USR Replica TRD Pro Tail Lights Review

Unique Style Racing Replica TRD Pro Taillights for 3rd Gen Tacoma

An Affordable Upgrade To Black Out Your Housings

I think most people in the Tacoma world are in search of a chrome delete option for their personal rigs. I know I was when I drove mine off the lot. The interior and exterior are riddled with chrome badges, grills, headlights, tail lights, AC knobs and gear shifts. These might seem like a minor nuisance, but replacing all of that chrome can make a world of difference.

Since I first purchased my Tacoma, I was on the hunt to transition everything on the exterior of my truck from chrome to black, especially the headlights and tail lights. There are aftermarket lights out there that cost an arm and a leg. I was looking for a more budget-friendly solution.

It’s no secret that the TRD Pro Tacoma has all the bells, whistles and features everyone wants to see on their trucks. Besides TRD Pro grille, the taillights are likely the most sought after modification, and for good reason. These small changes make a big difference. This article will be a detailed install guide for these replica tail lights, as well as a quick review.

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  • 2016-2023 Tacoma TRD Pro Style Tail Lights: Check Price

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Unique Style Racing

Replica TRD Pro Taillights for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

USR has an array of aftermarket products designed to OEM specs. Their sleek design and price tag aren’t the only thing desirable about them either. The ease of install is what really captured my attention with their products. They sell simple plug and play options, so there is no excess wiring.

I am currently running their interior LED dome lights and the output on those is phenomenal. If you’ve read my previous articles, you know I run some stuff from Unique Style Racing, so I imagine these taillights would be quality. Check out the USR ultra-bright LED interior map and dome lights and the blacked-out switchback LED turn signals.

I was well aware of the quality of their products, so I didn’t hesitate to run these lights on my truck. I’ll dive more into detail further on, but I want to cover the install process first.


Tools for Removing Taillights on 3rd Gen Tacoma

Required Tools

  • Mechanic’s Tool Set
    • 10mm

The install process is fast and simple. The only tool required is a 10mm socket wrench or ratcheting 10mm wrench. This install will take you less than 30 minutes to do.

You will be removing four bolts, unplugging the original OEM factory tail lights, and swapping them with USR’s newer and sleeker clear and black tail lights. There is no excess wiring, or swapping the bulbs out. USR provides you with all new bulbs already installed in the taillights.

Step 1. Remove Bolts

Step-By-Step Install for 3rd Gen Tacoma

Grab your 10mm socket or ratchet wrench and remove the second and fourth bolt from the top, as identified in the image above.

These are the only two bolts that secure your tail light to the Tacoma. The other two bolts play no part in removing the tail light.

Step 2. Remove Housing

Removing 3rd Gen Tacoma Taillight

With the bolts removed, the light will still be secured to the vehicle. There are two clips on the backside of the tail light that needs to be popped off to completely free it from the vehicle.

Grab the top and bottom portion of the taillight, and pull straight out, away from the vehicle. The two clips will pop out and the tail light will now be free. All that is connected now are the wires powering the bulbs.

Step 3. Unplug Harness

Unplug Taillight Bulb Harnesses

Unique Style Racing is awesome enough to provide you with all brand-new light bulbs already inserted in their tail lights.

This means you won’t have to remove the actual bulbs from the old ones. Just simply unplug the wires connected to the OEM tail lights and leave the original bulbs inside.

Step 4. Harness Plugs

Plug Harnesses into New Taillights

Referencing the image above, plug the wires into Unique Style Racing’s taillights.

Each plug is unique in style, so they are easy to match to the corresponding socket. You will know the plugs are secured because you will hear each plug snap into place.

Step 5. Install New Lights

Unique Style Racing TRD Pro Taillights for 3rd Gen Tacoma - Full Review & Overview

Now that the tail light is hooked up, you can install it in the truck. First, tuck the wires back into the open space behind the tail light. Next line up the clips on the back of the tail light to the matching holes on the truck.

Firmly press the tail light into the truck until you hear the retaining clips snap into place. Once the clips snap into place, you can bolt the light down. Bolt down the tail light using the bolts that you removed earlier. Once complete, just repeat the process for the other side. Easy as that!

Final Thoughts

USR Blacked Out TRD Pro Taillights for 3rd Gen Tacoma

These tail lights really update the overall look of the rear end of your 3rd Gen Tacoma. The OEM red tail lights were not for me. These provide a much sleeker design and get rid of all the excess red coloring and chrome. I never really noticed how much of a difference it made until I removed all the chrome on the outside of my truck.

USR considers their customers and the ease of install, making it so that anyone can knock this install out. The tail lights reuse every original mounting point of the OEM lights, making this install extremely fast. Their packaging is always extremely clean and organized.

These taillights came free-floating on a cardboard cutout, wrapped in a plastic bag, wrapped in bubble wrap, secured in a cardboard box, placed in another cardboard box, and then filled with packing peanuts. It’s almost overkill! I can appreciate the fact that they are simply ensuring a pristine product upon delivery to satisfy their customers.

Aftermarket Blacked Out TRD Pro Replica Taillight Housing for 3rd Gen Tacoma

These taillights are also a budget-friendly alternative to some of the more expensive brands out there. Unique Style Racing is really killing it with their products and putting out top-notch aftermarket parts for an affordable price. If you are looking for quality products without breaking the bank, look no further. USR is the company for you.

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4 months ago

Discount no longer valid but will be purchasing soon anyway!

3 years ago

These are really nice TRD Pro Tail Lights. I just installed a set thanks to the info at this site and wow – the taco looks way better for a fraction of the cost of OEM. USR has a bunch of other cool products too I wast aware of until now.

2 years ago
Reply to  dameon

Hey man. Sorry we missed this! Glad we could help.

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