4th Gen Tacoma Factory TRD Lift Kit Overview

2024 Tacoma TRD Lift Kit - OEM Factory Option From Dealer

OEM TRD Lift Kit For 2024 Tacoma – Here’s What To Expect

The all-new Tacoma will come pretty capable straight from the factory. But, what if stock just isn’t enough for you? Maybe you want a bit of added ground clearance, improved approach & departure angles, or some extra room to fit some larger tires. If you want all of the above and for everything to be covered under warranty, the TRD lift kit from Toyota is your solution.

So, let’s break down what we know and what we can expect when this kit becomes available potentially later this year.

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What We Know

4th Gen Tacoma TRD Lift Kit

While at SEMA, I had a chance to talk with Tacoma Chief Engineer, Sheldon Brown, ahead of the kit’s official release. He was able to share with me what he could, but there are still some unknown details about this kit since it’s still in its prototype stages.

Just like its Tundra bigger brother, which offers a similar setup, the TRD lift kit will upgrade the OEM suspension components to achieve a 2″-3″ lift. It is also safe to assume that this kit will primarily be a factory-installed option, rather than a dealer install. Although, I am sure you will have the option to buy and have it installed.

For example, Toyota tried to have the Tundra’s kit be a dealer-only installed part. However, that idea barely lasted a single model year due to all the parts the kit required, labor, and ultimately, the cost to the customer.

With the kit being designed and installed by Toyota, we know that it will work with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) and also be covered under your powertrain warranty, which is super important to many buyers.

What You’ll Get

2024 Tacoma Multi-Link TRD Rear Suspension

Front End Upgrades

  • OEM shocks replaced with TRD-branded, Bilstein-tuned struts and taller coil springs.
  • TRD-branded upper control arm for better alignment with the added lift.

I was told by Mr. Brown that this upper control arm is the same as the ones on the TRD Pro & Trailhunter, just without the pretty powder coat to keep costs down.

Rear End Upgrades

  • Upgraded Bilstein shocks and taller rear coils in a shiny red TRD color.

As a reminder, the 4th Gen Tacoma makes the switch from a traditional leaf spring & shock setup to a modern multilink one.

How Much Will It Cost?

TRD Shocks & UCA On 2024 Toyota Tacoma

So when can we expect to see this kit available and how much will it cost?

Unfortunately, Toyota didn’t divulge any estimated pricing yet. They also didn’t have an estimated production date.

However, we can use the Tundra’s kit price for a rough estimate. The Tundra’s MSRP for the 3″ lift kit “with options”, is priced at $7,575. Keep in mind that this price also includes the TRD Off-Road package upgrade. Since the Tacoma will have a dedicated TRD Off Road trim, hopefully, the cost for just the lift kit will be less.

The Tundra kit does come with many upgraded pieces including extended break lines, axles, bump stops, front stabilizer links, and more. Parts alone for the Tundra’s kit are around $4,000 if you shop around. So, depending on how many parts are included with the Tacoma’s kit, we can expect a $3000-$4000 price tag.

Final Thoughts

2024 Tacoma SR5 Silver

I love how Toyota is starting to offer OEM+ options. This is great for consumers who want to upgrade their vehicles and maintain their warranty. Could you get a better value for your money by shopping aftermarket? I’m sure there will be, but that isn’t the point of this lift kit. Hence, the entire TRD Pro line.

The main benefit to this kit aside from the factory warranty, is how it will be paid for. It’s no secret that vehicles are getting more and more expensive. With that, many buyers like to wrap everything up into one monthly payment. This factory-installed lift kit is easier to finance and obtain compared to sourcing a lift kit, finding a reputable shop, scheduling an install date, and paying for it all at once.

For some, being able to drive a bad-ass-looking Tacoma straight off the dealership lot is worth the premium.

What are your thoughts about this kit? Let us know in the comments!

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