Canvasback Rear Bench Seat Cover Review

Canvasback Rear Bench Seat Protector For 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Interior Seat Protection Against Animal Fur & Debris

Like myself, I know most Tacoma owners also own dogs or some type of fur animal that rides along. I love bringing my dog with me on trips and adventures, but there’s one thing I don’t like.

After every trip in my Tacoma, my backseat gets covered with my dog’s fur. Then, the next time I have passengers get into my truck, there’s fur all over my back seat and soon it will get all over them. It was time for me to get a rear bench seat cover.

After doing some research, I found Canvasback which specializes in interior vehicle protection. Canvasback just happened to make a premium rear bench seat cover that is custom designed to fit on the rear bench of a 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma.

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Rear Bench Seat Cover For 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

This product was designed to protect your factory seats without taking away from normal day-to-day functionality (like folding them down). The rear bench seat cover fits your rear seats perfectly, so you can use them just like you normally would.

Canvasback thought about every detail when it went into creating and designing these specifically for our Tacomas. They even put a zipper right where the rear seats split. This is so you can fold one side down while still keeping the other protected.

You can pick from multiple colors and patterns to customize the look of your interior. Initially, I wanted to go with black to match my current interior. However, I was curious about the optional red stitching to add some TRD accents. I opted for this add-on, which is pictured above.


How To Install Canvasback Tacoma Rear Bench Seat Cover

Take your cover out of the package and get it unfolded. You’ll want to first identify the orientation of the cover before starting the installation. At the top of the seat cover that will attach to the seat back, you will see three separate loops with buckles. These will be going around each headrest to hold the seat cover up.

Next, you will see the second section of the cover that fits over the bench portion of the rear seats.

Rear Seat Cover For Toyota Tacoma

The zipper will line up with the spilt in the rear bench seat.

Step 1. Clean Your Truck

Cleaning Rear Bench Seat Before New Canvasback Cover Installation

Clean your back seats before starting the installation. Ensuring that your seats are free of dirt and debris will prevent further wear and tear on your rear seats. I used a vacuum to clean all the dirt and dog fur that was on my backseat and in the rear seat area.

Step 2. Install Lower Bench Cover

Rear Bench Seat Cover Installation Guide

You will notice the upper portion and lower portion of the rear seat cover are held together with a strip of Velcro. To make the overall installation easier, I separated both of these sections so I could install one at a time.

Start the cover installation by placing it on your rear bench seats and line the two up. The bottom portion is shaped to fit perfectly over the rear seat bench like a glove.

Canvasback Installation Guide

On the underside, you will see three evenly spaced squares that have a firm piece of foam inside of them. To properly install the bottom portion, you have to push these foam squares in the crease of the seats where the bottom meets the seat back. These foam squares help to keep it secured.

Step 3. Install Upper Seat Cover

Bench Seat Cover Installation For 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Attaching the upper portion of the seat cover is pretty simple, it just takes the click of three buckles. The top has three loops that will all go around the rear seat headrests. Put the loops around each headrest and clip the buckles to secure the back to your seats.

Step 4. Velcro Attachments (Optional)

Canvasback Tacoma Velcro Attachment Point

The last step to fully secure the rear bench seat cover is going to be two pieces of double-sided Velcro tape on either side of the cover. On each side is a small rectangular piece that will need to be attached to your plastic seat bottom.

Make sure the location where you place the adhesive side of the Velcro is clean for proper adhesion. Peel off the clear plastic and tuck it under the side of the seat. Then, attach the adhesive side of Velcro to the underside.

Final Thoughts

Rubber Lined Seat Back Protector Tacoma

One cool feature that Canvasback added to their rear seat cover is on the underside. The whole bottom portion is lined with a rubber lining for two reasons:

  • Prevent them from slipping and sliding off of the seats when they are in use.
  • Add an extra layer of padding to extend the life and durability.

I could tell from the moment I first pulled these out of the box that they were made of a higher quality material than others I’ve seen in the past. These covers will not only prevent the seats from getting dirty but will stand up to the potential damage that can be caused by animals and their claws. A great investment, in my opinion.

If you have any questions or comments for me or about the product please leave them down below!

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9 months ago

I have a question. Does this seat cover all you to fold the seats down? I find it handy some time to fold the long side of the bench down to flat as it gives my dogs more room to lay and i can fit a kennel in the back. but it’s a pain taking off my current covers and and then re installing.

Chris Fortunato
Chris Fortunato
9 months ago
Reply to  THOMAS

Thomas, this seat cover has a zipper that allows you to separate both sides of the seat cover so you can fold down one side of the bench without removing the seat covers.

I’m just like you, sometimes I go on a trip with my dog and I like to fold one side of the seat down to store bags or gear for my trip and my dog sits on the other side of the bench.

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