Quad Lock Phone Mount & Charger Review

Quad Lock Drive Phone Case & Car Windshield/Dash Mount Review

A Secure Way For Hands Free Operation & Easy Charging

Two things everyone reading this article love: driving their Tacoma and staying in contact with the world through their cell phone. Keys, wallet, and phone are on the everyday carry list of most Americans. Keeping that vital piece of equipment charged, and ready for use, is something that most of us find to be a challenge.

Introducing the Quad Lock, Wireless Phone Charger, and Mount. This nifty piece of kit, built for the Australian outback, is beyond simple to install and will eliminate you having to fight with wires, as well as keep your phone from falling into your lap while you’re driving.

Let’s get into the review/overview.

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If you are looking for an off-road phone case for your Tacoma, this is a great option to consider. Next to the Hondo Garage Mount, Quad Lock is another pretty common option among off-road drivers. With Quad Lock, you won’t have any rattling, rotating, or general phone slippage. Both of these phone mounts are pretty common in the off-road and overland space but let’s jump in and see what makes Quad Lock so special.


Quad Lock Car Mount, iPhone Case & Wireless Charging Head Review

Initial Impressions

Unboxing the Quad Lock Drive system, I found the mount, wireless charger, and phone case to be made of extremely durable materials that should last for a long time.

Instructions were easy to follow and allowed for mounting virtually anywhere in your vehicle as long as the provided charging cable for the charging mount will reach.

Unboxing the Quad Lock Vehicle Drive System with Wireless Charging

Contents & Compatibility

Included in the three separate boxes were from left to right; the wireless charging mount and charging cable, the windshield/dash mount with suction surface and alcohol prep pad, and finally the phone-specific case.

The wireless charging head is compatible with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11, SE (2nd Gen), X/Xs, Xs Max, XR, 8 Plus and 8.


Quad Lock Drive System Compatible Phone Case VS Otterbox Phone Case

Secure, Locking Phone Case

The company’s website states that the Quad Lock iPhone Case is made from a tough, polycarbonate core and impact absorbing TPU edge-to-edge outer shell to protect your iPhone. Compared to my old OtterBox phone case, the Quad Lock case is very similar in sleekness and durability.

It fits very well in the hand and doesn’t interfere with your ability to talk or text even with the mounting bracket on the back. Some may have to ditch the PopSockets when they install this case, but that will soon be forgotten when you see how easy this is to use on a daily basis.

Mounting & Charging

Dual Stage, Secure, Locking Phone Mount for Vehicle Mounting System

Installing Mount

Installing the windshield mount is as easy as prepping the surface with the provided alcohol pad, pressing the suction cup to the glass where you want your phone to be, and then flipping the switch to fully secure it.

The suction cup is made of a product that will have a very hard time letting go once installed. It not only has the concave design of a normal cup, but it also has a sticky, nonporous media that makes the application that much stronger. The suction was good enough that I couldn’t pull it off the windshield without releasing the innovative turn switch.

Quad Lock Secure Phone Mount & Case on 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Locking the Quad Lock Case to Windshield/Dash Mount

With a 45-degree approach to the locking mechanism and then a counterclockwise twist, your phone is locked in place and instantaneously charging. Boom, that easy.

Wireless Charging Capabilities

Quad Lock states that your phone will charge 2x faster with their product versus standard 5w wireless chargers. I can attest to this, it seems to move roughly twice as fast as a standard charge. Once charging is complete, the light on the back of the charger will illuminate green letting you know that your phone is ready to go. There is also a button on the back of the charging head that can turn off the light if that is something you don’t need.

Potential Customization

Custom Wireless Charging Setup with Quad Lock Fast Wireless Charging Head & Expedition Essential 2TPAM

Applications for Wireless Charging Head

I currently have the Expedition Essentials T2PAM installed in my Tacoma. I removed the RAM mount and found that the wireless charging head’s bolt fit perfectly in the already provided holes. This means I can keep my phone mounted on the windshield when it’s charged or on the T2PAM when it’s running low on battery.

A finger nut is provided with the windshield mount and used to secure the charging head. After cinching it down, everything is tight and not going anywhere. The excess wire used to power the charging head can be simply just wrapped around itself or you can go a step further and run it into your dash. It all depends on how permanent you want to make this be.

Final Thoughts

Quad Lock Review & Overview - Phone Case, Car Mount & Wireless Charger

There’s also the ease of removing your phone for that fast Instagram story or picture and no more fighting cords once you take it down. This product also has applications for running, bicycling and motorcycle riding, enabling you to carry your phone securely during whatever activity you choose.

If it’s got a handlebar or a windshield, this will work! That’s another huge selling point of Quad Lock. The system is very universal. If you want to move your phone from one driving style to another and have everything be plug and play, Quad Lock is the choice. This is really an all-in-one phone mounting system that you can take anywhere.

I plan on keeping it in my Tacoma for years to come and I highly recommend this product for your next truck or Toyota mod.

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