5 Best Throttle Controllers For Tacoma

Pedal Commander Throttle Controller Bluetooth App

Performance Mod For Improved Pedal Response and Drivability

Electronic throttle controllers or ETCs have been around since the early 80’s and have become the standard in automotive throttle control. Fully replacing the old mechanical mechanism; it has made things like cruise control, traction control, lane assistance and all the fun safety features that require torque management possible.

ETC’s give automotive manufacturers the ability to seamlessly calibrate and prevent dramatic changes in torque you might otherwise experience from a purely mechanical system.

The downside here is response time, in a mechanical operation the input is direct and the throttle response time is immediate. With an ETC the response time can feel slower especially if it’s calibrated by the manufacturer to do so whether it’s to conserve fuel or allow your traction system to function properly it leaves many drivers wanting for that bit of extra control.

If you have other recommendations, drop them in the comments below!

What Are They?

What Is A Throttle Controller?

Throttle control modules have been on the scene for a while now. They’re simple, plug-and-play devices that eliminate lag time and give the driver much more control over their throttle. Most of these gadgets come with multiple settings allowing the user to tailor their driving experience to be more responsive, get better fuel economy or customize the overall feel behind the pedal.

Installation is easy and doesn’t void your warranty. Simply wait for your car’s ECU to shut off by leaving your door cracked for around 15 minutes, plug in your favorite control module, calibrate it using the manufacturer provided set-up guide and you’re ready to go.

Throttle controllers are popular with Tacoma owner’s because… Tacomas are painfully slow, the most significant factor being abnormally low torque production. After throwing bigger tires on there and weighing it down with all of our gear and accessories, the driving experience can feel even more sluggish. Controllers help the experience by providing a user dialed response setting that certainly FEELS faster (or at least more responsive) when you’re driving.

1. Fukin Tuned

Fukin Tuned Throttle Response Controller For Tacoma

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  • No physical buttons, app-controlled via Bluetooth
  • 36 settings (4 programs, 9 fine tunes)
  • Anti-theft mode
  • Unique maps for each vehicle
  • Free software updates/app
  • 2-year warranty

Fun to say and even more fun to use the Fukin Tuned option is a newer entry to the market. They offer a 2-year warranty, a fun-to-use creatively designed app that pairs to your device via Bluetooth, and a number of settings to fine tune your experience.

Though this is a “budget” option (coming in at $60-$80 below their competition here) it certainly isn’t lacking in features. Each device has the ability to customize your throttle mapping with 36 different settings and even includes an anti-theft mode.

2. Injen X-Pedal Pro Black Edition

Injen Pedal Pro Black Edition Throttle Response Controller

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  • Black Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • Launch Control
  • High Speed Processor
  • Sport Mode: 9 levels, suitable for mountain roads and racing
  • ECO Mode: 7 levels, for driving in city areas which can improve fuel economy

Next up is Injen’s Pedal Pro Black Edition. Known for their performance enhancing intake systems Injen’s Pedal Pro is built to get the most out of your aftermarket intake. Offering a sleek aluminum design and launch control, this was built with performance in mind.

At right around the same price of its competition and offerings like eco mode, sport mode and fine tuning – the Black Edition throttle controller offers a competitive product that looks clean. If you already have the intake this might be a good pair for you.

3. Pedal Commander

Pedal Commander For 3rd Gen Tacoma

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  • Tried and tested
  • 36 settings (4 programs, 9 fine tunes)
  • Soft-touch built-in buttons + Bluetooth enabled app control
  • 2-year warranty

Probably the most recognizable name in this market, Pedal commander is the tried and tested most-popular option for the Tacoma. Again, offering a 2-year warranty, an easy-to-use app with tons of helpful information, 36 user-selected settings, anti-theft mode and retains the ability to change your input directly from the device.

Pricier than some of the other options, coming it at just under $300, the Pedal Commander is certainly a premium option, but users know what they’re getting. A lot of drivers swear by them and have certainly made an impact in the Tacoma community.

Their app really stands out here. With tons of additional features and designs like their city mode Truck icon, fun animations and colors, information pages with FAQs and unknown features, easy install guides – Pedal Commander certainly spent some extra time here and it shows.

5. Sprint Booster V3

Sprint Booster V3 Throttle Controller For Tacoma

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  • Simple interface
  • 36 settings (3 modes, 12 fine-tunes)
  • Valet mode
  • Compact design
  • Free shipping

The Sprint Booster V3 is brought to us by Mini Mania, who serve as an online retailer for classic and new mini cooper parts. Though they might specialize in Mini’s the Sprint Booster is available for a wide range of vehicles including the Tacoma.

Their throttle control unit offer a simple design with easy to access buttons for the user to program. Uniquely the module offers a valet mode, limiting the vehicle to one of three levels (55%, 65%, or 75%) as well as a Pedal-Lock mode with a user-selected 3-digit PIN number deactivating the pedal entirely when stationary.

5. Pedal Monster

Banks Pedal Monster Throttle Controller

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  • OBDII Connection
  • Mobile app controlled
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Unique safety features

Next up on our list is the Pedal Monster, sold by Banks Power. This module is unique in a couple of ways; it connects to your OBDII port instead of interrupting the throttle control opening up a set of bonus features not offered by other manufacturers. The pedal monster claims to operate smoother than other modules, in that it has a smooth power curve vs a harsh linear one.

Additionally, because it utilizes the OBDII port it offers bonus safety features like power curbing the reverse throttle so you’re not flying out of your garage. With locking features and a well-made mobile app this is a great contender in this market.

Final Thoughts

Best Throttle Response Controllers For Tacoma

After running one for a few months I’ve let the mod grow on me and don’t think I’ll be driving without one anytime soon. Though a tune might be more refined and solve some of the lag issues – it’s more of a commitment and can cost way more depending on what your local tuner is charging.

I could feel the benefits instantly – with the biggest change being the elimination of throttle lag. When playing around with the settings I’ve found something in the Sport to Sport Plus to be the best option for me, but again, this can be adjusted to be more or less aggressive depending on your driving style or situation. I would recommend this mod to anyone looking for a more responsive pedal or a more refined driving experience in general.

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8 months ago

Thanks for the write up. I have 5.29 gears on my 17 Pro with an OV Tune. Does anyone else have gears and a tune who also tried using a throttle controller too? Will mention that I fully believe our trucks should’ve rolled from the factory with 5.29s, even if fully stock! The shifts are sooo smooth, no gear hunting, fuel economy is better, even the exhaust note sounds better and acceleration with torque feel like they should. ….and you can actually use 6th gear! This with 33s, lift and 600lbs of constant weight on the bed. Gears all the… Read more »

8 months ago
Reply to  Victor

Totally agree! I wasn’t always sold on pedal commanders – but when you’re first getting started it’s easy to softly step into the world of tunes and gears by playing around with one of these. If anything it made me realize how necessary gears are to get the performance you need. That being said, I recently did an OV tune on my Truck and asked Pedal Commander if I could still run the unit to which they told me I absolutely could and would experience a “performance” gain from both the tune and throttle controller.

8 months ago
Reply to  Kenny

Thanks for the reply Kenny. 👍 I’d definitely like to know how things feel after adding the pedal commander. Hoping you’ll post your thoughts here.

It sounds like you did gears too. If so, did you also go 5.29’s?

8 months ago

Agreed Chase ! Gears are the end all be all in my opinion as well. My 2019 TRD offroad was so bad to drive I didn’t use it. Ive managed 12 K since new because it was so subpar with the gear hunting etc. Just not worth it to drive I75 in 4th gear engine screaming up a very slight hill. Having said that 3 K for gears on a stock truck just ain’t worth it for me but the 400 buck tune absolutely transformed my tacoma to be my favorite vehicle as opposed to being parked in my barn.… Read more »

8 months ago

None of the above ! All are a waste of money, Get a tune for a few more bucks and change the whole dynamic of your truck,It changes everything. Shift points, “no more gear hunting”throttle response more mid range overall is what these trucks need. I had Overland torque tune done and its pretty much night and day. Check it on you tube, Thank me later.

Chase Prowse
Chase Prowse
8 months ago
Reply to  Bubba

Tune is a band aid just like controllers. Gears are the answer. These guys whoring tunes are making money hand over fist from the same kids who need oil catch cans and raptor lights to feel part of the club. It’s all snake oil and not a proper fix. CAI are another fruitless cod piece that does nothing but make more noise and reduce MPG but hey, you can impress the girl changing your oil at Jiffy Lube lol. There are fixes but depends on how “fixed” you want it to be and if the cost is worth it.

8 months ago

Good write-up packed full of a lot of good information!

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