Icon RXT Multi Rate Leaf Pack Review

Step-By-Step Install Guide for Icon RXT Multi Rate Leaf Pack with Add In Leaf

Setup That Grows With Your Build, 3 Different Weight Settings

Add major performance gains to your rear suspension for just about any Tacoma setup with the Icon RXT user-adjustable multi-rate leaf pack. It consists of 7 leafs and is completely redesigned compared to the OEM stock springs.

This option features tip inserts and leaf separators to reduce friction and increase ride comfort. The military wrapped eyelets increase the durability and strength of the leaf spring. These springs will also help to achieve additional suspension droop (down travel) with a lower spring rate. Exchange the additional leaf (included with the pack) for an added 10%-20% increase in spring rate for trucks with heavier loads such as bed racks and rooftop tents.

This leaf spring is fairly unique. It ships with a leaf spring and an additional leaf. There are there three different configurations for this setup. Using the different install options, you can have run varying lift heights and loads.

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Tools & Materials

Tools Needed for Icon Leaf Spring Install

Tools & Materials:

Installation Notes

Installation Notes & Details for Icon RXT Leaf Pack - 3rd Gen Tacoma

This is an intermediate-level project. Install time approximately 2-8 hours depending on experience. Eye protection is recommended. A breaker bar or impact wrench may be needed to help remove stubborn bolts.

The U-bolts featured in this install are part of an aftermarket U-bolt flip kit, but I’ve included instructions and pictures for both types of U-bolts.

Note: If your truck has a spare tire in the stock position under the bed, then it might need to be removed temporarily.

Important: Stock U-bolts are not long enough for the RXT pack. No matter what type of U-bolts you have, you should NOT reuse old U-bolts. Whether you’re upgrading from stock or already have longer U-bolts, if they’ve been on the axle for a lot of miles, old U-bolts can become warped and easily get cross-threaded when adjusting.

Icon makes compatible U-bolts that work with stock mounting plates that may or may not be included when you purchase your RXT pack (mine were). Various companies make U-bolt flip kits like All-Pro, DuroBumps, Wheelers, SDHQ, and Relentless Fabrication.

Step 1. Chock Tires & Lift

Chock & Block Tires

Start by chocking one of your front wheels and place the jack under the rear axle differential.

Step 2. Remove Wheels/Tires

Remove Wheels/Tires

Loosen the lug nuts on the rear wheels then lift the truck until the tires are off the ground.

Step 3. Place Jack Stands

Place Jack Stands to Support Tacoma

Extend and set your jack stands under the frame rails behind the rear wheels. Lower the jack until the stands are supporting the weight of the truck without letting the tires touch the ground, then remove the wheels.

Starting on the passenger side, reposition the jack closer to the leaf pack and support the axle.

Step 4. Remove Lower Shock Bolt

Remove Lower Shock Bolt - 3rd Gen Tacoma

Remove the lower shock bolt using a 17mm socket.

Once the nut is removed, you may need to use an awl and hammer to remove the bolt from the lower shock mount.

Removing Upper Shock Bolt - 3rd Gen Tacoma

Side note: You can also replace your rear shocks this way by removing the top bushing nut after removing the lower shock bolt. When replacing the shock, use new shock bushings and make sure you tighten the top nut down to your specific shock’s spec.

Step 5. Remove Parking Cable

Disconnect Parking Brake Cable

Remove the parking brake cable spring clip with a 14mm socket.

Step 6. Remove U-Bolts

Removing U-Bolts for Leaf Spring Install - 3rd Gen Tacoma

Remove the U-bolts with the proper socket, depending on your U-bolt type.

Step 7. Lower Axle

Dropping Axle for Leaf Spring Installation

Lower the axle just enough for the leaf pack pin to separate from the axle housing.

Detailed Install Guide for Icon RXT Leaf Springs for 3rd Gen Tacoma

Make sure not to overextend the brake or ABS lines.

Step 8. Remove Leaf Bolts

Full Installation Guide for Icon RXT Leaf Springs

Remove the bolt from the front frame pocket using your 19mm socket.

You may need to use a pry bar to remove the bolt once the nut is off.

How-To Install Leaf Springs - 3rd Gen Tacoma

Lower the front of the spring down away from the frame pocket and rest the spring on the axle.

Remove the upper and lower nut from the spring shackle with a 19mm or appropriate socket.

Step 9. Remove Old Leafs

Removing Leaf Pack on 3rd Gen Tacoma

Note: The leaf pack is very heavy and awkward to handle. Two people are recommended for this step.

Remove the bolt connecting the shackle to the frame and lift the shackle and leaf pack out of the frame pocket. Lift it out from under the truck. Be careful not to damage hoses, ABS or brake lines.

It may take some maneuvering to get the pack out. Once the spring is clear of the frame pockets, rotate it sideways and pull it out from either the front or the rear of the truck until you clear the shock and set it aside.

Step 10. Stock Shackle On RXT

Swapping Spring Shackle

Remove the shackle from the stock leaf pack you just removed and loosely install it onto the new pack.

Make sure to install the shackle in the same orientation and on the correct side opposite of the military wrapped eyelet.

Icon RXT Multi Rate Leaf Pack Detailed Install Guide

Use a rubber mallet on the shackle if necessary to fit it over the eyelet.

Make sure the shackle, nuts, and bolts are in the same orientation with the nuts facing on the outside of the truck frame.

Step 11. Install New Leaf Pack

Install New Icon RXT Leaf Pack - 3rd Gen Tacoma

Maneuver the leaf pack under the truck and over the axle. Loosely install the spring into the frame pockets using the factory hardware. If you need to adjust your pack to a different option, leave the shackle bolt disconnected for now.

If adjusting spring configuration to option 2 or 3:

Note: Unfortunately I don’t have pictures for this section since I installed my pack with option 1,  the configuration it was shipped in. I have provided detailed instructions below. Please visit the Icon website for more info regarding these steps.

  • Remove the front and rear clip bolts using a 17mm.
  • Clamp the leaf pack on both sides of the center pin with c-clamps.
  • Use vise grips to hold the head of the center pin and remove the nut with a 9/16”.
  • Slowly release the clamps from the spring until the tension is relieved and the leaves start to separate.
  • Configure the pack to your desired setting.
    • Option 2 (firmer): Replace the 3rd spring (counting from the top down) with the additional leaf. Make sure the longer side is oriented towards the front of the truck.
    • Option 3 (firmest): Without removing any springs, place the additional leaf between the 2nd and 3rd spring (counting from the top down)
  • Make sure there is a leaf separator installed between each leaf.
  • Compress the springs with c-clamps and reinstall the center pin (torque to 15 ft-lb).
  • Install and tighten the appropriate length clips on the front and rear with a 17mm.

                    Leaf Spring Upgrade for 2nd & 3rd Gen Tacoma

                    Lift the axle with the jack and guide the center pin into the spring pad on the axle housing and re-install the parking brake cable spring clip.

                    Step 12. Install U-Bolts & Shock Bolt

                    Install New U-Bolts

                    For U-bolt flip kits, place the bump stop striker plate on top of the spring and hand tighten all the U-bolts uniformly.

                    Icon Leaf Spring Detailed Installation

                    For stock square-style u-bolts: place the bump stop on top of the spring and the U-bolts over the bump stop plate.

                    Hand-tighten the U-bolts into the leaf spring plate uniformly.

                    OEM U-Bolt Mounting Plate

                    Use your jack to lift the axle towards the shock if necessary and install using the factory hardware.

                    Step 13. Driver’s Side

                    Reposition your jack to the driver’s side near the u-bolts and support the axle.

                    Remove the Brake line bracket bolt with a 12mm socket to allow a little more slack and repeat steps 2-8 on the driver side.

                    Step 14. Trim U-Bolts

                    Trimming U-Bolt Flip Bolts

                    Certain U-bolt flip kits come with u-bolts that are a generic length and need to be cut to size according to your leaf pack option.

                    I left about an inch of thread above the nuts and used 1” masking tape to mark my cut line. Don’t cut too close to the nut and be careful not to hit the surrounding area around the U-bolts with the blade.

                    2nd & 3rd Gen Tacoma Leaf Springs from Icon Vehicle Dynamics

                    Use a hacksaw, reciprocating saw, or cut off wheel to trim U-bolts and then re-install the bump stop.

                    Step 15. Torque To Spec

                    Replace axle brake line bracket bolt. Reinstall wheels and lower the truck to the ground. Tighten lug nuts in a star pattern and torque to spec.

                    • Torque leaf spring pivot bolts to 89 ft-lb.
                    • Torque lower shock bolt to 74 ft-lb.
                    • Torque U-bolts to 75 ft-lb.

                    Bend the parking brake cable clips away to prevent from rubbing the spring and shock if necessary. Verify all fasteners are torqued properly before driving. Re-torque after 100 miles and periodically thereafter.

                    Final Thoughts

                    Lifted Quicksand 3rd Gen Tacoma with Icon RXT Multi Rate Rear Leaf Springs

                    Before this install, I was running the stock leaf pack with a Wheeler’s progressive 3-leaf add a leaf for a total of 2.5” rear lift. The ride quality was pretty stiff and the smaller leafs would come out of alignment with the pack. The rear of the truck would bounce from side to side at certain speeds on rough terrain, making it hard to handle.

                    With the new springs (configured to option 1), the rear lift seems to be the same height as before. More importantly, I noticed an immediate difference in ride quality. The Icon RXT springs provide a much smoother ride overall and allow for a lot more control going through rough terrain.

                    Icon RXT Multi Rate Leaf Pack - Review & Overview

                    Even with Fox 2.5” DSC shocks in the rear, my performance was limited with OEM springs. The addition of the Icon RXT leaf springs pair nicely with my Fox shocks and have provided a major gain in rear suspension performance. Thanks for reading! Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. You can also follow my truck build and adventures on Instagram.

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                    Jordan S
                    Jordan S
                    7 months ago

                    Hey, I have 2023 trd pro with a go fast camper. How much overall height gain do you think option 2 would give… I still need to fit inside my parking garage.

                    Tim Garcia
                    Tim Garcia
                    9 months ago

                    Did you use spacers at the drive shaft support bracket? I see them offered with some leaf packs so I was wondering how important that is. I just ordered this leaf pack because of your article. Well written, thanks.

                    Tim Garcia
                    Tim Garcia
                    9 months ago

                    What about bushings? Do they come with those? Are they important to change with a new leaf pack?

                    1 year ago

                    How much lift did you have your shocks set to in the front in order for it to be leveled with the rear after installing the rear springs?

                    Will Kay
                    Will Kay
                    1 year ago

                    Would option 3 be too stiff of a ride if I only have 100-200 pounds in the bed? I am mostly doing it for the extra lift to match my 3″ lift up front because I still want to retain a bit of rake, according to ICON option 3 gives 2.625″ lift unloaded.

                    1 year ago
                    Reply to  Will Kay

                    Hey Will, So I ran option three for about 9 months with my snug top shell and with/without a RTT. With the shell and the RTT I was probably sitting around 325 lbs over the bed and would occasionally bottom out my shocks going over speed bumps. It really came into its own when I was loaded down with bikes and gear for a week. When I took the RTT off for the winter and just had the topper, I only had about 2 inches of down travel before my shocks would bottom out. Any kind of curb or speed… Read more »

                    James Anderson
                    James Anderson
                    2 years ago

                    Do you remove both leafs then start installing the new onew? Or should I do one side complete then move to the other side??

                    1 year ago
                    Reply to  James Anderson

                    one side at a time. That way it holds itself together while you are doing the other side and if you forget and need to look at the other side for reference it it still together.

                    dan coleman
                    dan coleman
                    2 years ago


                    dan coleman
                    dan coleman
                    2 years ago

                    Is option 1 the lightest setting? How did your truck handle on the road as far as body roll in curves with the new icon springs?

                    3 years ago

                    are you sure this option one? Also according to tacomaworld the 2 shackle side faces the front of the truck I thought

                    3 years ago
                    Reply to  Ricky

                    Yes it’s option one. The shackles are installed correctly. I would advise you follow this article instead of whatever you’re reading on TW. ??

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