Prinsu Hi-Lift Jack Mount Review

Prinsu Universal Roof Rack Hi-Lift Jack Mount

This Is The Easiest Way To Mount a Hi-Lift on a Prinsu

As a fellow Tacoma owner, I’m sure you can agree that we have limited room for storage. As you begin to build your truck, this problem becomes exponentially more evident. Adding a Prinsu roof rack to your truck can help give you more storage solutions, but what about securing awkward items like a Hi-Lift jack?

Prinsu has a large selection of accessories mounts. These are universal since the vast majority of roof rack systems utilize the industry standard crossbars. Make sure you have the right crossbars before you buy.

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Prinsu Universal Roof Rack Hi-Lift Jack Mount Review

Installing these is simple and only requires a couple of simple tools.

Required tools

  • Ratchet
  • 9/16 Socket & 7/16 Socket
  • 9/16 Wrench

Step 1. Assemble

Prinsu Hi-lift Mount Hardware

Before we can get these installed onto the Prinsu roof rack, we need to assemble everything with the supplied hardware.

One of the supplied gold bolts will slide into the mounts from the underside pointing up. Before you insert the bolt, put one of the large fender washers onto the bolt.

Prinsu Universal Roof Rack Hi-Lift Jack Mount Assembly

After you slide the bolt and fender washer through, slide a second fender wash over the bolt and then the nut. Use a 9/16 socket and 9/16 wrench to tighten the hardware.

After these are assembled, you will have two fender washers left over and two black screw-on handles. These will get used in the final step, so put them aside for later.

Step 2. Attach To Rack

Prinsu Universal Roof Rack Hi-Lift Jack Mount Hardware

The second half of the supplied hardware is used to attach them onto the roof rack cross rails. For this, you will need eight carriage bolts, flat black washers, and lock nuts.

Prinsu Universal Roof Rack Hi-Lift Jack Mount Installation Guide

Take four of the carriage bolts and slide them into one of the cross bars. After you have four of them inserted into one of the cross bars, line them up to place one of the Hi-lift brackets.

Prinsu Roof Rack Hi-Lift Jack Mount

After placing the mount over the four carriage bolts, add a flat washer and a lock nut to each to secure it to the crossbar.

Installing the second one is the exact same process but on a separate crossbar.

Prinsu Roof Rack Hi-Lift Jack Mount Review & Overview

Before you install the second one, take your jack and line it up with the cross bars to determine which one it should be installed onto.

Step 3. Secure Jack

How To Mount A Hi-Lift Jack On Roof Rack

Place your jack onto the brackets and line the two bolts up with two of the holes on the jack. Then, install the two remaining fender washers and two screw-on handles to secure it.

Final Thoughts

Red Hi-Lift Jack Mounted On A Prinsu Roof Rack On Red Toyota Tacoma

Having a jack out on the trails is a must-have tool if you like to push the limits of your rig. Most people think it’s only used for trail repairs, but this is not true. They’re are also used to assist with offroad recoveries. Use extreme caution if using one to work on your truck as it can easily slip off.

These mounts are very simple to install and move your jack up and out of the way until it’s ready to be used. They look very clean on the roof rack and accessing is easy.

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