LASFIT Switchback Fog Light Bulb Review

LASFIT LED Switchback Yellow/White LED Fog Light Bulbs

Easily Switching Between Yellow & White Output In One Bulb

It’s no secret that the factory lights on our 3rd Gen Tacomas are subpar. I love my truck and have few complaints, but the OEM lights that come with our rigs leave a lot to be desired.

LASFIT has taken advantage of this by offering a LED fog light bulb replacement. Each bulb produces 3000 lumens of light (6000 lumens for the pair) and has a stated lifespan of more than 30,000 hours. With just one set of these bulbs, you can switch back and forth between 6000K white light and 3000K yellow light while driving, hence the name “Switchback”.

In this post I’ll be going over how to install these aftermarket LED fog light bulbs and my thoughts on how they perform. It’s a relatively quick and easy install so let’s get into it.

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    Step 1. Connect External Driver

    LASFIT LED Switchback Yellow/White LED Fog Light Bulb Install Guide

    Plug the end with the prongs into the receiver and then thread the cap over the connection.

    Step 2. Release Harness

    LASFIT LED Fog Light Replacement Guide - 3rd Gen Tacoma

    Pop the hood, locate the fog light and reach down through the gap near the headlights.

    There is a small tab on the side where the wiring harness connects to the bulb. Push that tab firmly in and pull the wiring harness out of the bulb.

    Step 3. Remove Bulb

    How to Change Fog Light Bulbs - 3rd Gen Tacoma

    Now that the wiring harness is removed, twist the bulb and pull it out of the fog light socket.

    When you twist it, you should be able to feel the tabs unlock.

    Step 4. Plug In Harness

    Step-By-Step Install Guide for LASFiT Switchback LED Fog Light Bulbs

    Grab your new LASFIT Switchback bulb and plug it into the wiring harness. Before moving on to the next step, check to make sure that the light is working.

    Note: If you turn on your fog lights and the bulb isn’t illuminated, try unplugging the harness and flip the plug to the other side before reconnecting it. This worked for me when my driver’s side bulb did not initially turn on.

    Step 5. Install Bulb

    3rd Gen Tacoma H11, H9, H8 LED Fog Light Bulbs from LASFIT

    Install the new Switchback LED bulb into the fog light socket by twisting it the opposite way you twisted the OEM bulb to remove it.

    Step 6. Fasten External Driver

    Detailed Install for LASFIT LED Fog Lights for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

    The LASFIT bulb comes with this external driver for better performance. The OEM bulb does not have this so you could either leave it hanging or fasten it somewhere.

    To be safe, I zip-tied it to the nearest secure piece of metal. Repeat these steps on the other side and you are done.

    OEM Output

    OEM Fog Light Output on 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

    Stock 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma Halogen Fog Light Output

    LASFIT White Output

    LASFIT Switchback LED Fog Lights - White Light Output

    LASFIT White LED Fog Light Output

    LASFIT Yellow Output

    LASFIT Switchback LED Fog Lights - Yellow/Amber Light Output

    LASFIT Yello/Amber LED Fog Light Output

    Final Thoughts

    Cement 3rd Gen Tacoma with LASFIT LED Switchback Fog Light Bulbs

    Considering the very easy, tool-less install and the high-quality build of these fog light bulbs, my initial thoughts are very positive. The install took me about 20 minutes and might be one of the easiest product installations I’ve done on my Tacoma.

    Light Output

    As far as the quality of the light output, I have driven on dark country backroads, foggy coastal streets, and these lights are massively better than the stock fog lights provided by Toyota. When I have them on, I can see everything in front of me and off to the side much better.

    As you can see in the comparison photos above, the color of the light output is much more white and crisp compared to the OEM bulbs when in the white mode. I have yet to test the amber mode in snowy or super dusty conditions where they would thrive, but on the streets, they also meet expectations.

    Minor Inconvenience 

    The only issue that I have come across thus far has been when I flash my brights, the fog light color changes. This makes sense considering that they switch colors by turning the fogs off and then back on again. But, I could see how this might be annoying if you want to keep using one color. However, these fog lights only switch like that when you flash your brights. In my experience, if you have your brights on for about 15 seconds and turn them off, they always return back to white.

    Solid Upgrade Option

    Overall, I would highly recommend these fog light bulb replacements for anyone who uses their fogs somewhat often and is let down by the performance of the stock Tacoma halogens. These lights retail for around $100 and I think this is a fair price for what you get, especially considering the added bonus of having 2 colors in one bulb.

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