MORRFlate Duo 2-Tire Hose Kit Review

MORRFlate Duo - Two Tire Inflation/Deflation Hose Kit

Less Hose & Easier to Manage, This Hose Kit Just Makes Sense

We all know the worst part about inflating & deflating our tires on the trail…. the wait.

At around 5-7 min per tire depending on PSI, that’s about 30 min. Now imagine it taking only 10-15 min. Thanks to the MORRFlate Duo, that wait time is cut in half to get you back on the road faster. Spend less time waiting, & more time exploring.

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MORRFlate Duo Review & Overview

The Duo Hose Kit comes in one option now, with the built-in gauge. This gauge allows you to know your tires approximate PSI while you are inflating or deflating.

To know the exact pressure, just close the valve underneath the gauge by sliding the switch up. Slide down to switch to release valve again.

High Quality Air Chuck On MORRFlate Hose Kit

Stop struggling to get the hose connected to your tires valve stem. The air chuck has an easy locking mechanism. Slide the ring forward to lock the air chuck onto the valve stem. Slide the ring back to unlock and release the stem.

MORRFlate has different sized hose sets to fit your needs. The Duo comes in 13ft. and 24ft., and can inflate/deflate 1-2 tires at a time. The Quad can inflate up to 4 tires at a time, and comes in 2 lengths: up to 125″ wheelbase and up to 155″ wheelbase. Pulling a trailer? MORRFlate has you covered with their 6 tire modular trailer kit.

Simple, yet durable, MORRFlate hoses are kink and memory-free, meaning your lines will lay flat every time. The entire MORRFlate line will work “plug-n-play” with any air source that uses an “IM Coupler” to connect to. That means you can throw out your tiny single lines that came with your compressor, speed up your inflate & wait times. 

How To Use

How To Use MORRFlate Tire Inflation & Deflation Hose Kits

The first step is to remove the Duo from it’s bag. Right before you connect to your tires, turn on the digital gauge. Make sure the gauge is on before you connect it, otherwise the reading may be inaccurate. The gauge calibrates itself when it first turns on, and this can be altered if it calibrates under pressure.

Once you’ve made sure the valve on your Duo is closed, you must connect your lines to the stem valve in your tire. To connect, make sure the air chuck is in the unlocked position by pulling back the ring. Place the air chuck on to the stem valve and push ring forward to lock onto the valve.

Best Tire Hose Kits For Off-Roading

Once both air chucks are connected to a tire(s) it will display your current PSI.

You can change units by pressing the unit button to the right until your preferred unit is reached.

MORRFlate Duo 2 Tire Kit Review

If you are deflating your tires or just need to go down in pressure, simply open the valve. To open the valve, push the ring below the gauge upward.

NOTE: If inflating, keep valve closed until you have connected the Duo to your air compressor.

Final Thoughts

Testing MORRFlate Duo Tire Hose Inflation/Deflation Kit On 2nd Gen Tacoma

Since owning the MORRFlate Duo, I find myself choosing to air down far more than I did before. The Duo its easy to use and quick to set up. The fact that I can inflate 2 tires at once is the ultimate game changer.

While I no longer have time to crack a beer while waiting for each tire to inflate individually, I get to replace that time with more time on the trails, and less time squatting. IYKYK. Because of its fast set up, the question of “is it worth it” to inflate will always be yes, and your tires will thank you.

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Donavon Dutch
Donavon Dutch
5 months ago

Hello Werkmeister,

What type of compressor does one need in order to be efficacious? Much like painting a truck if your compressor can’t keep up then it becomes a mute point. My gut tells me that if my Viair 300 takes 3 mins to inflate one 33″ tire that would double the time and workload of the compressor. Cycle time is a big deal too since it could burn out the little pump.

I think a high pressure tank with 3000+PSI might be the winning combo, or a separate onboard tank that works in conjunction with the pump.

Michael Groeger
Michael Groeger
5 months ago

I actually just got my quad MORRFlate last night and tried it today. I have an ARB single compressor mounted in my truck that came with one air line. It use to take me 4.5 – 5 minutes per tire to inflate. Testing it today it took me 10 minutes to inflate all 4. The quality seems first rate and is easy to use.

Donavon Dutch
Donavon Dutch
5 months ago

Where’s the video?

Michael Groeger
Michael Groeger
5 months ago
Reply to  Donavon Dutch

Didn’t do a video

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