Getta Grip Shift Knob Review 3rd Gen Tacoma

GoGettaGrip Shift Knob for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

A Perfect Upgrade For The Mountain Or BMX Biker

When it comes to modding your Tacoma to make it your own, the smallest details can often have the biggest impact. If you have any trim other than a TRD Pro, you likely have the very bland-looking shift knob that comes standard on the lower trim Tacomas.

While I don’t hate the feel of the stock shift knob, aesthetically, it leaves a lot to be desired. The TRD Pro shift knob is a pretty nice OEM replacement. However, they are quite pricey and may not fit the style you want in your interior.

OEM Original Shift Knob for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

While perusing Instagram, I came across a pretty unique shift knob. It was a mountain bike grip shift knob made by a company called GoGettaGrip. Like many Tacoma owners, I love to get out and go mountain biking to get my adrenaline pumping. I figured the GoGettaGrip would be a perfect fit for my truck.

For around $80, which is cheaper than the TRD Pro grip, I figured it was a good deal so I went ahead and bought one.

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GoGettaGrip Shift Knob Review for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

I opted to go with the black Vans style grip with black GoGettaGrip branded locking rings. The GoGettaGrip comes in 4 grip styles for both automatic and manual Tacomas. Each grip style has multiple color options for both the grips and the locking rings.

One cool thing about the GoGettaGrip is that you can buy just the adapter separately if you want and use your own grip. Even if you buy one of the GoGettaGrip grips, you can always change it out for another grip down the road.

Black GoGettaGrip Shifter for Toyota Tacoma

The GoGettaGrip comes in clear packaging with just an adapter, a grip, necessary hardware (inside the grip) and a cool holographic GoGettaGrip sticker. I do think they could do a bit more for cooler packaging, but I understand the lack of branded packaging to save on cost.

One drawback I realized almost immediately is that the GoGettaGrip doesn’t play nice with the shift boot collar. This ended up making the install a bit more involved, but it was still worth the effort.

Install Materials

3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma Shift Knob Adapter

I wanted to make this mod look as clean as possible. The adapter for the GoGettaGrip sits a lot lower on the shifter, which causes the shift boot to interfere with the center console.  I decided to cut the shift boot with a rotary tool so it would work with the GoGettaGrip.

I also picked up this nice shift boot collar cover from TrailbreakerCustoms on Etsy. This is a great product that, in my opinion, is a must for any aftermarket shift knob install.

Keep in mind this install is for the automatic Transmission Tacoma. However, both GoGettaGrip and TrailbreakerCustoms do offer products for manual transmissions.

Parts/Tools Used In Install

Step 1. Remove Stock Shifter

3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma Shift Knob Replacement

This step is pretty easy. To remove the stock shifter, all you have to do is push down on the shift boot collar.

Once the shift boot collar is separated from the shift knob, you can unscrew the shift knob (counterclockwise) and remove it.

While unscrewing the shift knob, be careful not to let the shift boot twist with it. Otherwise, you may damage the boot.

Step 2. Lift Center Console

GoGettGrip Shift Knob Install for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

You will need to lift the center console so that you can access the underside of the shift collar to remove it. To do this, pull up your emergency brake as far as it will go. You will also need to open the center console armrest.

Now you can lift the center console by gripping and pulling up from the cup holders next to the emergency brake. After that side pops out, you can lift from the front cup holders to pop the remaining clips that are holding the center console down. Don’t lift the center console too much.

Shifter Replacement Install on 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

There’s a plug on the passenger side of the center console that needs to be undone so you can fully lift the center console and access underneath it.

Simply push the tab on the plug and remove it.

Shift Knob Install on 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Now that the plug is undone, you can fully lift the center console. It won’t come off completely because the boot on the emergency brake is still attached. Lift it just enough so that you can access the shift boot collar from the underside.

Step 3. Remove Shift Boot Collar

Shift Knob Install - Removing Shift Boot Collar

The next step is removing the shift boot collar so we can cut it in half. Even if you decide not to cut and reuse the shift boot collar, you will still need to remove it so you can still go through the gears.

When you invert the shift boot, you will see the shift boot collar is held onto the shift boot with a zip tie. Mine was already coming off because I messed with it too much, but you’ll need to cut this zip tie and remove the shift boot collar from the boot.

Now that the shift collar is removed, it’s time to cut it. You can use the GoGettaGrip without a shift boot collar, but you’ll want to find some way (zip-tie) to secure it to the shifter so the shift boot doesn’t keep sliding down.

Step 4. Cut Shift Boot Collar

Shift Knob Install - Cutting Shift Boot Collar on 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Before getting into the details of the cut, I want to briefly talk about the shift boot collar cover I got from TrailbreakerCustoms on Etsy.

As you can see on the collar, it has a funky pattern that the bottom of the shift knob clicks into. The collar cover essentially matches the shift knob tabs so you can click it into the collar and get a nice flat top.

The collar cover comes in a few configurations. I believe the guy makes a full replacement of the collar, including the notch for the zip tie and everything. You can also get a flat top that doesn’t cover the chrome. I opted for the newest iteration of the design which covers the chrome.

3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma Shift Knob Install

I also want to thank nickyreno for the install tips to cut the shift boot collar in half and get the collar cap from Etsy.

Okay so onto the actual cut. The premise for this is quite simple, but the execution can be tricky. We want to cut the shift boot collar in half horizontally. The idea is to cut as high as possible while maintaining the area where a zip tie can still be secured in the notch on the collar.

You will need something to secure the collar so you can cut it properly. I didn’t have a vise, so I just used a clamp and held it down with my free hand.

Cutting Shift Boot Collar for Shift Knob on 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

One side of the collar has an indentation that I used as a starting point for my cut. It ended up providing a pretty good line that was just below the notch that holds the zip tie. I would suggest using at least a 1” blade or larger.

To cut, I slowly went along that indentation and carried it out as far as I could down the side. Then I flipped the clamp over and did the same on the other side. I eventually had to reposition the collar in the clamp so that I could cut the other sides.

Cutting Shift Boot Collar for Shift Knob on 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

The reason I suggest using a larger blade is that there is a cylinder-shaped plastic piece running down the middle of the collar that is hard to get with a smaller blade.

I cut into the collar as deep as I could from every side but ended up having to break the bottom piece from the top piece using a flathead screwdriver.

Cutting Shift Boot Collar for Shift Knob on 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Now that the collar is cut in half, you will probably want to smooth out the rough edges of the cut so it doesn’t get hung up on the shift boot.

To do this, I simply took a sanding wheel on the rotary tool and smoothed out the bottom until it was completely flat. I then smoothed out the outside edge of the collar until I was satisfied.

Step 5. Put Boot Collar Back On

3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma Shift Knob Install

Now that you have your new “low-profile” shift boot collar, it’s time to return it to the shift boot.

To do this, make sure your shift boot is inverted. From the underside of the center console, place the shift boot collar back into the opening of the shift boot with the thinner side of the collar pointing towards the dashboard.

My shift boot had a ripple or indentation where it was previously zip-tied onto the collar. I did my best to line up that indentation with the indentation on the collar itself. Next, I got my 6” zip tie and secured the shift boot to the shift boot collar.

Replacing Zip Tie During 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma Shift Knob Install

I would suggest leaving the zip tie as loose as possible while still securing the boot to the collar.

This way, it has a bit of play while shifting. At first, I tightened mine a little too much and it caused the collar, which is no longer attached to the shift knob, to turn while going through the gears.

Also, I found the best place for the locking part of the zip tie to be in the front of the shift collar facing the dashboard. There is a little bit of an indentation in the collar which the zip tie will slightly recess into and be unnoticeable. In the beginning, I left it off to the side (as pictured) and it stuck out noticeably on the side of the shift boot.

Step 6. Reassemble Center Console

Reassemble Shift Knob 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

First, you’ll want to push the shift boot back through the top of the center console.

Next, lower the center console enough to plug the shifter back in. You will then want to align the shifter with the hole in the shift boot collar.

From here, you can carefully lower the center console back into position. Finally, push the tabs near the front of the center console into their slots and then do the same for the back near the armrest.

ETSY Shift Boot Collar Cover for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Now that the center console is back together and the bare shifter is sticking out, you can slide the shift collar cover down and click it into place over the shift collar.

Step 7. Install New Knob

Assemble GoGettaGrip Shift Knob for Toyota Tacoma

Assembly of the GoGettaGrip shifter is quite simple.

I decided to put the grip on the adapter before screwing it onto the shifter. To do this, slide the grip over the adapter as far as you can and use the provided Allen key and screws to tighten the grip onto the adapter.

You will likely need to loosen and adjust the direction of the grip once it’s on, but it’s much easier to get the screws started and have the grip assembled before installing.

Now you can go into the truck and simply screw the GoGettaGrip onto the shifter, spinning it clockwise until it is fully seated.

Black GoGettaGrip Shift Knob Install on 3rd Gen Tacoma

At this point, you should be able to see why cutting the shift boot collar was necessary. Even with the collar cut in half, it still sits pretty low and just barely clears the center console while shifting.

The final step here is to adjust the grip and grip cap to be facing in the direction you want. I wanted the GoGettaGrip logos facing towards the rear of the truck. I loosened the screws just enough to where I could twist the grip without unscrewing the adapter, and then tightened them back up when it was in the position I wanted.

Final Thoughts

3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma Mountain Bike Grip Shift Knob

Overall, the GoGettaGrip is a cool mod that adds a special touch to the interior of my Tacoma. The install process was a bit more involved than I would have liked, but it wasn’t too bad.

I would have liked to see GoGettaGrip come up with a better solution to deal with the shift boot collar and possibly include something similar to the collar cover I got from Etsy so there are fewer components you need to buy in order to make this mod work.

Though I did my best to make the install as clean as possible by getting the shift collar cover, it still isn’t perfect. Because the collar is no longer attached to the shift knob, the collar and cover both twist slightly as I move the shifter.

Black GoGettaGrip Mountain Bike Grip Shift Knob for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

It would be great if GoGettaGrip came up with a solution to get a clean install without needing extra products. In the future, I may look into creating something that will attach the GoGettaGrip adapter securely to the shift collar so that it doesn’t twist at all.

If you like the look of the GoGettaGrip, I would still recommend it. However, just go into it with the expectation that it won’t necessarily look and function as perfectly as the OEM shift knob and it’s not really a plug and play option as some other shift knobs are.

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Renalyn Rivera
Renalyn Rivera
3 years ago

Since it’s a Toyota. Is there options for Toyota corolla hatchback xse?

2 years ago
Reply to  Renalyn Rivera

I would check the manufacturer’s site, not sure about other models.

Johnny Martin
Johnny Martin
3 years ago

How do you get the boot to stay in place when using your shift knob on a manual Tacoma?

Scott Phillips
Scott Phillips
3 years ago

We have had one of these on our 2015 Tacoma for years!!! It has help up great and its still looking good!!!

3 years ago

Great overview! Kind of sounds like a bit of work for a shift knob huh? Would you go another direction after the experience or are you happy with it from a daily perspective? I like the look but sounds like a bit of a process getting there. Good info here, thanks dude.

Chase - @knightacoma
Chase - @knightacoma
3 years ago
Reply to  steve

Thanks man! Honestly this was really the only aftermarket shift knob I liked enough to go out of my way to spend money on, so I didn’t mind the effort I had to put in to get a clean install. However, I’m very much the DIY type and enjoy stuff like this so not everyone will feel the same way about it haha I still love the grip though. Took a week or so to get used to the different height/style of the grip. With the stock one, I would grab the top of the shift knob but with this… Read more »

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