BomberStrap Review

3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma with Bomber Strap Tailgate Mountain Bike Holder

Tailgate Pad Bike Carrier For Easy & Secure Transport

Mountain biking and Toyota Tacomas go together like tacos and Tuesdays. The Toyota Tacoma is the preeminent adventure vehicle, so it’s no surprise that many Tacoma owners are mountain bikers.

Mountain biking is a sport I enjoy very much, as evident by my Go Getta Grip shift knob, and one thing I’ve always hated is transporting my bike. Most of the time I just throw a blanket over the bed and hang the front wheel over the edge. This works fine, but hitting any bump runs the risk of my bike damaging my truck or vice versa. The bike also isn’t secure and will typically shift a lot during the drive.

One solution I’ve looked into is getting a tailgate pad, but I never pulled the trigger because they’re big, bulky, and prone to getting stolen. When I found the Bomber Strap, I immediately knew it was the perfect solution for me.

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  • Bomber Strap Mega Bomber Tailgate Bike Mounting System: Check Price

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Thanks, Will! You’re the man.

What Is It?

Bomber Strap Tailgate Bike Carrier - Simple Solution for Mounting Bikes

The Bomber Strap is perhaps the most innovative and sensible tool for transporting mountain bikes. It’s protective, low-profile, easy to use and it looks awesome.

It is essentially a protective pad that hooks over your tailgate and allows you to carry a mountain bike securely in the bed of your truck. When I say protective, I mean that it protects both the truck bed and the bike from damaging one another.


  • Ballistic Nylon Construction
  • Super Durable & Simple To Clean
  • Universal Fit for Most Trucks
  • Fast & Easy To Use
  • Slim Design
  • Won’t Block Tailgate Handle or Backup Camera
  • Works With All Mountain Bikes (that have single crown forks)
  • Quick Removal & Storage

Why This Option?

Sleek & Slim Magnetic Bike Carrier on 3rd Gen Tacoma

You may be thinking… “Why would I buy this little thing instead of a full tailgate pad?” Well, the answer is in the question. The Bomber Strap is small, low-profile and easy to put on and remove.

Tailgate pads are big, bulky and require much more effort to install and remove. For this reason, many people leave their tailgate pads on their trucks while they are biking. This makes them prone to being stolen, which is a tale told far too often these days.

The Bomber Strap is simple to remove and small to take off your truck when you get to the trail and throw it in the cab.

Another popular option is a hitch-mounted bike carrier. This is a solid option for transporting your bike(s), but they can be pretty costly. They especially get costly when considering high-quality options that move to allow you to open the tailgate. Not to mention, they’re usually noisy and move quite a bit while you drive.

Overall, I’ve always transported my bike on the tailgate, so the Bomber Strap fit perfectly for my needs.


Full Review & Overview - Bomber Strap Magnetic Tailgate Mountain Bike Holder

When it comes to ordering a Bomber Strap, there are two main options, each with multiple color choices.

You can get the normal Bomber Strap with velcro straps. These can be had in black, olive drab, dark camo, green woodland camo, and desert digital camo. You can also get the Bomber Strap with magnetic straps, which is the version I have. This currently only comes in black and dark camo.

Also, Bomber Strap sells mudguards, mountain biking shirts and face shields.


Low-Profile Tailgate Bike Pad for Toyota Tacoma

The Bomber Strap is essentially a pad with two straps to lock your bike down to your tailgate. It is made from a high-density foam that shouldn’t flatten or lose its shape over the years.

One side of the BomberStrap has a soft, microfiber-like material to avoid scratching your tailgate. The rest of the strap is made of heavy-duty nylon.

The straps on the regular version have a microfiber inside the material so it won’t scratch your bike. They also have two straps on them to make sure your bike is secured to the BomberStrap.

Complete Review for the Bomber Strap - Alternative to Bulky Tailgate Pads

The magnetic version uses a magnet to guide the strap’s clip into place. The clip on the strap locks into a notch on the nylon strap.

This means that the magnet is used as more of a guide to click the strap into place rather than actually holding the strap together.

Compact & Magnetic Tailgate Bike Carrier - Bomber Strap

The Bomber Strap also has a pocket on it which is roughly the size of a fanny pack and would be great for storing something small such as chain oil and/or a multi-tool.

Install & Usage

Clean & Simple Tailgate Mountain Bike Holder for Pickup Trucks

To install, simply feed the nylon strap under your tailgate so that the reinforced part of the strap is on the bottom where the tailgate may rub the bed.

Next, feed the strap through the bottom hole of the buckle and then back through the open buckle. You can now tighten and close the buckle to secure the Bomber Strap to the tailgate.

How to Use & Install Bomber Strap Bike Carrier on 3rd Gen Tacoma

Next, position your bike so that the downtube sits nicely on the top strap and one side of the fork lines up with the fork strap.

For the magnetic version, simply pull the strap over the downtube/fork until it clicks into place.

Mountain Bike Mounting Solution for Pickup Trucks

Check that the Bomber Strap is secured to the tailgate and that the bike is secured to the Bomber Strap.

Finally, attach the provided handlebar strap to the handlebar and bike to prevent the handlebars from turning while driving.

Final Thoughts

Heavy-Duty Mountain Bike Carrier for Truck Tailgate on 3rd Gen Tacoma

The Bomber Strap is a super innovative and well-made product that is great for a solo or couple of mountain bikers. It’s made out of very durable and high-quality materials that should last a lifetime if treated properly.

My favorite thing about the Bomber Strap is its size. It is very easy to install and remove so you can take it off at the trail & throw it in the truck cab securely.

With the magnetic version, it is extremely easy to secure your bike to the BomberStrap, and the strap paired with the handlebar strap secures the bike to the truck without a need for securing the back tire to the bed.

I went over some large speed bumps at speed and the bike barely moved at all, which is incredible. I can now drive around with my mountain bike without worrying about the bike falling, causing damage or flying out of the bed of the truck.

I would definitely recommend the BomberStrap to the mountain biker who wants a minimalist solution to transport their bike(s).

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