BOSS StrongBox Center Console Safe Review

Installation Guide & Review of the BOSS StrongBox Center Console Safe

Center Console Safe for Your Daily Security Needs

I once had this really nice two-tone gray/black Glock 19. I carried it for my EDC and in my vehicle a lot. But over time I grew negligent and began leaving it in the vehicle overnight. Bad idea!

One night my truck was broken into and the gun was stolen. I had for sure thought I’d locked my doors, but that morning I found the passenger door ajar, and my heart sunk. Oh no! I checked the center console right away. Sure enough, my Glock was gone.

I felt so bad, for one because I had been robbed, but even more so because I irresponsibly let a gun out onto the streets. Perhaps someone could be harmed with my weapon! I filed a police report right away, and, fortunately, the gun and thief were soon found. However, due to “public records” I never did recover my firearm. Lesson learned – lock your stuff up! Looking back, I wish I’d have gotten the BOSS StrongBox for my Tacoma’s center console.

Vehicle Gun Safe for 3rd Gen (2016+) Toyota Tacoma Center Console BOSS StrongBox

The BOSS StrongBox for the Tacoma is super tough and heavy duty.

The lid is double-layered 14 gauge cold-rolled steel with 16 gauge sides and bottom. This thing is built like a tank. It feels like it too – weighing in at 10 lbs! It has a high-security lock and comes with three serialized keys. The lid is heavy duty, spring-loaded, and pops up immediately when the lock is turned. This product is a true mini safe inside your Tacoma!

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BOSS StrongBox Center Console Gun Safe for 3rd Gen (2016+) Toyota Tacoma

Tools and Materials

Step 1. Prep Center Console

BOSS StrongBox Installation Guide for (2016+) 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

The stock center console box needs light prep work. Pop open your center console, remove the pad at the bottom (the StrongBox won’t fit if you leave it in), and locate the two 10mm bolts. Remove them and then clean up inside that compartment. Mine had light dust, as you can see. But sometimes gunk and junk and funk get all up in there.

This new StrongBox will be housed in this area, and you’ll want it free of debris.

Step 2. Install the StrongBox

BOSS StrongBox Locking Gun Safe for Center Console for 3rd Gen (2016+) Toyota Tacoma

Now let’s slide that StrongBox into place. It fits snug and trim. Align the bottom slots with the factory thread holes and then install the supplied screws and washers with the 8mm socket and ratchet. This thing is solid and flush!

Don’t forget to insert the black foam pad that came with this StrongBox. That piece looks like packaging but don’t toss it out! It lines the bottom of the box, so that you don’t have items rattling around on a hard steel floor. Try opening and closing the center console lid with the StrongBox lid shut, to ensure proper fitting.

User Overview

User Guide & Overview of BOSS StrongBox Center Console Gun Safe for (2016+) Tacoma

After installing, I immediately wanted to see what I could stuff inside this bad boy.

First up was my new (and unstolen!) Glock 19X with a True Precision threaded barrel. This thing plus a Bravo Concealment appendix holster fits completely inside, no problem. The lid shuts and locks, and the center console lid closes securely.

Vehicle Specific, Lockable Center Console Steel Safe for Valuables

Alas, the G19X is not my EDC anymore. It’s an awesome gun, and I don’t want to get into arguments here. However, I’m now carrying a Sig P365X RomeoZero. So, I wanted to see how it – along with my other EDC items – all fit into this StrongBox. My carry items are minimalist, but this StrongBox absolutely swallows everything I could use on any given day. The pepper spray is my nonlethal option, which is always an important alternative to have. The Gerber multitool is my trusty workhorse.

With the added security and ample space, I’m thinking of stowing more items to expand the adaptability of my daily carry setups.

What Can Fit? - BOSS StrongBox Center Console Safe for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

However, this box will not fit my Bowie knife and .45 Long Colt revolver. There goes my bushwack-overlanding EDC!

Final Thoughts

Install & Review of the BOSS StrongBox Center Console Safe for 3rd Gen (2016+) Tacoma

Joking aside, BOSS’ StrongBox for the Tacoma is more than I expected. But I shouldn’t have been surprised – BOSS has been manufacturing boxes for Law Enforcement and the Federal Government for 10+ years. Designed and built in the USA, this center console box for your Tacoma is heavy-duty, pry-proof, and high-security all around. From the look, fit, and finish of BOSS’ StrongBox, you can tell it will last beyond the lifetime, yes, even of a Tacoma.

It’s like the blackbox in airplanes. It’ll survive a crash and burn. Also, no two boxes have keys that are alike. So, be sure to register your box with the supplied scan code, order number, and key serial in order to get the full lifetime warranty and any backup keys you may need if you lose one. If you lose the keys, you are not getting this thing open without a torch!

From past experience I was worried about my security needs inside the vehicle. Not anymore. My friend’s truck was also recently broken into while he was hunting. He was out in the countryside, and his truck was parked off a dirt path. Seemed remote, peaceful, and alone, right? No. Someone either jimmied his door or used an unlocking device (his truck auto-locks when the one with the keys walks away from the vehicle), and then took a few really important items which I’ll leave unmentioned. It happens, my friends. Keep your items safe. Keep guns off the street. Get some real security for your Tacoma. Get the BOSS StrongBox.

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1 year ago

Still happy with it?

1 year ago
Reply to  Warren

Hey man, you could say that. Since writing this post, I wrecked and totaled my truck on some icy roads in Montana. As for the StrongBox, it remained unmoved, intact, and secured with my belongings locked inside. Luckily, since my firearm was in a locked box, the police didn’t need to confiscate it before the tow truck hauled the truck off, and I was able to recover the inside items before saying goodbye to my Taco. Bitter-sweet moment overall, but I’m more than satisfied with the StrongBox itself. Will def get another one for my next truck.

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