4th Gen Tacoma Trim Levels Explained

2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter In New Bronze Oxide Color

The Brand New Trailhunter, Iconic PreRunner & More!

The new 2024 4th Gen Toyota Tacoma is coming later this year! Not sure which model is best for you? In this article, we will dive into the eight available 4th Gen Tacoma trim levels and break down their features.

While we don’t know the exact details yet from Toyota for each available grade, we will highlight the main features of each.

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4th Gen Tacoma Trim Levels

The Tacoma has been rebuilt from the ground up. It is based on Toyota’s TNGA-F global truck platform (same as Tundra and Sequoia).

Cab Configurations

The all-new Tacoma will be offered two different cab configurations, XtraCab and Double Cab.

The new XtraCab configuration will be available on SR, SR5, and TRD PreRunner models. This new two-door, two-seater cab configuration is paired with a 6-foot bed.

If you need more cabin space, the Double Cab returns for the 2024 model year with either a 5 or 6-foot bed depending on the trim level. The double cab of the 4th Gen is relatively the same in size as the current 3rd Gen. However, Toyota was able to improve passenger comfort with a raised roofline for a better seating position and more rear seat space.


It also boasts an available new multi-link rear suspension setup for enhanced ride comfort and handling. This replaces the previous model’s leaf springs, though those will remain standard on SR, and SR5 XtraCab models. The TRD PreRunner will feature a leaf under system.

In the braking department, Tacoma now FINALLY gets standard four-wheel disc brakes with TRD models and above equipped with the larger front brake package. The i-FORCE MAX adds a larger rear brake package as well.


The Tacoma gets some significant updates inside the cabin as well. First up is a new 8″ or available 14″ multimedia touchscreen display similar to the ones found in the 3rd Gen Tundra.

This new system supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which is awesome! However, if you want to still use a cord, the all-new Tacoma has a USB-C data/charging port integrated on the right side of the display. That will also make adding external displays easier to make overlanding a breeze. An all-new fully digital 12.3″ gauge cluster with four different display modes will come on higher trim levels while a 7″ analog/digital gauge cluster is standard for lower trim levels.

Lastly, all grades will come with a Smart Key System and push-button ignition. An available Digital Key connects with compatible smartphones to allow vehicle entry, tailgate access, and remote start, which is pretty awesome. Hopefully, there isn’t an insane membership fee for that.

With the basics covered, let’s dive into some of the more specific features of each grade for this 4th Gen.


2024 4th Gen Toyota Tacoma - SR Trim Level

Key Features

  • Entry-Level i-FORCE (228 hp & 243 lb.-ft tq)
  • Manual Transmission Available (Double Cab only)
  • Twin-Tube Shocks
  • 17″ Wheels
  • 7″ Gauge Cluster
  • 8″ Multimedia Display

The SR Grade will continue to be the Tacoma’s entry-level model. The SR will come with a less powerful i-FORCE 2.4L 4-cylinder and is available in XtraCab and Double Cab configurations.


2024 4th Gen Toyota Tacoma - SR5 Trim Level

Key Features

  • i-FORCE (278 hp & 317 lb.-ft tq)
  • Twin-Tube Shocks
  • 17″ Alloy Wheels
  • Max Towing Of 6,500lbs

The SR5 Grade will continue to be the Tacoma’s volume-selling grade. It will come with the i-FORCE 2.4L 4 cylinder and be available in XrtraCab and Double Cab configurations.

TRD PreRunner

2024 4th Gen Toyota Tacoma - PreRunner Trim Level

Key Features

  • i-FORCE (278 hp & 317 lb.-ft tq)
  • Twin-Tube Shocks w/ Leaf Under Rear Suspension
  • 17″ Alloy Wheels w/ BFG All-Terrain Tires
  • Electronic Rear Locking Diff

Returning in 2024 is the TRD PreRunner! It is available only in the XtraCab configuration with 2WD and automatic transmission. It has a lifted front suspension, larger diameter BFGoodrich all-terrain tires, and an electronically locking rear differential.

TRD Sport

2024 4th Gen Toyota Tacoma - TRD Sport Trim Level

Key Features

  • Double Cab Only
  • i-FORCE Standard (278 hp & 317 lb.-ft tq)
  • i-FORCE MAX Available (326 hp & 465 lb.-ft tq)
  • Manual Transmission Available (Only i-FORCE)
  • Red TRD Sport-Tuned Twin-Tube Shocks
  • 18″ Black TRD Sport Wheels
  • Hood Scoop
  • 12.3″ Gauge Cluster w/ 8″ Multimedia
  • Available JBL FLEX Speaker

The TRD Sport offers a sportier look and feel. It features black 18″ TRD wheels, color-matched door handles, over fenders, and a hood scoop. The TRD Sport also comes with black exterior badging and aluminum pedals.

TRD Off-Road

2024 4th Gen Toyota Tacoma Solar Octane - SR Trim Level

Key Features

  • Double Cab Only
  • i-FORCE Standard (278 hp & 317 lb.-ft tq)
  • i-FORCE MAX Available (326 hp & 465 lb.-ft tq)
  • Manual Transmission Available (Only i-FORCE)
  • Bilstein Monotube Remote Reservoir Shocks
  • Multi-Terrain Select
  • Electronic Rear Locking Diff
  • Available Front Stabilizer Disconnect
  • Composite Skid Plates
  • Available 33″ Tires
  • 17″ or 18″ Black TRD Wheels
  • 12.3″ Gauge Cluster w/ 8″ Multimedia
  • Available JBL FLEX Speaker

The 2024 TRD Off-Road is going to be a winner in my opinion. The all-new TRD Off-Road is significantly more capable for this generation thanks to new Bilstein remote reservoir monotube shocks that offer better heat dissipation and the available front stabilizer bar disconnect system. This makes it arguably better than the outgoing TRD Pro from the 3rd Generation.


2024 4th Gen Toyota Tacoma - Limited Trim Level

Key Features

  • Double Cab Only
  • i-FORCE Standard (278 hp & 317 lb.-ft tq)
  • i-FORCE MAX Available (326 hp & 465 lb.-ft tq)
  • Available Full-Time 4×4 (i-FORCE MAX)
  • Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS)
  • 18″ Chrome Wheels
  • Power Running Boards & Tailgate
  • 12.3″ Gauge Cluster w/ 14″ Multimedia
  • Head-Up Display
  • Heated & Cooled Front Seats
  • JBL FLEX Speaker

The Limited trim level for the 2024 Tacoma is getting a big bump in luxury over the outgoing 3rd Gen. For the first time, the Tacoma will have an available full-time 4×4 system, AVS suspension, and of course, chrome everywhere.


2024 4th Gen Toyota Tacoma - Trailhunter Trim Level

Key Features:

  • OME 2.5″ Forged Monotube Shocks
  • 33″ Goodyear Territory R/T Tires
  • Low-Profile Snorkel Air Intake
  • Bronze Heritage Grille
  • 20″ RIGID LED Lightbar & Fog Lights
  • ARB Bed Rack, Rock Rails, & Skid Plates Available

2024 brings the all-new Trailhunter trim level. This truck is the opposite of the TRD Pro as it’s definitely geared more towards overlanding than high-speed desert runs.

To help bring Trailhunter to life, Toyota worked with renowned Australian-based ARB to co-develop Old Man Emu 2.5″ forged monotube shocks with rear external piggyback-style remote reservoirs. The OME shocks and 33″ Goodyear Territory R/T tires give this trim a 2′ lift up front and a 1.5″ lift in the rear.

The Trailhunter will be available with either a 5- or 6-foot bed and only come in a Double Cab configuration. Overlanders can take their Trailhunters to the next level with available light or heavy-duty versions of a full ARB bed rack to support additional gear like rooftop tents, canopies, or a camp shower. ARB also made a high-clearance rear steel bumper with super stout recovery points specifically for this trim. Also available are rock rails and hot-stamped, high-strength steel skid plates.

Trailhunter is powered exclusively by the i-FORCE MAX engine (326 hp & 465 lb.-ft tq) and comes standard with a special low-profile air intake that is routed up the passenger-side A-pillar and a high clearance exhaust. Like the TRD Pro, it will also have CRAWL control, a rear locker, and a front swaybar disconnect.

It also has a bronze-colored “TOYOTA” heritage-inspired grille with an integrated 20″ LED light bar and white/amber switchable RIGID LED fog lights.

There are so many customizations available for the Trailhunter, so I am curious to see everything once it goes live on Toyota’s website.


2024 4th Gen Toyota Tacoma - TRD Pro Trim Level

Key Features:

  • TRD UCAs & FOX QS3 Shocks
  • FOX IFP Bump stops
  • IsoDynamic Performance Seats
  • 3″ Wider than SR5
  • 20″ RIGID LED Lightbar & Fog Lights
  • 33″ Goodyear Territory R/T Tires
  • 18″ Black TRD Flow Formed Wheels

The new 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro is ready to haul some serious butt! It comes with all the standard features of the TRD Off-Road and so much more. There are a TON of new features, so let’s get into it.

The new suspension is a serious upgrade over what was in the previous model. More specifically, aluminum front TRD upper control arms to optimize front geometry and reduce unsprung weight. There are also all-new FOX internal bypass 2.5″ manual modal Quick Switch 3 (QS3) shocks. They can be adjusted between three different settings via dials on the shock bodies to tune compression damping. In the rear, you’ll find FOX Internal Floating Piston bump stops as part of the improved multilink suspension.

To take off-road comfort even further, the 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro will have segment-first IsoDynamic Performance Seats. These help provide a smooth ride for both the driver and front passenger no matter the terrain. They comprise an air-over-oil shock absorber tunable system allowing for simultaneous vertical and lateral seat dampening. Basically, they’re shocks for your seats. Taking all of these features into consideration, this is essentially a mini trophy truck.

The new TRD Pro will have an awesome on-road presence as well with a 2″ lift up front and 1.5″ in the rear. It is also 3″ wider than an SR5 Tacoma. Finally, 33″ Goodyear Territory R/T tires come standard with black 18″ flow-formed TRD wheels.

For performance, TRD Pro comes standard with an i-FORCE MAX engine (326 hp & 465 lb.-ft tq) that breathes more efficiently with the addition of a TRD performance air intake and cat-back exhaust.

A new integrated LED light bar in the heritage grille works in conjunction with the full LED headlights to optimize the beam pattern for amazing light output and range. A pair of RIGID white LED fog lights further increases visibility during inclement weather.

You will also get a high-clearance, metal ARB rear bumper with red recovery hooks and an aluminum TRD front skid plate.

Final Thoughts

4th Gen Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

Guys, I am so pumped for the 2024 Tacoma to start rolling off the trucks. I’ll be trying to get a TRD Off-Road right away to build out and bring you along.

What 4th Gen Tacoma trim levels are you on the lookout for? Are you going to wait for the hybrid to come out in Q1 of 2024? Or, will you be one of the first to snag any available truck at the end of this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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W James Conley
W James Conley
4 months ago

Definitely going to order as soon as available. Not waiting for the hybrid (but would like to) because I do not want to miss a boating season. Just lost a 2009 Tacoma to frame rust. Recall expired (ticked me off) and the previous owner did not bring it in.

Bill Hutchins
Bill Hutchins
5 months ago

Are the side view mirrors for 2024 going to be smaller than those of the Tundra(2020)?
My wife loves our Tundra with the exception of having a blind spot while making left turns>

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