Vehicle OCD Console & Glove Box Organizer Review

Salex Vehicle OCD Console and Glove Box Organizers Review & Overview for 3rd Gen Tacoma

Easily Organize Your Tacoma’s Storage Compartments

When it comes to storage in the Tacoma, it’s very easy to run out of space if you are methodical in your approach to packing your truck full of gear. In my truck, I quickly ran out of storage space and elected to attach a Plano case to my roof rack to store extra tools, recovery gear, and tow straps.

Two storage areas in the truck that are often overlooked are the glove box and center console. I don’t know about you, but my center console is an absolute abyss full of random stuff I probably don’t even need. While my glove box is somewhat organized, it could also use some work.

Vehicle OCD by Salex Organizers makes the perfect solution for your glove box and center console clutter, and I’m honestly mad that I didn’t get these products installed sooner. It’s such a simple modification that really makes your life much easier. It’s also super affordable, so you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to clean up your interior.

Read on as I install the complete kit and clean up the inside of my Toyota Tacoma.

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Glove Box

Affordable Glove Box Organizer Kit for Toyota Tacoma

As I stated above, my glove box was relatively organized to begin with. However, it still took some digging to find whatever I was looking for at the time.

My glove box mainly consists of my Tacoma manual, some napkins, spare change, and most importantly, maintenance records. Seriously, consider saving all of your truck maintenance records as it could potentially help with resale value down the road.

Anyway, putting together the glove box organizer is super straightforward, but Salex has a pretty good install video that will work better than what I can describe. It is made of three parts: one main cross member and the two supports.

All of the pieces have arrows on them indicating the correct way to install them. The larger of the two supports go through the enclosed slot in the cross member. Simply stick one corner of the support in, then wiggle it through until it is fully in.

The other support can be a little trickier. Start by sliding the larger tab through the long slot in the cross member. Once that is completely installed, you should be able to pop the smaller tab into its slot on the cross member.

To install in the glove box, simply slide it in with the supports (smaller sections) on the bottom.

Once that was installed, it was super simple to organize all of the stuff I had in the glove box. I threw the maintenance records and manual in the large top slot and used the other top slot exclusively as napkin storage.

The bottom three sections I used for the other smaller, random things I had in the glove box.

Center Console

Center Console Divider for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

The center console divider is essentially the same as the glove box organizer, just for your center console.

This piece is nice because it allows you to divide the center consoles into different sections of your choosing.

Cluttered Center Console Storage Solution - 3rd Gen Tacoma

As you can see, my center console is an absolutely unorganized mess. I literally just throw all of my random items as well as my masks, tissues, and hand sanitizer – because COVID.

The center console is even easier to assemble. You put the biggest piece in, checking the arrows to see which side should go up, and then slide the smaller pieces into the slots in the bigger piece.

Vehicle OCD Center Console Divider for 3rd Gen Tacoma

I ended up using every section of the divider to store all of the random stuff I had in my center console.

Having this center console divider is nice because I no longer have to dig through the whole center console for that small item I’m looking for. Previously, I would have literally dug through, taking out items as I go, just to find a pen or something at the bottom of the storage area.

Organizer for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma Center Console

Now I’m able to open the center console and immediately know where to go to find whatever I’m looking for. It’s super convenient.

Center Console Tray for 3rd Gen Tacoma

The center console tray has to be my favorite Salex item of the trio. This is truly something that should have come stock with the truck, as it does on most other trucks on the market.

Ideally, any vehicle would have a shallow console tray integrated into the center console with the bigger storage underneath. Sadly this isn’t the case with the Tacoma. Good thing this option is well priced.

3rd Gen Tacoma Vehicle OCD Center Console Tray Organizer

This center console tray fits like a glove, and even works with the center console divider. It allows me to store the smaller things that would typically get lost to the bottom of the center console, such as pens, coins, etc.

It also has some rubber in the bottom to prevent items from sliding around and/or making noise while driving.

Non-Slip Grip Surface in Center Console Organizer for Tacoma

Most importantly, and the thing I’m most excited about… sunglasses storage.

Storing my sunglasses safely in my Tacoma is something I have struggled with since I bought it. Typically, I’ll just throw them in the driver side door panel/cup holders.

Salex Organizers Vehicle OCD Review & Overview - 3rd Gen Tacoma

I recently bought new sunglasses, so I have been a little bit more careful with storing them in their case in the center console. This Salex console tray allows me to simply place my sunglasses in one section of the center console tray without the risk of them getting scratched by other objects.

In addition to the sunglasses, I also stored pens, gum, and a couple of smaller discount cards that I would normally have to dig through to find since they always somehow find their way to the bottom of the center console.

Final Thoughts

Center Console & Glove Box Organizer for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Overall, these Salex organizers are a small, simple and cheap modification that I wish I would have done much sooner. They are something that should come standard with any new vehicle, so I am really glad that Salex stepped up and solved a small, yet impactful issue.

As someone who is normally super organized, my glove box and center console messiness were stressing me out. Now, I feel great knowing that I can easily find what I need when I go digging in these storage locations. Salex also makes a couple of variations of each organizer so you can decide on what type of dividers you want in each and which one is best for you.

I would highly recommend buying a set if you have ever considered it. Even if your storage areas are relatively organized already, these will allow you to be a little less selective of what you store without creating clutter.

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