Bak Revolver X4S Tonneau Cover Review

Revolver X4S Tonneau Cover Review

Weather Resistant & Secure Way To Store Gear In Your Truck Bed

Let’s face it, the Tacoma and mid-size trucks in general do not have a lot of storage in the cab. When you have a cab full of people, our options for covered and secured storage are limited. The truck bed is the obvious place to store gear, but it’s exposed to the elements and thieves. A rolling tonneau cover such as the Bak Revolver X4s allows you to easily convert your bed to a giant locking storage box that is secured from both of those concerns.

Living in the Pacific Northwest means it is either raining or snowing nearly every day during the fall and winter months. Having a space that shields your belongings from the elements is a must. I also spend a lot of days on the slopes and don’t want to put my wet gear on the back seats.

The Bak Revolver X4S is a premium rolling hardcover that allows me to still see out the back window and has a whole host of features making it an excellent option.

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Different Types

Bak Revolver X4s Rolling Tonneau Cover For 3rd Gen Tacoma

Tonneau covers come in a few different forms, each with benefits and drawbacks. Weatherproofing is also variable, with all types ranging from “mostly water resistant” on lower-end models to almost waterproof on high-end models.

Here are the most popular types…


These are typically the cheapest and lightest options but do not offer much in the way of being cut-resistant. They have a slightly raised design to account for the flex of the vinyl and to allow water to run off. In practice, this means the finish will not be as flush. They are offered in both rolling and folding options.


These are typically a bit heavier than their soft counterparts and more expensive. However, the tradeoff is a more durable construction, lower profile design, and improved waterproofing. They are also offered in both rolling and folding options.


These are similar to hard covers but instead of rolling up like a burrito, it rolls into a canister in the back of the bed. This canister usually takes up about 9″ of bed space, something to keep in mind if you want to maximize your truck bed. These are the most waterproof and some even offer T-track rails for mounting accessories.


Bak Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover Installation Guide

Tools Required:

  • T30 Socket
  • Scissors
  • 1/2″ Socket
  • Ratchet Wrench

What’s Included:

  • Hardcover (Rolled)
  • Driver & Passenger Side Bed Rails
  • Bulkhead Seals
  • Window Bumpers
  • Strap Clamps
  • Factory Bed Rail Relocation Brackets
  • Replacement T30 Bolts
  • Washers & Lock Knobs
  • Instruction Manual

Step 1. Weatherproof Bulkhead

Tonneau Cover Sealing Bulkhead

With a more premium cover comes better weather protection. To start the installation, you will need to take the rubber bulkhead seal and remove the first 6″ of the tape protector. Place the tape on top of the bulkhead bar as far toward the rear as possible. Trim as needed.

Step 2. Bed Rails & Relocation Brackets

Tonneau Cover Bed Rail Relocation

Use a T30 to remove the bolts inside the bedside rails.

Then, slide the aluminum clamps onto the bed rails and position them to line up with the factory bed rail holes. Use the longer T30 bolts provided to fasten the clamps to the bedside.

Bak Revolver X4s Rolling Tonneau Cover Installation

Snap the rails into place by placing the seal on the bedside and rotating downwards.

Step 3. Reinstall Bed Rails

Rolling Tonneau Cover For 3rd Gen Tacoma

Reinstall your factory bedrails to the clamps using the shorter T30 bolts provided in the kit.

Step 4. Prepare Cover

Bak Tonneau Cover For 3rd Gen Tacoma Installation

Place the rolled cover on top of the bedside rails at the end of the tailgate. Then, unroll it completely except for the last section. Slide the supplied hex bolts into the slots.

Step 5. Secure Cover To Rails

Secure Rolling Tonneau Cover

Fold down the last section of the cover and crawl inside the bed to install the washers and knobs with the rubber washer on the topside.

Step 6. Install Strap Clamps

How To Install Bak Tonneau Truck Bed Cover

Slide the strap assembly into the bedside rail at the bulkhead. Tighten the bolt down with a 1/2” socket.

Step 7. Place Bumpers

Roll Up Hard Shell Tonneau Cover For Tacoma

Remove the red tape from the D-shaped bumpers and place them on the slats that would hit the rear window should the roll shift forward.

Initial Impressions

Rolling Tonneau Cover From Bak - Detailed Review

This cover is amazing! The installation took one person under an hour, including the interruptions for taking pictures and setting everything up. The stowing action is really simple, utilizing a pull cord to unlatch and easily roll it up.

The cover is also more water-resistant than I expected. Coming from a trifold variant, I didn’t expect this to be any better but my bed has remained dry through rain storms and car washes.

The low-profile design sits flush with the side of the bed, which keeps my rearview mirror line of sight clear. This was the biggest benefit of upgrading. I have heard of people having their bikes stolen out of the beds of their trucks in traffic or stopped and not knowing because they couldn’t see anything happening. Now, I can keep an eye on everything going on back there.

Final Thoughts

Tonneau Cover Visibility 3rd Gen Tacoma

To conclude; this tonneau cover is perfect for anyone living in a wet climate or wanting to keep their stuff safe while not taking it away from the clean look of their truck.

While it is on the higher end of the price range, the quality and functionality more than justify it. The matte color, sleek design, and clever stowing mechanism make this a great option that anyone looking.

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6 months ago

And yet they refuse to make a version with the T-slot rail system for the Tacoma like they do for the Gladiator, which means my only option was a retractable tonneau. Get with it Bak!

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