Best Bed MOLLE Panels For Tacoma

Cali Raised LED Bed MOLLE Panel 3rd Gen Tacoma

Easily Add Gear Storage To Your Truck Bed

As you build your rig and add more gear, you quickly realize you need more storage and organization. Being mid-sized trucks, Tacomas are notorious for having limited storage space. Luckily, there are several aftermarket options to help remedy this issue.

The storage solution we’re covering today is bed mounted MOLLE panels. These are an easy way to add storage and customize your gear organization. We’ve done the research and gathered some of the most popular brands on the market.

Personally, I’m running a full set from Cali Raised.

The brands listed below are in no particular order.


3rd Gen Tacoma Overland Build with Cali Raised LED Bed MOLLE Panels

MOLLE panels are extremely versatile and have countless compatible mounts, straps, and bags. They can quickly turn your otherwise plain truck bed into a gear junkie’s paradise.

You’re not limited to one side of the bed, either. There are panels available for all sides to keep any loose equipment secured and your bed free for hauling larger items like portable fridges or storage boxes.

1. Cali Raised

Cali Raised LED Bed MOLLE Panels

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Cali Raised LED is the brand that popped up the most when researching MOLLE panels for my truck. There are a ton of Cali Raised vendors and they are popular for a reason. They are a USA-owned company and make many top-quality products in-house.

I opted for a set of these on my truck and the panels flow well with the design of the bed. This makes them look like they were a factory upgrade option.

2. Built Right Industries

Built Right Industries MOLLE Panels

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Built Right Industries might not be a name you’re familiar with but they are also made here in the USA. In addition to the panels, you can purchase them in a package to include accessory mounts for your favorite gear, all in one place.

3. All-Pro Off-Road

All Pro Off-Road Bed MOLLE Panel

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All Pro Offroad has been around for a while and they make a lot of high-quality, fabricated in-house products for the 3rd Gen Tacoma. If you’re looking for a solid panel for the rear of your bed, they’ve got you covered.

The only downside to this MOLLE panel is that they don’t make a matching set of side panels.

4. Body Armor 4×4

Body Armor 4x4 MOLLE Panels

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If you own a 4×4 vehicle, you’ve probably heard of Body Armor 4×4. While researching the brand, I couldn’t verify where they are located or where they manufacture their products.

This is still a decent brand if you’re on a tighter budget and aren’t pushing anything to its limits off-road.

5. Victory 4×4

Victory 4x4 Bed MOLLE Panels

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Victory 4×4 was the most expensive option that I found. They also make bumpers, roof racks, and other smaller accessories.

Interestingly, the rear bed panel is square, which gives you less surface area to mount your gear (compared to other options that extend over the wheel wells). Still, their products are high quality and made of steel.

Final Thoughts

Cali Raised LED Bed MOLLE Panels

Whatever brand you choose, you’ll achieve the same result – an organized bed. The great thing about the aftermarket overland community is we have a lot of choices.

I don’t like to stick with one specific brand for the sake of matching. Instead, I explore my options and choose brands that best fit my setup and personal preferences.

If you need to organize your bed for off-roading, camping, or whatever you do, MOLLE panels can keep you organized. I plan to mount smaller items like a shovel, axe, gas cans, and anything else that could roll around or even fly out of the bed when on the trails.

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