LASFIT Reverse Light Bulbs Review

LED Reverse Light Bulb Upgrade for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Upgrade Weak Factory Bulbs For Better Output

Being able to see behind your truck when reversing is key. This is especially true if you have tinted windows or a camper shell.

The OEM reverse lights aren’t the best. Their output is pretty underwhelming. It can be difficult to see everything behind you at night when you are backing out of a parking spot or getting out of a tangle while offroading.

LASFIT has been working to offer quality aftermarket lighting products since 2015 and recently, I got the chance to install their LED reverse lights on my 2017 Toyota Tacoma.

Below, I’ll dive into the installation process for these LASFIT reverse lights and my first impressions on how they perform.

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Tools & Materials

  • Mechanic’s Tool Set: Check Price
    • 10mm Socket
    • Ratcheting Wrench


Step 1. Remove Tail Light

Removing Tail Light Housing on 3rd Gen Tacoma

Locate the lower three 10mm bolts that are circled above and remove them using the socket wrench.

There is a fourth bolt higher on the light but this does not need to be removed. Once you have removed the bolts, give the light a firm pull away from the truck until it pops out. Don’t worry about letting the tail light hang by the wiring harnesses.

Step 2. Remove Harness

Replacing Back Up Light Bulb - 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

To remove the backup light from the housing, simply twist the lowest bulb about a quarter turn to unclick it and pull it out.

Step 3. Remove OEM Bulb

3rd Gen Tacoma Taillight Bulb DIY Replacement Guide

Now that the stock light has been removed, grab the light bulb itself and pull it away from the wiring harness.

Now press your new LASFIT LED bulb into place and have someone put your car into reverse while you confirm that the bulb illuminates. If it doesn’t, remove the light from the harness and reinstall it the other way around.

Step 4. Install LED Bulb

Installing LASFIT LED Reverse Light Bulb on 3rd Gen Tacoma

Now that you are certain that the light and harness connection is working, install the new bulb into the housing by twisting it into place to secure it.

Step 5. Reinstall Tail Light

How-To Remove Tail Light Housing - 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

The last step is to reinstall the tail light onto your Tacoma by firmly pushing it into place until it clicks and then just screw the three bolts that you removed back in.

Repeat these previous steps on the other tail light and you are done.

Stock Light Bulbs

OEM Reverse Light Bulb Output

Stock 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma Back Up Light Output


LASFIT LED Light Bulb Output

 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma LASFIT LED Back Up Light Bulb Output

Final Thoughts

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Overall, this install process was very simple and easy to complete in under 30 minutes. These bulbs have a high-quality build and the output is much brighter and clearer than the stock lights. There’s not much else to say other than they perform as expected.

I would recommend this product for Tacoma drivers who find themselves struggling to see their surroundings while reversing. Personally, I never had much of an issue seeing as I reversed in the dark, so this light was not a necessity for my rig but more of a luxury. That’s not to say that the output isn’t a huge difference.

For less than $30, LASFIT delivers a quality light replacement that could definitely be useful for anyone who is disappointed with their stock reverse lights.

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