6 Ways to Use a Spare Tire Trash Bag

Overland Build 3rd Gen Tacoma With $unnin4Tacos Spare Tire Gear/Trash Bag

Alternative Options & Uses Other Than Cleaning Up Garbage

The R4T bag is a versatile accessory that offers more than just mounting to your spare tire; it can also be securely attached to the tailgate. Its applications extend far beyond being a mere mobile trash bag. It has proven to be adaptable.

There are many diverse uses, which includes providing quick access storage outside the vehicle, transporting dirty or sandy equipment, hauling firewood during extended trips, and conveniently organizing tools. Its often used for trips to the beach or lake to be able to store items that are sandy or dusty outside of the vehicle.

With drainage holes placed at the bottom, we are even able to put wet items from swimming inside to drip dry on the road home.

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Lifted MGM 3rd Gen Tacoma

This version is a cost-effective. When comparing it to others on the market, it appears that the materials used are quite similar, and the design between these seems to share common elements.

The primary reason I frequently use this is for camping. During the journey to our campsite, we load the it with firewood, and on our way back, we add a trash can liner to it to pack out all the trash.

The competitive pricing, combined with its inclusion of numerous features, positions it as a significant contender in the market. Especially considering its exposure to the elements when mounted outside the vehicle, it’s likely to serve as a disposable item replaced every few years.


  • Weight: 3lb 6oz
  • Size Closed Flat: 31in H x 27in W
  • Opening Diameter: 18in
  • Storage Capacity: 18in D x 28in H = 4.1ft³
  • 3x Molle Strips
  • 4x Exterior Mesh Pockets
  • Rear Attachment Strap Length: Min –  32in, Max – 53in

1. Work Tools

Alternative Uses For Spare Tire Trash Bag

For homeowners and professionals alike, it can easily be used to move tools and equipment between work sites.

When handling dirty shovels and rakes, I don’t have to worry about getting the inside of my bed as dirty. It provides a convenient solution, allowing users to securely store and transport tools with ease.

This is accomplished by placing dirty shovels and rakes inside the bag and closing the lid. Its optimal size accommodates a standard 5-gallon bucket, providing a safe and organized method for carrying items like hardware and tools. I found it the most useful for transporting yard tools around the house.

2. Beach Gear

Alternative Uses For Spare Tire Gear/Trash Bags

Living in California, trips to the beach or lakefront are a welcome break from the heat and traffic. With such outings come various belongings needed for a relaxing day by the water, such as beach towels, mats, floaties, life jackets, and more.

After a day in the sun, cleaning up sandy items can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Further more most of these items can still be damp. The bag once again proves its worth by offering a simple and efficient solution. Users can fold all beach accessories inside, avoiding unnecessary cleanup and conveniently transporting the items outside of their vehicles. Leaving all the dirt, sand, and water outside on the drive home.

3. Firewood

Runnin4Tacos Gear/Trash Bag Transporting Firewood

Frequent camping trips in remote areas, like the high desert, often mean that firewood might not be readily available.

While packing camping essentials, including a firepit, there is limited space left for firewood. Placing firewood directly in the truck’s bed is not ideal, as it risks creating dirt and splinters, particularly where one sleeps.

In this situation, the bag comes to the rescue, offering ample storage space for up to two bundles of firewood. Securely stored outside the vehicle, it ensures a clean and clutter-free interior. As well as keeping any hidden critters outside.

4. Groceries

3rd Gen Tacoma Overlanding

Routine truck maintenance involves running the engine to keep everything in proper lubricated. However, as the truck is mainly used for adventures and home projects, it may not be driven every day.

On trips to the store in the middle of the week, the limited space inside the cab can quickly fill up. Placing items on the bed system in the back poses a risk of shifting and rolling, causing potential damage and spills. It provides an efficient solution, accommodating larger items like cases of water, pellets for the smoker, and dog food.

With the bag securely in place, concerns about items stacking on top of each other or rolling around inside the bed are eliminated. This often proves useful for dusty items specifically like the wooden pellets for a smoker.

5. Recovery Gear

R4T Spare Tire Gear Trash Bag Used For Dirty Recovery Gear Storage

Off-road conditions often present challenges like sand, snow, and rocks. During such instances, recovery gear becomes essential, including traction boards, tow straps, and winch cables. When utilizing this equipment, it is inconvenient to put it away immediately, as it may be needed again shortly. The R4T Bag offers a practical solution for quick storage.

Recovery straps can be rolled up and placed inside, while recovery boards can simply be tossed in without the need for careful storage. For winch lines, it provides a suitable spot for temporarily securing the synthetic line by throwing it over the truck to the back.

6. Waste

Spare Tire Trash Gear Bag Uses

Finally, emphasizing environmental consciousness, it serves as an essential pack-out for trash. During multiple-day camping trips, there is often a need to carry out waste responsibly. Storing trash inside the cab or camper shell may not be desirable.

However, using it to hang off the back of the vehicle enables easy disposal of campsite waste elsewhere. With the extra room we always make an effort to clean up the campsites around us. Help keep the public lands open and available to all!

Final Thoughts

R4T Spare Tire Gear/Trash Bag Mounted On 3rd Gen Tacoma Tailgate

Although commonly viewed only for trash, they offer a wealth of utility beyond the primary use. Adding it back to my kit has allowed me expand storage to further outside the vehicle.

Storing firewood and long trips or packing out our trash is no longer a chore now that the items are placed outside the vehicle. I am excited to be able to mount it in the future to be able to keep it deployed even when the tailgate is down.

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