Hills Off-Road Gear HOG Sty RTT Review

Hills Off-Road Gear HOG Sty Foldable Hard Shell Rooftop Tent Review

A Hard Shell Folding Tent Similar To iKamper Models

** This company is no longer in business. **

Hard-shell tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They offer many benefits over soft shell tents: faster set up times, durability, and typically a lower profile.

The majority of them have one thing in common: the sleeping area is the same size as the closed tent dimensions. This means that you often sacrifice space and comfort with a hard-shell tent. If more space is needed, the common option is a clamshell-style or soft shell tent.

If only there was an option that gave you the benefits of a hard-shell tent, and the comfort of a larger sleeping area…

Introducing Hills Offroad Gear (HOG)

Hills Offroad Gear is an up and coming company that manufactures premium hard-shell rooftop tents (among other things). Based out of Tennessee, this family-owned business is focused on quality. Using only the best materials and offering top of the line features, these tents do not disappoint.

HOG tents are designed to nearly double in size when opened. The outer shell raises via gas struts and the tent floor folds out to increase its square footage, all in a matter of minutes.

What does this mean for you?

It means you get the best of both worlds. A hard-shell tent that is sleek, durable, quick to set up and that also expands to offer a larger amount of space. You may have seen designs like this before, so let’s get into the details because that’s what sets this tent apart from some of its competitors.

Let’s break them down.


Hills Off-Road Gear HOG Sty Hard Shell Rooftop Tent Overview

HOG Sty XS (starting at $2,999.99)

  • XS closed dimensions 48”x60”x12.6″
  • XS open dimensions 78.5”x60”x51”
  • XS weight: 125 pounds

HOG Sty XL (starting at $3,299.99)

  • XL closed dimensions 55”x75”x12.6″
  • XL open dimensions 78.5”x75”x55”
  • XL weight: 155 pounds

Tent Materials

  • Tent shell
    • Lightweight and durable
    • Gloss Black ABS/Acrylic
    • SS304 Stainless Steel Piano style hinge
    • 2 ratchet straps and 2 outdoor-rated velcro straps
  • Tent floor
    • Aluminum honeycomb
    • Corners reinforced with aluminum and plastic
  • Tent body
    • Durable 200G rip-stop poly/cotton canvas
    • Waterproof taped seams
    • YKK zippers throughout
    • 210D Silver backed grey rainfly
  • Mattress
    • 2” high-density foam mattress
    • 3-layer peach skin quilted mattress cover (headboard same material)
    • Anti-condensation mat

Amenities & Upgrades

Amenities & Upgrades for HOG Sty Off-Road Rooftop Tent - Shoe & Storage Bag

Tent Amenities: Standard Features

  • LED camp light strips inside and out with dimming switch
  • Zipped side window awnings that easily roll up when not using window rods
  • 2 storage pockets inside the tent
  • Sky view window, for those who love star-gazing

Tent Add-ons: Optional Features

  • $299.99 – Wall-to-wall cold-weather insulation layer (zip-on removable)
  • $249.99 – Zip-on awning, 4 aluminum poles, 6 guidelines/aluminum stakes
  • $489.99 – Zip-on annex room with PVC floor, tie-down lines/aluminum stakes
  • $49.99 – Shoe bag with side velcro rain cover
  • $49.99 – Storage bag with side velcro rain cover
  • $489.99 – 97-watt solar panel + solar controller
  • 4 ft. USB plug available upon request

Hard Shell Rooftop Tent Specifications & Configurations

2nd generation tent upgrades (now standard on all tents)

  • Upgraded locking buckles to secure tent shell
  • Zip on rainfly – easily removable
  • Condensation vents inside of the tent to improve airflow
  • Sleek tent emblems replacing vinyl logos on tent shell

Current HOG Sty Tent Promotion

  • Order now and get the Zip-on Awning, Shoe bag, Storage bags
  • The Cold Weather Insulation
  • All for free!
  • $649.96 value

Initial Impressions

Foldable Hard Shell Rooftop Tent on 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

From the moment I opened the box containing my HOG Sty XS tent, I was impressed.

The tent came shipped to my front door and was packaged very nicely with foam covering the sides. As I opened the box and saw the appearance and feel of the HOG Sty XS tent, it did not disappoint. I could tell the materials used on the tent were top of the line.

The footprint was perfect and the ABS shell was exactly what I had hoped it would be. I was also impressed with how clean the Solar Panel looked mounted to the top of the tent. I could tell it was manufactured to fit there perfectly.

Set Up

Mounting Hard Shell Rooftop Tent on 3rd Gen Tacoma Bed Rack

Mounting the tent was a breeze. Hills Offroad Gear includes 4 brackets with robust mounting hardware.

Due to my bed rack setup, I opted to use 4 bolts going through my bars and attach the tent that way. The tent is only 125 pounds, so adjusting the positioning before I tightened it down was no issue what so ever.

Hills Off-Road Gear Hard Shell Rooftop Tent Setup

Once the tent was mounted, I was able to set the tent up in under 2 minutes the very first time. After releasing the straps securing the tent shell, a firm press up on the outer shell and the gas struts do the rest, opening the shell fully.

Next, you use the ladder to pull out the other half of the tent floor, similar to a clamshell-style tent. The ladder of the tent itself is very sturdy and telescopes with ease. Set it to the height needed to support your tent floor and you’re almost done.

The last step is to attach the flexible poles to the front of the tent and to the windows to hold them open.

Simple. Easy. DONE. The second time I set the tent up I was able to do it in under one minute.

Take Down

Setting Up Hard Shell Rooftop Tent from Hills Off-Road Gear

Taking down the tent is almost as easy as setting it up. Remove the poles from the tent opening and windows and place them in their sleeve before laying them on the main floor of the tent.

Next, collapse the telescoping ladder and use it to fold the outer half of the tent onto the main tent floor. There is an elastic strap you can hook up after this step that goes across the body of the tent from one side to the other. This strap helps hold the tent material securely when closing the shell.

The final step is to grab hold of the larger strap designed to aid in tent closure. Pull down on this strap and the shell will come with it.  Make sure no excess material is hanging down and close the tent all the way. Then, secure the tent using the 4 straps on the side. DONE.

Final Thoughts

Hard Shell Rooftop Tent Full Review & Complete Overview

The Hills Offroad Gear HOG Sty tent is a game-changer.

Not only is this style tent the best of both worlds, but this specific tent and all of its features will revolutionize the way you camp. The best part? Getting to support a US-based, family-owned business that will stand behind their product through and through. Another benefit? At this price point, the next similar tent is about $500-800 more expensive, for essentially the same tent.

That was one of the main reasons I chose HOG over the competition. Their customer service was outstanding and they stand behind their product. Don’t hesitate to pull the trigger on a HOG tent, you won’t regret it.

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3 years ago

I purchased the same tent from Hills Offroad Gear and I completely agree with everything in this article. It is the best tent out on the market and much more affordable. Customer service is amazing and have personally met the owner of the company several times. I have the solar panel option on mine which is an amazing addition.

Danny Waits
Danny Waits
3 years ago
Reply to  Robert

Robert, have you had the chance to get a couple days of camping in the new HOG STY? I also just pulled the trigger and opted for this over the ikamper skycamp 2.0… I’m curious if you are still impressed? Mine is supposed to be arriving Nov. Thanks Dan Waits!

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