Offroam Phone Mount 3rd Gen Tacoma Review

3rd Gen Tacoma Phone Mount from Offroam

Off-Roam Makes a Killer Vehicle-Specific Phone Mount Kit

Chances are, having a phone available to assist in navigation, communication, or content streaming is important to you while driving.

That phone needs to be securely mounted in an easy-to-see, highly accessible location in your truck without being in the way of operating your vehicle. If you’re anything like me, you’ve gone through a few different phone mounting solutions by now, trying to find that perfect balance between security and functionality, but never quite succeeding.

One thing is obvious – phone mounts suck.

2016+ Toyota Tacoma Vent Mounted Phone Mount by Offroam

The folks at Offroam thought so too, so they did something about it.

Gone are the days of cleaning off that suction pad again after it falls off your windshield (for the 100th time), and wiping down the dash in hopes this sticky mount actually holds. Offroam has perfected the Tacoma phone mount – here’s why.

Oh, and on a quick note, this kit also fits the 2nd Gen Tundra.

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Packaging Overview

Offroam Phone Mount Kit Install & Review

Upon receiving the phone mount kit from Offroam, I was surprised by how nice the packaging was! Their box design, install guide QR code, and included stickers were nice touches, and demonstrated the quality of their products. There sure was a TON of thought that went into the packaging – and that’s a good sign.

As mentioned, the kit comes with three separate components, each in its own box. Handling the pieces in person definitely makes a world of difference – the metal components have a nice hefty feel, and everything was finished perfectly with no rough edges or damage. Offroam even includes the 3/16” Allen key necessary for install, which makes the process that much easier.

Kit Overview

Unboxing the Offroam Phone Mount Kit for Toyota Tacoma

The top priority of any phone mount should be security. Offroam’s kit includes American-made metal components that won’t wear out or get damaged.

Instead of relying on weak adhesives or expensive mounting tracks, the Offroam kit uses a small metal clamp that fits inside the circular air vent to securely fasten the mounting arm and head to the dash of the vehicle. The clamp comes with a 20mm steel ball built onto it, which a dual-socket metal arm attaches to, allowing for almost infinite adjustability. The arm then connects to a spring-loaded, 3M elastomer-lined head, which grips your phone in place.


Offroam Metal Vent Clamp for Phone Mount

Installing this kit is a breeze, and should take no more than a few minutes.

First, loosen the 3/16” Allen bolts inside the clamp. You should then adjust your air vent according to where you’d like to place the phone mount. I chose to mount it at the top of the vent, slightly offset to the right. Then, slide the clamp into the vent, place it firmly against the edge of the vent, and tighten the two bolts with the provided Allen key.

I don’t think it’s possible to overtighten the bolts with the provided tool, but the mount should be reasonably tight to avoid any issues.

How to Mount Offroam Phone Mount Kit for Toyota Tacoma

Once the clamp is mounted, you can loosen the adjustment knob on the arm and place it on the socket, and place the head inside the arm at the top.

I chose to put the adjustment knob on the right side of the arm for easy use with my right hand.

3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma Phone Mount

The Offroam mount head can be mounted with the spring-loaded clamp on either side, but I found it significantly easier to use with the spring on the left and the solid edge on the right.

You can adjust this head anywhere you’d like, then clamp down the adjustment knob on the arm for a secure mount.

Initial Review

Vehicle Specific Phone Mount Kit from Offroam

At first, I didn’t like the idea of a spring-loaded head system for a phone mount, but Offroam truly changed my mind. This mounting head is excellent! The spring is finely tuned to be strong enough to grip your phone in any situation while still being able to be operated with one hand.

I had no issues inserting and removing my phone with either hand, and I was also pleasantly surprised that the arm and clamp didn’t budge under the force of inserting the phone. The head is lined with a 3M elastomer which prevents the mount from scratching your phone or case. Offroam states the head is compatible with any phone case, pop socket, or magnetic wallet, and I can confirm this is true. There’s plenty of room in the mount to accommodate any sized phone or case with accessories.

Full Review & Overview for the 2016+ Toyota Tacoma Phone Mount from Offroam

I have used other plastic ball-and-socket style phone mounts in the past, and they absolutely do not measure up to the rigidity of metal components. It is so solid, I’m sure I could pull the dash off the truck before the clamp failed or the arm adjusted.

The arm itself clamps down tightly onto the metal balls, so you don’t have to worry about it sagging or slipping. The arm itself isn’t long enough to get in the way of any other vehicle controls, like the steering wheel, the turn signal stick, or the radio dials, and remains below the line of sight out of the windshield.

Offroam Adjustable Phone Mount for 3rd Gen Tacoma

I’m also impressed that the clamp had a built-in ball, as opposed to mounting a ball to the clamp. This means one less component that could fail. The Allen bolts used to secure the two ends of the clamp are more than big enough to provide enough clamping force, and I haven’t needed to adjust them at all.

I was able to put this setup to the test during my recent 700-mile move, and I wasn’t surprised that it remained absolutely solid. Highway speeds, terrible California roads, and mountain passes couldn’t shake it loose, and even with navigation up while charging for the entirety of the drive, the back of my phone remained cool! I’m totally confident recommending this phone mount to anyone who wheels or uses their truck hard.

Multiple Position Phone Mount Kit from Offroam

The benefit of mounting a phone to the vent is that the truck comes with 4 possible mounting locations! This mount can easily be mounted in a passenger location as well, adding to the versatility of the kit. If you use more than one phone to navigate, two mounts can easily make your trip much more convenient. Your phone can be adjusted to face any direction in the cab too, so a passenger can use your phone without removing it from the mount.

The only downfall to having a mounting system of this type is the inability to charge your phone wirelessly. While my previous magnetic phone holder wasn’t nearly as secure or convenient, I do miss being able to charge my phone without adding another hanging wire to the cab. On the upside, my phone doesn’t heat up nearly as much, and I no longer experience the auto-dimming effect or the breaks in charging associated with overheating. For those who are adamant about a magnetic/wireless charging phone mounting system though, Offroam is always innovating, and something new may be on the horizon.

Final Thoughts

What more can I say? This mount is simple, strong and gets the job done well.

If you’re in the market for a solid phone mount, that won’t block your vision and can remain sturdy while not only on the road but off the beaten path – this is a great option to consider. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Young Kim
Young Kim
2 years ago

Fantastic write up Adam! I’ll probably be investing in one here soon!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Young Kim

I’m running one as well. I like it a lot!

Jeff Steffens
Jeff Steffens
2 years ago

I wish they had a good one like this for the 4Runner.

Alex | Offroam
1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff Steffens

Hey Jeff! We launched the 2010-2013 4Runner and 2014-2019 4Runner phone mounts. The 2020+ 4Runner mount is coming in August!

2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Steffens

There’s one in the works for the 5th Gen 4Runner!

Jeff Steffens
Jeff Steffens
2 years ago

Oh ya I see. Was hoping for some pictures of it on the vent so I can see how it mounts or reviews. But maybe it’s newer. I’ve been looking for a non drill option.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Steffens

Jeff, what year is your 4Runner?
Check out photos of our 2010-2013 and 2014-2019 designs here

Alex B
2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Steffens

Hey Jeff! Please head to our website to check out the 4Runner pics –

Jeff Steffens
Jeff Steffens
2 years ago
Reply to  Alex B

Thanks, I just now saw the post. I have a 2018 4Runner. When do you plan on having them back in stock?

2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Steffens

Pictures of this particular one, or of the new one? There is zero drilling involved.

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