MESO Customs Overhead HexRack Review

MESO Customs Overland HexRack For Toyota Tacoma

Easily Add Extra Storage & Organization To Your Headliner

Tacoma owners are always searching for new ways to store gear in their trucks. MESO Customs has come up with an ingenious way to add storage and organization to your headliner with their Overhead HexRack.

This gives Tacoma owners more room to store smaller items in an otherwise unused space, freeing up more space inside the cabin. The installation is fairly simple and you’ll love finding new and creative ways to store your gear.

Features & Specs

  • Hexagon-shaped MOLLE mounting system
  • Lightweight aluminum (5 lbs.)
  • Black powder coated
  • Bolt-in installation

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MESO Customs Overhead HexRack Installation Guide

Required Tools

  • Small screwdriver
  • Allen wrench
  • Jack nut tool (supplied in kit)

Step 1. Remove Factory Grab Handles

Removing Tacoma Rear Grab Handle

Using a small flathead screwdriver, remove the grab handle clips. Each side of the rear grab handle has a square plastic clip that holds it to the roof of the truck. Slide the small screwdriver between the square plastic clip and the base of the grab handle to pry it out. It takes a good amount of force, just be careful because these caps will go flying.

Tacoma Rear Grab Handle Removed

After you remove both of the square plastic clips, pull and remove the handle from the truck. Then you will see two metal clips remaining in the holes of the roof. Pinch these clips to remove them as well.

Step 2. Insert Jack Nuts Into Roof

MESO Customs Jack Nuts & Tool

Using the jack nut tool is very simple. It creates threads in the holes of the roof where the factory grab handles attach so that you can mount everything.

Installing Meso Customs HexRack

To prepare the jack nuts, take the shorter bolt that comes in the hardware package and screw it into one of the jack nuts. Then, insert the bolt and jack nut into the jack nut gun as shown shown above.

How To Use Jack Nut Tool

With one of the jack nuts prepared for installation, insert it into one of the four holes (two on each side of the cabin) that were left from taking the factory grab handles off. Make sure it’s flush and centered and squeeze the jack nut tool handle.

When you press the handle of the tool, it pulls the bolt back and it causes the jack nut to expand inside the hole.

Next, slide the jack nut tool down and off the bolt. Unscrew the bolt and you’re done. Repeat this process in the remaining three grab handle holes.

Step 3. Mount HexRack (No Handle Retention)

MESO Customs HexRack Hardware

To mount, you will be using the supplied MESO Customs hardware. This comprises a spacer, an Allen-head bolt, and a washer. If you don’t plan on keeping your factory handles, this is the only hardware you will need. If you plan on keeping the factory handles with the HexRack installed, you will need the handle retention kit from MESO Customs.

This step is for a no-handle retention. Proceed to the next step if you plan on using the MESO Customs handle retention kit.

MESO Customs HexRack 3rd Gen Tacoma Installation Guide

Having a second person on this step is really helpful. Hold the rack up and align its mounting holes with the holes in the roof. Place the spacer between the rack and the roof and then insert the bolt with a washer.

Tighten the bolts with a firm amount of pressure but don’t tighten or you will damage the jack nuts and give yourself a headache.

Step 4. Mount HexRack (Handle Retention)

MESO Customs Handle Retention Kit

If you did not opt for the handle retention kit, skip this step.

The handle retention kit from MESO Customs comprises four slim spacers, handle clips, and extended Allen-head bolts.

Tacoma Rear Grab Handle Mounting

Using the slim spacers from the kit, attach two to each of the factory handles. The slim spacers easily press onto the factory handles on the mounting side.

MESO Customs Handle Retention Kit For Tacoma HexRack

With the handle spacers installed, hold the grab handles up to the roof and press the included mounting clips into the outside face of them.

Secure the handles using the extended bolts from the kit and the supplied washers from the original hardware kit.

Finally, make sure to tighten the bolts, but not too much as this will damage the threads on the jack nuts.

Final Thoughts

Overhead Storage Rack For 3rd Gen Tacoma

MESO Customs did a great job creating the HexRack for the 3rd Gen Tacoma. The design flows with the curve of the roof and gives you plenty of extra room to store your gear and keep it out of the way. After installing it, I’m starting to think of new things I can add to it to re-organize my truck’s interior layout.

First Aid Kit & Radios Mounted To MESO Customs HexRack

So far, I ended up adding my med kit and a few GMRS radios. Moving these items here has freed up valuable space in my truck. It also keeps these items out of sight from peering eyes.

If you are looking for a unique storage solution for your Tacoma, definitely consider the MESO Customs Overhead HexRack. The universal MOLLE design makes it super easy to securely mount your gear.

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