Prinsu Load Panel – Install & Review

3rd Gen Tacoma With Prinsu Load Panel

A Versatile Mounting Platform For Gear & Accessories

The Prinsu cab rack is among the top choices for custom setup. There are a multitude of accessories to fit your exact needs, one prime example being their load panel.

This accessory gives you a wide mounting platform that bridges two crossbars. It has numerous mounting holes across, giving you a much more versatile and stable mounting surface over the crossbars alone.

You have the option of adding just a single panel or enough to cover your entire rack for the ultimate mounting solution. These truly elevate your rack’s customization abilities to the next level.

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Features & Specs

Prinsu Roof Rack Load Panel - Install & Review

  • Versatile mounting platform for accessories
  • Maximize carrying capacity
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Fits 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Gen Tacoma Prinsu racks
  • Weighs only 14 pounds
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty


Roof Rack Load Panel Installation Tools

With a 1/2″ ratchet or power drill and a Torx-30 bit, you can install one of these pretty easily. Optionally, you could use a pair of cutters if you are OCD with small things. More on that below.

Step 1. Prepare Panel

Prinsu Single Load Panel - Preparing For Installation By Adding Trim

Prinsu includes four plastic U-channel strips. The strips press onto each side to help prevent it from rattling inside the crossbar channel.

There are two long strips and two shorter strips for the long and short edges, respectfully. The long strips weren’t the exact length of the edge, which drove my OCD crazy. So, I had to trim them to match the edges. Trimming the strips is optional and it will still install without any issue if you opt not to do so.

Step 2. Remove Crossbar Bolts

Prinsu Roof Rack Crossbar Removal

Choose where you want to install your load panel to determine which crossbars to partially remove. For my installation, I chose to put mine in the front-most position of the rack, between the 1st and 2nd bars.

Use your T-30 bit and ratchet or a drill to remove four crossbar bolts from one side. This is so we can lift the bars and insert it between them.

Before you completely remove the crossbar bolts, be careful not to let them drop. Placing a towel under them may be a good idea.

Step 3. Insert Load Panel

Installing Prinsu Load Panel On 3rd Gen Tacoma Roof Rack

Once you have the two bars loosened on one side, line it up between the crossbars’ side channels. Gently slide it through the channels evenly until it reaches the opposite side rail.

Step 4. Re-Secure Crossbars

Prinsu Crossbar Bolts

Once the load panel is fully installed, take your four bolts and re-secure the two crossbars. Do not over-tighten these bolts as that may damage the threads on the crossbars.

Final Thoughts

3rd Gen Tacoma with Single Prinsu Load Panel - Detailed Install & Review

With the Prinsu load panel, I am now much less limited in mounting gear on my rack. There are so many mounting possibilities.

In addition, I feel like this mod also adds more structural rigidity to help keep the rack square under heavy weight.

I love how these give the roof rack a more utilitarian vs. skeletal look with just the crossbars.

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