Cali Raised Introduces 4th Gen Tacoma Products

Stripped Down 4th Gen Tacoma At Cali Raised LED

Brands Are Moving Fast – Research & Product Development For 2024+ Tacoma

You might already be familiar with them – but if you are not, Cali Raised is now a Texas-based off-road accessory company. They recently got their hands on one of the new 4th Gen Tacomas and quickly tore it apart to start designing and creating the first line of products. So, what kind of products can we expect for the new truck?

Well, after getting to tour Cali Raised’s facilities in Fort Worth, Texas, I can say with confidence that there’s lots to look forward to regarding future modifications for this new truck.

So, let’s talk more in-depth about what’s currently available and what we can expect in the coming months.

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From Lighting To Manufacturing

Cali Raised Bolt On Rock Sliders - In Stock At Distribution Warehouse

Although Cali Raised LED got their start in lighting, they quickly became a trusted name in the off-road/overlanding world for their armor and accessories too.

What sets them apart is their dialed manufacturing, high standard of material quality, product variety, and a large stock of ready-to-ship items. Their large inventory ensures you’re not waiting on extended lead times for your order to ship.

Welder Working On Rock Sliders At Cali Raised Manufacturing Facility

With a commitment to customer service and quality, they’ve had a ton of happy customers. Myself included! I’ve got their dual-color LED light bar on my roof rack.

It was super rad to get the chance to see the production process up close. These guys are not messing around and it’s easy to see why they’ve been a community favorite for a while.

Designing & Prototyping

Truck Bed MOLLE Panels & Bed Stiffeners For 4G Tacoma From Cali Raised

With the Toyota market as popular as ever, getting ahead of the 4th Gen mods has been a priority for many brands. As far as we know, only a few companies moved as quickly as Cali Raised to acquire theirs. They informed us that the goal was to move faster than ever before to provide one of the most complete accessory lines on the market.

I was able to get a quick glance at the truck as it was being stripped down, and items were being test fitted. Above, you can see bed MOLLE panels and bed stiffeners prototypes.

What To Expect

Prototype Ditch Lights & Brackets From Cali Raised LED For 4th Gen (2024+) Tacoma

So far, from what I’ve seen and been told, Cali Raised is quickly wrapping up the ditch lights, MOLLE panels, bed stiffeners, rock sliders, roof racks – and will continue to quickly produce more. Owners can expect a product line as (or more) complete than the 3rd Gen Tacoma one.

Notably, we should also see a low profile bumper. Stoked to see how the skid plates, and final versions of the rock sliders will look. Exciting stuff!

Final Thoughts

Developing Rock Sliders For 4th Gen Tacoma

Observing the regular activities at the Cali Raised facilities up close makes it clear that they are experts at creating quality products at competitive prices and take great pride in their commitment to providing quick and considerate customer service.

These products discussed today are only scratching the surface of what they have planned for this new truck though, so get ready for more to come! I’ll be covering new products as they are ready for purchase. What products and/or accessories would you like to see for the 2024 Toyota Tacoma? Let me know in the comments below!

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Great research and information Marco!
Well written!

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