost around $175 in parts. A storage bag cost me an additional $20. For similar money and perhaps even less during a sale, you can get a system that’s ready to go, and complete.


Air Hose Kit Connectors

Durability can be questionable with a DIY kit since you’re typically combining parts made by multiple manufacturers. Most of my supplies were also from Amazon, so their quality is debatable.

MORRFlate has been doing this for a while; there’s a reason why their customers speak so highly of them. Just looking at their kit and my DIY one side by side, you can see the difference in quality. Especially noticeable here with the fittings.


Comparing DIY and Pre-Made Hose Kits

When you build something yourself, the labor doesn’t have any warranty. While individual parts may be covered by warranty, the system as a whole will not be. So, if you have a specific part that needs to be replaced, you would have to disassemble your system. And you might get denied by a random supplier on Amazon or have to jump through hoops.

MORRFlate includes a 12-month warranty with their air hose kits. If something goes wrong in that time frame, just contact them and they will work with you – they stand behind their products. This makes for a much less stressful experience should something fail.

    Final Thoughts

    Comparing MORRFlate Vs. DIY Air Hose Systems

    So what’s a better value for your money, MORRFlate or DIY? At the end of the day, what you choose depends on your interests and what you consider to be a pro or con.

    When I set out to make my DIY system, the two main factors were cost and color choice. Going through the process of making my own system was fun but I was only able to accomplish one of two goals for building it in the first place.

    Between the two options, cost isn’t really a factor. If you value your time and don’t care about color, get yourself a MORRFlate kit which includes a carrying bag and a 12-month warranty. If you want custom hose colors or just like being able to say that you made it yourself, go the DIY route. Let us know in the comments which option you would choose and why!

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    1 month ago

    So basically the DIY kit is the same cost as a morrflate… it’s less reliable, there is no warranty, it likely has fewer features, and it takes time to build it. Got it.

    1 month ago
    Reply to  cal

    Lol. Pretty much!

    Justin Dizon
    Justin Dizon
    1 month ago
    Reply to  cal

    Correct. Plus the Morrflate chucks have better engagement for more flow.

    A signature designed valve for airing down and rolls up nicer due to specially sourced hoses

    Chris Fortunato
    Chris Fortunato
    1 month ago
    Reply to  cal

    When I first made my own kit I wanted to save money but also do a DIY project but what I didn’t realize is it’s not going to save that much at all.

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