Canvasback Door Covers 3rd Gen Tacoma Review

Canvasback rear door cover Tacoma 3rd gen

Protect Your Door Panels With The Canvasback Rear Door Covers

I’m sure many of you are like me, you own animals (dogs) that like to ride in your Tacoma and go on adventures with you. I have a puppy who loves to ride in the backseat where she runs back and forth from window to window to say hello to people and sniff everything we pass. When putting her head out the window, she also makes sure to step all over my rear doors – sometimes she even steps on the window switch and rolls down the window.

My dog gets really excited when we go for a drive no matter where we are going. She always wants a window cracked so she can pop her head out of the window. When she puts her head out the window, she steps all over my doors with her paws which are usually covered in some type of filth getting mud or dirt all over my rear doors. Not only do I worry about dirt or mud on my door, but when she steps all over the door her nails also scratch the door panel.

I’m sure with long-term abuse from her little paws the damage to my door will add up. After doing some research, I found a company by the name of Canvasback that specializes in interior vehicle protection. Canvasback makes a premium canvas material cover that goes over both of the rear doors to prevent any wear and tear that could be caused by repetitive abuse from the little claws that climb all over them.

The Canvasback rear door covers are designed to simply go over your rear doors to add a durable level of protection. The door covers are easily installed by sliding multiple plastic tabs down into the crack where your door window comes out of the door. For added stability to the covers, they also have a few double-sided stick Velcro tabs that will attach to your rear door to hold the door covers in place.

If you are looking for an easy way to protect your interior from potential dog damage these covers are for you. They are high quality so they will last and they can also stand up to the abuse your dog will give them instead of your interior. This mod also applies if you haul a lot of stuff in the back, or if you have kids.

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Door Cover Installation Guide For Toyota Tacoma

The door covers are just one solid piece of canvas that has three canvas tabs at the top of the panel. The three tabs have a felt strip across them to prevent any scratching when you insert the tabs into their install location. The only item you will need to make a successful installation would be your choice of surface household cleaner and either a rag or some paper towels.

Step 1. Align Cover To Door

How To Install Canvasback Rear Door Cover On 3rd Gen Tacoma

Hold the door covers up to your doors so you can find out which one is for the driver’s side and which one is for the passenger side. Each door cover has a shape that outlines the Tacoma rear door so you can tell which one will be on the driver’s side and which one will be on the passenger’s side.

To help determine which side of the cover is the front and which is the back just locate the top three install tabs. The tabs are clear plastic that is sewn into the seam but only visible on the backside of the cover. You will also find two strips of velcro that are adhered to the rear side of the door covers.

Step 2. Slide In Top Portion

Canvasback Rear Door Protection For Tacoma

Now that you know which cover belongs on the driver’s door and the passenger’s door you can start the installation of the covers. On the top side of the covers, you will see three clear plastic tabs that have a felt strip wrapped over the edge of them. Take these 3 tabs and you are going to slide them down into the crack of the door where your window goes down into the door (between window and door window trim).

Step 3. Clean Bottom Of Door

Canvasback Door Cover For Toyota

The second way the door covers will be secured to the rear doors is with double-sided sticky Velcro. At the bottom of the door covers on the rear side you will see two rectangle Velcro pieces that will be attached to the bottom of the door panel.

Using a surface cleaning product you will need to clean and prepare the door panel to attach the Velcro pieces. After you clean the bottom door panel, make sure you wait until the door is dry before moving on to the last step.

Step 4. Attach Fastener To Door

Canvasback Door Cover Install Guide

Once you clean the section of the door where the Velcro will be installed, you can peal the clear protective tape off of the Velcro strips that are already attached to the door cover. Press the door cover up against the door and firmly press on the Velcro sections to adhere them to the Tacoma door panel.

Final Thoughts

Canvasback Rear Door Cover For 3rd Gen Tacoma

With the rear door covers installed, you can now worry less about your pets (or kids, gear, etc.) scratching or damaging your doors.

The Canvasback rear door covers help to prevent any damage that can be caused by a dog’s nails while trying to look or sniff out of your open window. The door covers also will help keep your door drool, dirt, and mud free after your dog gets back into the truck when you’re out on an adventure or just for a trip in the neighborhood to the dog park.

After getting mine installed I put my dog in the back seat and went for a trip to the store. At first, she was just sniffing the covers and curious about what the new item in her backseat was. It didn’t take long for me to open a window and she put her paws up on the door. These covers will show their worth in the long run when I don’t have scratches and damage to my doors over time from letting her step all over my doors.

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