Offroam Phone Mount 2nd Gen Tacoma Review

Vent Mounted Phone Mount Kit from Offroam

No Drill, Vent-Mounted Phone Mount Kit for Late Model 2012-2015 Tacoma

If you have a 2nd Gen Tacoma, odds are you have searched for that perfect phone mount.

One that doesn’t entirely block the air vent or doesn’t require you to drill into your dash. Sure, you could get a suction cup mount and place it on your windshield or on top of your dash. But, let’s be honest. Over time they will lose their “suction” and fall off, especially in the summer heat. After several attempts at finding a solid mount, I was ready to throw in the towel.

But then along came this new option. The Offroam kit might be exactly what you (I) have searched for!

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Company Overview

Late Model (2012-2015) 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma No Drill Phone Mount

Offroam specializes in phone mounts kits for Ford, Jeep, Ram, and Toyota. 

You might have already come across the Offroam Mount for the 3rd Gen Tacoma while searching around. Similar in design, the mounting base installs into the corner of the air vent. This gives you full access to the vent while not blocking any airflow.

The base is paired with a double socket arm and an internal spring-loaded phone holder.

Kit Overview

Offroam Tacoma Phone Mount Kit Review & Overview

The detail is in the packaging. 

When it comes to packaging, Offroam really cares and is very detailed in how their items are packaged, and that means a lot.

Unboxing Review for the Offroam Phone Mount Kit

Each piece is boxed separately and labeled, so there’s no guessing, even before opening it. Inside, you find the inner layer dressed with topography, a QR code for installation instructions, and contact information for any customer support. 

Everything you need for support is right on the box. Now that’s customer service!

Toyota Tacoma Phone Mount from Offroam

You will also find everything you need to install the mount onto your air vent in the clamp box. There’s no need to remove anything from the dash or dig in your toolbox to find the right tool. Offroam provides you with everything needed.

Offroam Phone Mount

The mounting clamp is unique in design, made up of marine-grade aluminum – it’s shaped to mount to the very corner of the vent to allow maximum airflow.

It is paired with a 20mm diameter grooved aluminum ball, and the back is lined with a rubber pad to help grip the dash and reduce any scratches where it makes contact with the dash.

Drill Free Phone Mount for 2.5 Gen Toyota Tacoma

The double socket arm allows for massive amounts of adjustability with a single adjustment knob. This will allow you to adjust the mount to your preferred position.

Spring Loaded Phone Mount Clamp from Offroam

You can already tell it’s very well built when you have the phone holder in your hands. The holder is constructed of the same marine-grade aluminum as the mounting clamp. Inside are soft internal springs allowing you to easily place or remove your phone from the mount. At the same time, the elastomer-lined grip clamps keep your phone secure, even on the roughest off-road trails.


Offroam Phone Mount Kit Installation & Review

First, you will need to remove the Allen bolts that hold the 2-piece clamp together. After opening the air vent, if you have not already done so. You will place the rear piece of the clamp onto the upper right side of the vent. Align the grooves with the vent and push the tabs behind the dash piece. Push toward the center of the vehicle.

Offroam No Drill Phone Mount Kit for 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma

You will then need to install the mounting ball of the clamp using the provided Allen bolts and Allen key. You should first position the mounting ball and hand tighten the first screw.

2012-2015 Toyota Tacoma Phone Mount

Once you have one bolt on, it should hold itself in place. You can then finish up by installing the second bolt and tightening the clamp securely onto the vent. It doesn’t take much to secure the clamp, so avoid over-tightening the Allen bolts.

Toyota Tacoma Vent Mounted Phone Mount Installation

Once the clamp is secured, you will place the arm and phone holder onto the clamp. Place it in your preferred position, and that’s it. You’re all done!

Offroam Phone Mount for 2.5 Gen Toyota Tacoma

Tighten the adjustment knob and give it all a good wiggle to ensure everything is secured.

Final Thoughts

Complete Review, Installation & Overview for Offroam Phone Mount Kit for Toyota Tacoma

Finding a phone mount that checks all the boxes for me didn’t exist, until now!

Offroam really put some thought into this kit, and it shows. The placement keeps it away from the air vent and keeps it at eye level. But it doesn’t block your line of sight as well. You can also mount this holder on the passenger side if you want to. This mount is so sturdy that I could probably rip the dash apart before I was able to wiggle it free. That’s pretty impressive.

So, if you’re looking for a non-drill option that can keep your phone secure while you bomb those off-road trails, this is it!

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1 year ago

It fits on a Tacoma 2007??

2 years ago

This mount is great, I installed one on my 2nd Gen Tacoma (2.5 gen) and my 5th Gen 4Runner. Super simple and incredibly strong. Hoping they come out with different mounts for iPad minis for dedicated navigation.

2 years ago

Same here, I’ve been looking for one that fits my 2012 Gen2. Easy to install built great!

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