7 Best Fog Light Pocket Kits For 3rd Gen Tacoma

Baja Designs Squadron Fog Light Bezel Kit on Lifted Cement Grey 3rd Gen (2016+) Tacoma With Roof Rack

Industry Proven Brands Like Baja, KC, Heretic, Diode & More!

One of the most common modifications Tacoma owners add to their trucks is upgraded fog lights. Since the OEM perform so poorly, many companies have made solutions to replace them with aftermarket off-road focused lights. If you are looking to get the most out of your fog lights, check out this post.

What Are They?

Amber Baja Designs Squadron Fog Light Bezel Kit on White 3rd Gen (2016+) Tacoma

Upgraded fog light pocket kits allow you to remove your entire OEM assembly and replace it with higher-performing LED pod. By changing out the entire OEM housing, you can run a light pod of your choice that will outperform the original halogens in every scenario.

These setups will also be much brighter than replacing just the light bulb with an LED bulb, allowing you to maximize your output.


Red 3rd Gen Tacoma With Diode Dynamics Fog Light Pocket Kit

Light Output

With a pocket kit, you can run a high-performance LED light pod that will throw a ton more light than the OEM fogs. This means higher visibility at night and improved capability from the lighting system on your 3rd Gen Tacoma.

Off-Road Use

Most of these kits are focused towards the off-road enthusiasts of the Tacoma community since the LED light pods will help you see when out on the trail. Not much feels sketchier than going on a late-night trail run without sufficient lighting.

The lights in these pocket kits will give you improved visibility to see upcoming trail features. However, unless specifically labeled SAE, they will not technically be legal for street use.

OEM Fitment

One of the best benefits of the pocket kit that has made it so popular is that it is neatly integrated into the OEM fog light location. This means you don’t need a bumper or roof rack to mount these lights. It also makes for a super sleek OEM look but with the improved performance of aftermarket LED pods.

Pocket Kits Vs. Bulb Replacement

YotaVerse Fog Light Pocket Kit for 3rd Gen (2016+) Tacoma with OEM Fitment

Whereas a fog light bulb kit will replace only the light bulb on your Tacoma, the housing/pocket kit will replace the entire assembly. This allows you to install large, aftermarket lights rather than just the bulbs. These lights are brighter and of higher quality, offering greater performance off-road.

Pocket kits will, however, be more expensive and are much less likely to be street-legal. Consider your budget and how much light output you are looking to get before deciding which route to go.

Which Is Best?

Heretic Studio Fog Light Pocket Kit on 3rd Gen (2016+) Tacoma

This comes down to – among other things – performance, price, and aesthetics.

Lumen output will let you know how bright a light is; generally, the more lumens, the pricier that option will be since more effort had to go into the design of the light to make it brighter. There is another measurement for light output, lux – you might also see that term. They are different, so be sure to do your research.

Each of these kits and lights has a slightly different look and how it sits. So, it would help if you considered which kit looks the best in your opinion, so you have one that you will be stoked about when you look at your truck.


SAE vs. Non-SAE (street legal) Fog Light Pocket Kits for the 3rd Gen (2016+) Tacoma

SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) lays out the ground rules for vehicle lights. Many off-road lights on the market are illegal on the street for various reasons – most often because they are too bright for oncoming traffic. So SAE options will not be as bright, but you can run them on the street.


Although not as bright, many Tacoma owners are satisfied with the light output of their street-legal fog lights. It is also a nice feature since you can run them on the street without illegally blinding oncoming traffic (though you will probably still be blinding them, just legally).


For those who want the most possible light output, a set of non-SAE off-road light pods will be the way to go. While you shouldn’t run them on the street, many people do without issues. You would be annoying to a lot of other drivers.

Also, if you have other off-road lights mounted to your Tacoma, you may not need the brightest ones since they will be supplementary and not the primary source of lighting when wheeling.

Other Types

Fog Lights vs. Lightbar on Cement Grey (2016+) 3rd Gen Tacoma TRD Pro Overland Build

When determining your off-road lighting setup, you may be considering a kit versus something like a light bar.

If you opt for a light bar, you obviously have the option to get a light that is much brighter and more powerful. Fog light kits are the most realistic and affordable way to mod your truck. But if you want serious light output, a fog light won’t cut it. Performance varies because big light bars are less practical for daily use, although they are much brighter.

We recommend starting with one of these and then going from there to meet your needs. Don’t let the hype get to you. Very few people need to spend six months’ salary on 50+ lights. A handful of carefully chosen lights will get the job done.

Amber Vs. White

Amber vs. White LED Fog Lights on Orange Lifted (2016+) 3rd Gen Tacoma

When picking which fog lights are for you, the lens color will play a significant role in your lights’ look and performance. With most options on the market, you will have two options: amber or clear.


Although usually not as bright as clear lenses, amber fog lights will give you better visibility in poor weather conditions. Due to the wavelength of amber-colored lights, they cut through the fog, rain, and snow better than clear lights, reflecting light off fewer particles back to you.

Amber also tends to be more aesthetically interesting and will add to your Tacoma’s “modded” look. If you like the look of the yellow or drive in harsh weather often, amber will be the way to go.

A quick note. Amber usually refers to a yellow color. But it is sometimes interchangeably used for orange as well. Technically, amber (as a color) falls between yellow and orange.


On the other hand, white lights will usually be brighter than the ambers. This means you are getting more bang for your buck in terms of light output. Of course, when you encounter low-visibility situations, you might wish you had a set of amber fogs.

White is your best bet if you are looking for maximum light output and only occasionally see bad weather. Again, some of these decisions will come down to aesthetics and personal preference.

1. Cali Raised

Cali Raised LED Fog Light Pocket Kit for 3rd Gen (2016+) Tacoma

Find It Online

Cali Raised LED Fog Light Pocket Kit will directly replace your truck’s assembly to provide a much higher quality light output. Whether you are on a late-night trail run or driving in dusty, rainy, or snowy conditions, these lights will significantly improve visibility.

You can choose between a few light pods. While the white lights will beam intense light, similar to daylight, for high visibility, the ambers are especially useful in dusty, foggy, or other poor weather conditions as they minimize glare.

When you purchase the kit, you will receive your light pods, mounting brackets, hardware, and wiring adapters. Installation is pretty straightforward, and you can check out Cali Raised’s website for installation instructions.

One of the best bang for your buck kits on this list.

2. KC HiLites

KC Hilites Fog Light Pocket Kit for 3rd Gen (2016+) Tacoma

Find It Online

KC HiLites Fog Light Bracket Kit includes one pair of OEM Toyota bumper mounting brackets, shrouds, and bezels. However, they do not come with the lights, so you must purchase them separately. They work with KC FLEX ERA 3 lights which you find above.

Although small, the lights have an IP68 weatherproof rating and pack a punch with 3672 lumens with a 6000K white light. They also boast a 50,000-hour operating life to ensure you are well-lit for the life of your truck.

All installation hardware is included in your purchase. This bracket kit is designed specifically for the 2016-2023 Tacoma models and will seamlessly fit your stock location.

This one is on the more expensive end.

3. Baja Designs

Baja Designs Squadron Pocket Kit for 3rd Gen (2016+) Tacoma

Find It Online

It goes without saying that Baja Designs is the go-to brand for many off-roading enthusiasts looking for solid lighting solutions. Their kits will significantly upgrade your system, providing better visibility as you drive in challenging weather and at night.

The Squadron-R Sport Fog Light Kit is designed for 2012-2023 Tacoma models. Shooting 3150 lumens, you can expect a bright light, much brighter than the installed OEM lights. It comes with two Squadron Sport Wide Cornering lights, which utilize 4 LEDs and provide a 42-degree flattened horizontal beam. They come in both amber and white light.

Also included in your purchase are two mounting brackets and a wiring adapter. These enable you to use the truck’s mounting hardware and factory switch seamlessly. Baja Designs also offer SAE versions of their pocket kit; both have a 50,000-hour lifespan.

Sean wrote an installation guide and review.

4. YotaVerse

YotaVerse Budget Fog Light Pocket Kit for (2016+) 3rd Gen Tacoma

Find It Online

This kit from YotaVerse is plug-and-play, meaning an easy direct fit installation into your current OEM system. The kit features laser-cut stainless steel construction with black powder coating to avoid any corrosion.

Included in this kit are two DOT-approved CREE LED light pods, meaning they are street-legal. You also get the mounting brackets, wiring harnesses, and a 1-year warranty if you encounter any issues.

Priced at $140, this setup is super budget friendly for those of you to improve your lighting system for as cheap as possible. Jon has an install and review on these, found here.

5. Heretic Studio

Heretic Studio Amber Fog Light Kit for 3rd Gen (2016+) Tacoma

Find It Online

Heretic Studio’s LED Fog Light Kit for the Tacoma models features their Quattro LED light pod. These high-performance lights are a drastic improvement over your OEM, projecting 2904 lumens per pod for optimal visibility while driving at night and/or under challenging weather like rain and snow.

They feature high-quality aluminum-grade billet housings and powder-coated stainless steel brackets that are built to last, protecting the lights from damage.

When you buy this kit, you get the mounting brackets, hardware, wiring adapters, and two Quattro light pods. Installation involves directly replacing your OEM fog light assembly, and the included H-11 wiring adapters will plug into the factory wiring. For a detailed installation guide, check out their website.

6. Diode Dynamics SS3

Diode Dynamics SS3 Amber Fog Light Pocket Kit for 3rd Gen (2016+) Tacoma

Find It Online

Diode Dynamics’ SS3 LED Fog Light Kit for 3rd Gen Tacoma models features LED lights engineered with TIR (Total Internal Reflection) optics for maximum light intensity and optimal focus.

You can choose from two types of beam patterns: SAE Driving and SAE Fog. The driving pattern offers 18 degrees of illumination and is available in 6000K white color. The fog beam pattern provides a much wider 80-degree span of illumination and is available in 6000K white and 3000K amber colors.

Diode also offers these lights at different power levels. The sport configuration has 2262 lumens of white output and 1930 lumens of amber output. The pro option has 5796 lumens of white and 5220 lumens of yellow output. Finally, the max version offers 7920 lumens of output in both white and amber (although max is not SAE-approved).

    For efficient thermal management, all SS3 LED fog light kits feature durable powder-coated aluminum construction with a passive, pin-fin heatsink.

    7. Morimoto 4Banger

    Morimoto 4Banger Fog Light Pocket Kit For (2016+) 3rd Gen Tacoma

    Find It Online

    Another relatively new option, the plug-and-play Morimoto kit, stands out with a cool and unique design. With high-end parts from an established leader in lighting, you can’t go wrong with this set.

    In terms of color, beam pattern, and power – this kit provides one of the most extensive ranges for customizing your particular setup. It comes in both amber and white as well. With SAE compliance, tons of engineering/development, and features like air cooling, it’s easy to see why Morimoto is known for great products. These guys measure light output in lux, so it’s tough to compare to competitors that gauge their products with lumens. For the sake of comparison, these lights are very similar to the other higher-end options on this list.

    Final Thoughts

    Baja Designs Squadron Fog Light Pocket Kit for (2016+) 3rd Gen Tacoma

    Overall, a fog light pocket kit will offer you improved lighting performance with minimal hassle for installation. So, when that bad weather hits, you will be prepared and ready to power through.

    These setups have few downsides, unless you are trying to save as much money as possible. In that case, I would suggest checking out a bulb replacement, which will give you better performance than OEM at a lower cost.

    Ultimately, the decision will come down to your aesthetic preferences and how much you are willing to spend on a set.

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    Chuck Webster
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    When they ask Amber Back Light, yes or no. What does this mean?

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    Pretty simple. If you want the amber back light as a secondary function. Like a low level DRL.

    1 year ago

    Great post! I have a ’23 Trail without factory fog lights, of all the products you listed are any of them recommended more than others for trucks without fog lights?

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    M Smith
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    Cool post! Always look forward to new topics on here.

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