7 Best Low Profile Front Bumpers

2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad with a Cali Raised Stealth Front Bumper without a bull bar

After Years of Testing, Here are The Best Low Profile Options

Looking for a sleek and lightweight front bumper for your truck? Look no further! Here are the best options currently available for the 3rd Gen Tacoma.

If full-width are more your thing, check out our other post best front bumpers.

Although low-profile bumpers don’t provide the same coverage as full-width hybrid or plate variants, they still allow you to run all your favorite accessories. For a daily driver or weekend adventure rig, they are an excellent option to save some weight.

Low Profile Vs. Full-Width

Toyota Tacoma with orange sequential headlights and side mirrors with a Cali Raised low profile front bumper

Low-pro variants are designed to accommodate standard accessories like a light bar, winch, and recovery shackles. Essentially, they offer a perfect balance between functionality and style. Compared to their full size counterparts, they also offer weight savings.

That’s important because a heavy front end can send you down the rabbit hole of beefier suspension and components. Plus, full-width require significantly more cutting for installation.

Many Tacoma owners like low-pro versions because they retain an OEM+ look while adding protection against front-end impacts from traffic, animals, etc.

The downside of these is that you don’t gain any additional tire clearance or larger approach angle. In the case of the 3rd Gen Tacoma, these basically replace the black plastic (valance) portion of your OEM bumper. For many off-roaders or overlanders, approach angle is an important factor with aftermarket bumpers.


Stealth Front Bumper without a bull bar by Cali Raised

Now that we’ve covered what a low-profile front bumper is and outlined its pros and cons, let’s take a look at the best options currently on the market for the 3rd Gen Tacoma.

This is not a ranked list. Just a solid list of the best options we saw online. Each brand offers something a bit different.

1. Cali Raised

3rd Generation Tacoma With Low Profile Front Bumper, Amber Sequential Turn Signals, Yellow Fog Lights & Prinsu Roof Rack

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The Cali Raised is an excellent choice for its value, protection, and style. It’s constructed from heavy-duty steel and features a sleek, low-profile design. It also comes with integrated light bar mounting points and a winch mount, making it a versatile option for off-road enthusiasts.

Previously, this was only available for the Tacoma with a bull bar. Now, you can option it in either powder-coated steel with and without a bull bar! All options come with integrated and stout recovery points.

The Stealth stands out from others on the market by offering up to 3x the LED lighting output capability by fitting a dual-row light bar. You can also neatly conceal all of the wiring inside the bumper to not compromise the aesthetic lines of the Tacoma.

Beyond just style, protecting your vehicle’s lights, radiator, and crucial engine components from potential damage.

2. CBI Off-Road Fab

CBI Offroad Fab low profile Tacoma front bumper in a snowy field

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With a history dating back to 1999 and many Tacomas rocking their armor, there is no doubt that CBI products have been put to the test.

When it comes to their plate bumpers, CBI offers a range of options. Each is designed to provide maximum protection and functionality. Their Covert versions are constructed from heavy-duty steel and feature winch mounts, light mounting points, and integrated recovery points.

It’s important to note that CBI may have longer lead teams. So, if you choose to go with them, plan accordingly. This choice is a well-known option that should not be overlooked!

3. All Pro Off-Road

All Pro Off Road Low Profile Front Bumper For Tacoma

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Another company dating back to the 90s, All Pro has been building Toyota parts for several truck generations. They still have a heavy presence in early model Toyotas – like the 1st Gen 4Runner.

The unique design element here includes two “shell” options. Steel and aluminum. Both mount to a winch cradle. Also available with and without hoop.

4. C4 Fabrication

C4 Fabrication low profile front bumper on Tacoma with a rooftop tent camping in the desert

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C4 Fabrication is another reputable. Their low-profile bumpers are constructed from high-quality steel and feature a modular design, allowing you to customize it to your specific needs.

They feature winch mounts, light mounting points, and integrated recovery points, ensuring both protection and functionality. Whether you’re in the market for a hybrid, plate, or low-pro, C4’s products are worth considering.

One of the standout features is the integrated low-profile bull bar. Not only does it provide additional grille protection, but it also doesn’t interfere with any factory safety sensors

5. Body Armor 4×4

Body Armor 4x4 Tacoma low profile front bumper on red 3rd gen Tacoma overland build

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The HiLine offers an aesthetic and sleek low-profile design that includes a welded bull bar with the option of additional light fittings.

It has integrated shackle recovery points and a license plate bracket all while remaining compatible with the factory TRD skid plate.

6. DV8 Offroad

DV8 Offroad Tacoma low profile front bumper parked in a parking garage

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This bumper is for those who want killer looks, functionality, and protection.

There is an optional light hoop that takes a single-row 20″ LED light bar in the bull bar for added practicality. This bumper flows with the body lines of the 3rd Gen Tacoma at a great price point, that’s often available on Amazon.

7. 4 Wheel Parts

4WP Tacoma low profile front bumper on white 3rd gen Tacoma

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This is another solid solution for anyone who wants to enhance their vehicle’s off-road capability without sacrificing its on-road drivability. It has a modular design that allows you to customize your rig to meet your specific needs. With the base section, you can increase your front-end protection, and add a winch, recovery points, and auxiliary lighting.

What Did I Choose?

Tacoma Vibe build featuring a Cali Raised LED Front Bumper and Lightbar

I’ve been building my dream Tacoma in stages, keeping my budget and practicality in mind. I’m currently living in Connecticut, but take frequent trips to Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine for offroading shenanigans.

I’m VERY new to overlanding as a whole, so I’m primarily focusing on the essentials for a safe and fun experience. More often than not, approach angle has not been an issue for me (yet). With that said, being able to self-recover is high on my “need” list, along with the ability to add additional lighting.

As I enter the later stages of my build, the need for better approach and departure angles will inevitably come. For where I am right now, though, the Cali Raised LED Stealth front bumper (without a bull bar) is the perfect solution. I’ve been fortunate enough to use a lot of their products and I’ve been nothing short of impressed. The quality, thought, and care put into their products and designs were one of the key deciding factors for me.

Final Thoughts

Low Profile Front Bumpers For 3rd Generation Toyota Tacoma

Upgrading to an aftermarket front bumper is a practical investment. They enhance the protection and functionality of their vehicles exponentially by being able to better illuminate the road ahead or for recovery situations.

Whatever option you opt for, they all greatly enhance your vehicle’s offroad potential. Above all else, consider your specific needs and preferences, and choose the one that best suits those. See you on the trails!

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