TravelPRO 65-Series Tonneau Cover Review

Tri-Folding Tonneau Bed Cover for Tacoma

Affordable, Easy To Open & Close, Hard Folding Option

If you are looking to run a bed cover, you will see quite a few benefits.

From protecting your valuables against possible theft to protecting and maintaining gear from the harsh elements a Tonneau cover is a solid investment.

This specific bed cover from RDJ Trucks is constructed from marine-grade aluminum tubing and “Honeycomb” supported sub-panels for extra strength. This cover is made to last and you can tell right when you pull it out of the box.

The Toyota Tacoma and most new model trucks come with a locking tailgate, so with this cover, it will completely cover all your gear. This hard tri-fold tonneau cover keeps the weather out with a rubber “Q-Seal” on all 4 sections of the truck bed.

The functionality offers a wide range of protection and the install is incredibly simple.

This tri-fold tonneau cover easily installs onto your bed with ease and little to no tools are required. The kit comes pre-assembled with no loose parts and also comes with a 3-year warranty.

Let’s jump into it!

Part Numbers

Tri Folding Tonneau Bed Cover Tacoma

RDJ Truck Part Numbers for reference: 

Parts include adapters for trucks with factory installed utility tracks.

For our installation, we are using a 2018 TRD-PRO Tacoma. We cleaned out the bed and removed the bed cleats (if you have them) to start the installation.

Step 1. Unboxing

Tri Folding Tonneau Bed Cover Tacoma - Install Step 1

As you can see in the photo, RDJ Trucks does a really good job of packaging their products. When I opened the box, the cover was wrapped very well and there was zero damage to report on the product.

What’s Included? 

  • The Tacoma bed cover
  • 4 X Aluminum blocks for the bed rails
  • 4 X Felt type stickies to mount on the side of the bedrail to prevent locking damage
  • 2 X Extra components for the latches (in case you break one) and the one tool that’s needed to install it all, one Allen-wrench.
  • Clear and detailed instructions

They also provide extra weather seals for truck bed caps that are uneven or not totally flat. The Tacoma has grooves in the bed-cap but for this install, we opted to just use the Q-Seal that is already installed around the cover.

Step 2. Front Portion

RDJ Trucks Bed Cover for 3rd Gen Tacoma

As shown in the picture above (recommended to get help from a friend) take the cover and with the side that has the buckle straps, place it on the back end of the vehicle bed. You can now unbuckle the straps on the end and unfold the cover.

Once you have done this, line it up to your preference to see how you want the cover to sit on your truck. We pushed the front of the cover all the way to the metal bed bar closest to the cab to ensure a proper fitment and seal.

As soon as you throw this cover on the bed you can tell is a quality design. Everything lines up as it should and you really do get precision fitment with this cover. Really quality stuff here.

Step 3. Aluminum Blocks

3rd Gen Tacoma Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Take the four (4) aluminum blocks provided and slide two (2) each per bed rail on the vehicle. You will then line this up with the four (4) latches on the underside of the cover.

Step 4. Latch & Block

TravelPRO 65 Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover for 3rd Gen Tacoma

Pictured above is the front latch, this part of the cover should be towards the front of the bed, because this is the latch that stays stationary.

Once you line up the latch with the corresponding aluminum block, go ahead and tighten the aluminum block with the Allen wrench that was provided.

Then swing the latch down and connect it to the block and proceed to tighten the connection.

Do not over-torque the latch, just use enough pressure to secure it and repeat on the other side.

Step 5. Rear Portion

Installing RDJ Trucks Tonnea Cover for 3rd Gen Tacoma

Time for the backside of the cover, unfold the cover if you have not already done so and place the rear aluminum blocks in position to receive the rear locking-latch mechanism and tighten them with the Allen wrench once you have found the proper positioning.

3rd Gen Tacoma Bed Cover Install

Above is the felt sticky that is provided with the set, depending on the type of truck bed you have this may or may not be needed. This prevents damage to the truck bed if the latch/handle happens to move around.

Step 6. Locking Handles

Tri-folding Tonneau Bed Cover Locking Handles

Pictured above you see the 2 locking handles for the rear. It was a pleasant surprise to see these are already installed and ready to go. Again, quality design, build and shipment with this kit.

LED Light

Tri-Folding Tonneau Cover LED Light

The cover also includes 2 small Led Lights so that you have lighting in the bed if needed, this was an awesome addition since most OEM covers do not come with LED lighting.

RDJ Trucks TravelPRO 65 Tonneau Cover for 3rd Gen Tacoma

One the aluminum block and handle are positioned to line up, go ahead and tighten the latch to the correct position. It has a pressure locking mechanism, line up both edges next to each other, once you lock it into place, it will snug up against the aluminum block to secure itself.

Be careful not to overtighten because it will not lock in place if it is too tight against the block, please use your best judgment on the pressure you are using.

Repeat on the other side and you are done!

Test Fitting

Tonneau Cover Install on 3rd Gen Tacoma

I double-checked the positioning of the cover to make sure it was completely even with the bed.

Once you tighten the rear latches you can check how much gap the whole cover has all around it. Then you can make adjustments to each corner as needed.

Final Thoughts

3rd Gen Tacoma with Tri-Fold Hard Bed Cover

This tri-fold cover from RDJ Trucks is a great buy.

The major issue with owning a mid-size truck is cargo space. For an everyday truck, you always have to secure what is in the bed or have something to deter theft.

You will end up going back and forth putting stuff from the bed into the cab and vice versa. This cover solves that problem for people carrying around groceries, camera equipment, snowboards, luggage or even baby strollers, they can keep it in the bed locked up.

This free’s up more space in the cabin so that your passengers can ride in the comfort they deserve.

Hard Locking Bed Cover for 3rd Gen Tacoma

The materials used in this cover are top-notch, the cover barely weighed anything when we transferred it onto the vehicle. The cover is even strong enough for someone to stand on it when it is fully laid out. The best part of the cover is that you can remove the whole thing in less than 3 minutes and use the truck bed as a truck bed again.

Is the TravelPRO 65-Series Hard Flip Tonneau cover for you? 

This cover may not be for everyone, but it is definitely a great choice for someone who needs to lock up valuables and use the truck bed for storage.

The OEM cover from Toyota does not even come close to the options the RDJ Trucks  Hard Locking Bed Cover for 3rd Gen Tacoma has and it is almost twice as heavy.

There are now aftermarket bed racks that do work with bedcovers so the possibilities are endless.

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Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez
3 years ago

My locking handle broke, where can I order just that one piece?

3 years ago

I would talk directly to the team at RDJ Trucks.

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