Hondo Garage Phone & Tablet Mount Review

Hondo Garage Un-Holey Tacoma Dash Mount for Phone and Tablet and Perfect Squeeze

Secure, Vent Mounted Holders With Simple Installation

What are two things that do not go together? Phone mounts and off-roading.

If you are anything like me, you have struggled to find a phone or tablet mounting solution for your Tacoma that will hold up to off-road trail abuse. Window mounted suction cups and magnet mounts do fine for highway driving, but the second your tires hit the dirt, your phone will more than likely hit the floor.

Over the last few years, there have been several solutions that have hit the market to combat these issues. The majority of them require you to fully disassemble your dash, drilling holes and hard-mounting to some sort of track system. These systems then allow you to run whatever type of mount you see fit.

What if I told you there was a mounting solution out there that was just as robust and sturdy as it’s competitors but did not require you to drill holes in your new truck’s dash?

Meet the Hondo Garage Un-Holey Dash Mount paired with the Perfect Squeeze.

You may never have heard of Hondo Garage before seeing this article. They are fairly well known in the motorcycle industry for their unique phone mounting solutions. Lucky for us Tacoma owners, those same mounting solutions have been carried over to our trucks. This kit is a bolt-on, robust and no drilling is required.

What’s Included?

Hondo Garage Un-Holey Tacoma Dash Mount for Phone and Tablet and Perfect Squeeze Parts

Most of you will love to hear that Hondo Garage has done a great job of providing you with many options. They have mounting solutions for both phones and tablets. You can also buy bundles that provide you with everything needed or you can purchase each piece individually as you see fit.

Pictured above is their Toyota Tacoma Tablet Mounting Bundle. There is also a Toyota Tacoma Phone Mounting Bundle available which is slightly smaller.

The Tablet Bundle:

  • Un-Holey Tacoma Dash Mount (top left): This is the foundation of the system. Using badger clips, it installs onto your vent using 3 screws and will not move. No drilling required.
  • Big Squeeze Tablet Mount (top right): When your tablet goes in, it is not going anywhere. There is a button on the side for tightening and loosening your tablet with major adjustment and a small dial for fine adjustment.
  • Two 1-Inch RAM Balls: One will attach to the back of the Big Squeeze and one will attach to the front of the Un-Holey Dash Mount.
  • RAM Arm: Connects the two RAM balls allowing you to position your tablet or phone anywhere you want. Once you are happy with the positioning, tighten down the arm and forget it.

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Step 1. Attach Base Mount

Hondo Garage Un-Holey Tacoma Dash Mount for Phone and Tablet and Perfect Squeeze Vent Mounting

The first thing you will do is install the Un-Holey Dash mount. Using a 3/32 Allen wrench, loosen the 3 screws on the mount as much as possible. This will make it easier when you position it on your vent.

Next, you want to make sure you line your vent up straight. Once the mount is installed, you will still be able to angle your vent up and down, but it will be limited in how much it turns left and right.

When you are happy with the vent placement, slide the silver, rear portion of the Un-Holey dash mount through the top gap in your air vent. If you are having a hard time getting it positioned correctly, there are small holes on both sides of the mount which can assist with proper alignment. These holes can be used for your Allen key to push on the rear mounting plate and give it enough space to slide it on.

Note: When the mount is in the correct final position, it will be very obvious. The top of the mount will hug the lines of the air vent like the picture above. When you have it positioned correctly, go ahead and tighten down the three screws.

Step 2. Attach 1″ Ram Ball

Hondo Garage Un-Holey Tacoma Dash Mount for Phone and Tablet and Perfect Squeeze with RAM Ball

This step is easy… Grab one of the RAM ball mounts and install it onto the front face of the Un-Holey Dash Mount. You will need your 5/32 Allen wrench for this.

Note: Make sure both screws are nice and snug but do not overtighten.

Step 3. Attach RAM Ball

Hondo Garage Un-Holey Tacoma Dash Mount for Phone and Tablet and Perfect Squeeze with RAM Ball

The other RAM ball will mount to the back of the Big Squeeze Tablet Mount. There are many holes so you can play around and decide exactly where you want this one to go.

I would recommend taking your tablet and positioning it inside the Big Squeeze Tablet Mount first. This allows you to adjust dials and tighten it down until you will be installing it in your truck.

Now, choose where you want the ball.

I chose the bottom holes so that my tablet would sit up slightly higher when it was installed. I also wanted the fine adjustment dial on the bottom of my tablet when it was installed in my truck. Again, use your 5/32 Allen wrench for these two screws.

Step 4. Connect RAM Balls

Hondo Garage Un-Holey Tacoma Dash Mount for Phone and Tablet and Perfect Squeeze

The last step is to connect the two RAM balls using the RAM arm.

Loosen the wing nut on the side of the arm until it has enough space to pop onto both RAM balls. Now you are able to position your tablet exactly where you want it. Lastly, make sure to tighten the arm back down into place.

Pro Tip: Sit in the driver’s seat during the install to determine the best position of the mount to avoid obstructing your view of the road.

If you were curious about the phone mount, it installs much the same as the tablet mount. Two RAM balls, one to be mounted to the vent and one mounted to the phone mount itself.

Final Thoughts

Hondo Garage Un-Holey Tacoma Dash Mount for Phone and Tablet and Perfect Squeeze

Pictured above are both the Tablet Mounting Bundle and Phone Mounting Bundle side by side. Having both provides me with a lot of versatility. I can run GAIA or any other GPS-based software on my tablet and still make calls or control my music using my phone. I am also able to toss on a movie on the iPad and change the position of the arm so my toddler in the back seat can watch.

Remember when I talked about those dreaded magnet and suction cup mounts that do not hold up well off-road?

Well, I am pleased to say that I have put these things through the wringer testing them out. Jolting trails, rocks, mud, sand, you name it. No squeaks, no drops, and no rattles. You will not be disappointed with how these mounts perform.

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Jonathan Gardner
2 years ago

When you install the mount can you rotate and move the vent?

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