OneUpLighting RockGlow-X Rock Lights Review

OneUpLighting RockGlow-X LED Rock Lights

Universal RGB Rock Light Kit – Good But Not Great Quality

In this article, I’ll walk you through my experience and an overview of the RockGlow-X 8-Piece LED Rock Light Set.

Rock lights are a great addition to your truck for either aesthetic purpose, like rolling down the highway with your homies or showing off at the local truck meet. Or for functional purposes, like additional light for better tire placement on those technical night runs. The formula is simple, the more light you have at night, the less of a chance that you’ll damage your truck and get home on time, safely.

I do a fair amount of night wheeling so my girlfriend bought me these lights for greater visibility after the sun sets on the trail. I installed 2 of the rock lights on the upper front and back of each wheel well so that two rock lights are shining in opposite directions. More light = less damage. Another reason, of course, was because we both knew that they would look great in pictures and on my Instagram.

I’ll break down the product, specifications, and my impressions of the product and install process.


LED Rock Lights for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Alright, let’s get into the details.

These lights are a relatively new product, introduced in 2019. They are not specific to any vehicle and can work with any make or model.

This kit features 7 LEDs in each rock light and comes with a focused white light emitter to provide some of the best colors and brightness available on the market today. The lights have been tested in all sorts of conditions and have been proven time and time again to last you a very long time.

No matter how many lights you decide to purchase, the kits come with rubber mounts and all of the necessary installation hardware. The installation is easy and can be installed in just about any wheel well. The lights also feature a Bluetooth app that allows you to control them directly through your phone.

Bluetooth Features

  • Make your own color combo
  • Music sync
  • Ambient fading
  • Single stream color mode – 13 million choices
  • Multi-colored strobe effect

Depending on how much you want to shine, there are three levels of kits you can purchase

  • Bright (4 lights)
  • Super Bright (8 lights)
  • Extremely Bright (16 lights)

The lights start out around $150 and top out in the lower $300s. The company offers a 12-month limited lifetime warranty with all of their products. OneUpLighting offers free shipping on all orders over $100. I got lucky with a 20% off discount code as well, so the kit was very well priced.

OneUpLighting also offers additions to the rock light package like footwell zone lighting, grille/engine bay lighting and an LED tailgate light bar. These options range from an additional $30-60.


OneUpLighting LED Rock Lights - RockGlow-X Review

I love these lights because they’re super bright and, as I mentioned previously, it is easier for me to navigate while on the trail at night. My truck also stands out a lot more at the truck shows we go to and the groups we frequently meet up with.

I installed the lights, 2 in each wheel well, which was more than bright enough for my Tacoma. Coming from me, that means a lot. I like my lights to be as bright as possible for some serious light output. I ran the wires to the controller and used black zip ties to secure everything out of the way of any potential damage. The black zip ties help to retain a stock look and keep all the wires organized.

Installation and initial usage

One part that was a bit frustrating was the installation and initial usage. When I first turned these lights on, I had issues getting them to be just one color. All of the LEDs would be different colors from the one that I had selected. The lights were also different colors. The issue, although it was frustrating, was quickly remedied. I contacted the owner of the company and he was extremely helpful with the whole process. Phenomenal customer service. The issue ended up being with how I connected the wires to the controller.

At the end of the day, many issues can be avoided by slowly and carefully hook up the wires to the controller. If you rush, the connections may not be the best and you’ll experience issues with color, connection, etc. With that being said, the lights are very high quality and I have not had any issues since.

The complete install took me about 5 hours, but that includes troubleshooting a couple of install hiccups along the way. I also wanted to do a good job of routing all the wires and that takes some more effort than just quickly hooking everything up. The install is not difficult and I’m now happy with the final product.

Finally, there is a slight discrepancy between the color on the Bluetooth app and the color of the lights themselves. Although, after a bunch of trial and error, I was able to, for the most part, get all the lights matched to their correlated color on the app. I will say, I don’t expect a perfect match and eventually, I was able to get the colors almost spot on. All that being said, with a bit of time and patience, the colors won’t be perfect, but they are close enough.

Long story short, after a few minor setbacks, the lights work great and I haven’t experienced any further problems.

    Bluetooth App

    LED Rock Lights for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

    In my opinion, the Bluetooth app needs some work.

    For one, you have to keep pressing the refresh button in the app after connecting your phone to the rock lights. It usually does not work for the first time. Second, the app occasionally crashes. Finally, as I mentioned before, the lights still do not match perfectly with the color buttons on the app.

    For example, when I push the pink setting on my app the rock lights turn blue and pink, when I push the white setting it turns the lights into a white rainbow color, and when I push the yellow setting it turns the lights into a more of an orange, yellow, and green mixture. I still think the lights look cool with the colors being mixed up like this, but it is still something to note and be aware of when purchasing.

    As far as I understand, this is the only way to get a variety of colors out of RGBW (red, green, blue, white) LEDs. Using these colors, the controller uses a varying amount of the base colors to create millions of possible colors.

    You can fix the rock lights to turn a true white if you click on the “LED BLE” button in the app. This is where I pick all my colors and make the rock lights strobe, fade or just stay a solid color. Then you click “WHT DIM” at the top right of your screen and use the black and white color wheel to change the brightness of the white color.

    On a more positive note, and one of my favorite features, you can play your music through the app and your rock lights will light up in correspondence to the beat. I love this feature and feel like the coolest kid on the block when I am using it, haha. You can also personalize your colors and pick many different color modes.

    Final Thoughts

    Cement 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma with LED Rock Lights

    Overall, I recommend buying this product if you are into off-roading, and particularly night wheeling, but are afraid of getting your wheels and other parts scratched up or damaged by rocks.

    This product is also great for truck part junkies who like their pictures to pop as much as possible. I am very happy with this product and it was definitely worth the money, especially with all of the discounts.

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    Jeff Beach
    Jeff Beach
    9 months ago

    My sons truck is the same front is different color than back, we can’t get them to match at all, any help would be greatly appreciated

    2 years ago

    Hello. Your ad helps I’m having the same issue with the lights not matching 2 could be white and 2 would be a different color. How did you get them all to be the same color?

    Bryant Scott Albey
    Bryant Scott Albey
    2 years ago

    Bluetooth range is terrible

    Jaimie Martin
    Jaimie Martin
    3 years ago

    Super cool pictures! My boyfriend loves his rock lights!

    alex wills
    alex wills
    3 years ago

    Nice article!

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