R4T MolleMounts Review

R4T Molle Mounts - Molle Panel Mounting Hardware

A Simple Way To Mount Gear & Accessories To Your Molle Panels

MOLLE panels are designed to maximize storage space for whichever area they are mounted in. They are highly customizable for mounting gear and tools that you would otherwise have to creatively find mounting solutions for. Runnin4Tacos (R4T) MolleMounts solve the long-standing problem of how to easily and securely mount items.

There are very limited options for securely mounting gear to MOLLE panels. This holds especially true for options that are guaranteed not to shake loose on the trails. I am all too familiar with needing to frequently tighten straps or use zip ties. That’s not to say that I don’t personally use zip ties more than the next guy, but having a bolt-on option that will stay tight and secure is undoubtedly a welcomed solution!

If you have MOLLE panels or have been looking to add them to your build, the R4T MolleMounts are a must-have secret weapon for almost any accessory you might want to mount. All at a super reasonable price point.

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  • R4T MolleMounts: Check Price
    • Size: 1″x1.5″ or 1″x0.75″
    • Fits: Rago Fabrication Panels
    • Fits: Cali Raised Panels
  • Cali Raised LED MOLLE Systems For Tacoma: Check Price


MOLLE Panel Mounting Hardware From R4T

The R4T MolleMounts are the complete MOLLE panel accessory mounting system. It includes all of the hardware and backing plates that you need to get organized.

The R4T MolledMounts provide easy installation of Quickfists and other brackets to your MOLLE panels. Each MolleMount has an embedded nyloc nut for secure and safe gear mounting. These mounts make it much easier to mount gear to panels that do not have threaded rivets and without using zip ties or nuts and bolts.

They give you a clean mounting solution and allow for enough adjustment to organize gear exactly how you want.

For items like weapon holsters, the R4T MolleMounts are also a much safer way to mount them to your MOLLE panels compared to a makeshift method.


R4T MolleMounts For Center Console Molle Panel

The R4T MolleMounts are compatible with any MOLLE panel that has an opening of 1×1.5 or 1×0.75 inches.

They have been tested and confirmed to work with Rago Fabrication panels, and Cali Raised LED Molle panels (pictured above).

Additionally, these provide mounting to Quickfists and other brackets; each MolleMount has an embedded nyloc nut to provide secure and safe mounting. I personally use MolleMounts to secure items like my Midland radio, various sheathed knives, and holsters. Everything that I have mounted using the R4T MolleMounts has stayed secure, and I have had zero issues!

Package Contents

R4T MolleMounts - Molle Panel Hardware Mounting Solution - Review & Overview

Each package includes four MolleMounts, stainless steel bolts, and stainless steel washers. The mounts are made from molded hardened plastic that offers decent strength, but I would not suggest over-torquing the bolts.

There are nyloc nuts embedded into the molded plastic, making for a straightforward install and the chance of the bolts backing out is slim!

Installing The R4T MolleMounts

How To Install MolleMounts On Cali Raised LED Center Console Molle Panel

Installing the MolleMounts is extremely simple. All you need to do is align the mount behind your MOLLE panel’s grid according to the positioning of your gear. To secure the mount and your gear, use the provided bolt and washer to sandwich the MOLLE panel between your gear and the MolleMount.

The number of MolleMounts needed will vary depending on the gear that you’re mounting. Keep that in mind, as they are sold in sets of four.

Final Thoughts

R4T MolleMounts Detailed Review & Overview

Now that I have a proper mounting solution for MOLLE panels, it’s been a game changer. The R4T MolleMounts finally give me the ability to tighten down interior accessories so that they won’t rattle loose or have to be cinched down with zip ties. That is definitely something that I prefer, and I know many others would agree!

So far, they have held up great, and I really appreciate not having to constantly re-tighten straps or replace zip ties for gear that I might remove and replace on my MOLLE panels. This product really solved a problem that I didn’t fully realize that I had!

If you’ve been struggling with getting all of your gear organized and secure, you definitely need to check out the R4T MolleMounts. They’re an inexpensive and small accessory that makes a huge difference!

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Chris Fortunato
Chris Fortunato
1 year ago

This article is really well written and explained. After seeing this article I now have to go buy these for my setup! Thanks for this write up!

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