Body Armor 4X4 Pike Awning Review

Body Armor 4X4 Sky Ridge Pike Universal Retractable Awning Install & Review

Protect Your Camp From The Elements With This Simple Awning

Have you ever taken a break on the trail or beach and found yourself stuck in the rain or blistering sun? Well, Body Armor 4X4 has the solution for you.

The Body Armor 4X4 Sky Ridge Series Pike Awning is the perfect Tacoma accessory for all of your outdoor adventures.

This 79″ x 79” (2006.6mm for all you comparing this to other brands shown in millimeters) awning is the perfect way to keep you and your friends out of the elements while ripping it up on your favorite trails.

Body Armor 4X4 Sky Ridge Roof Rack Foldable Awning

Whether you are a Floridian, like me, who frequents the beach or a PNW trail hawk, an awning is a great addition to your rig and you’re missing out if you don’t have one.

This Body Armor 4X4 Pike Awning is extremely easy to install, setup and break down and can be yours for a very reasonable price, making it an awesome option for any Tacoma build. Relative to other tents on the market, this one is very fairly priced.

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  • Body Armor 4X4 Sky Ridge Series Pike Awning: Check Price


  • Size (open): 79″ x 79” (2006.6mm)
  • Size (closed): 79″ x 4″ x 4″
  • Mounting: Easily mounts to roof racks or bed racks
  • Materials (Cover): 4420d ripstop polyester oxford fabric + polyurethane coated
  • Materials (Bag): UV resistant 680gsm/1200d PVC Coated Tarpaulin + heavy-duty zippers
  • Footprint Coverage: 43 square feet
  • Self-contained: Includes extruded aluminum telescopic legs/arms (with twist-lock)
  • Stakes and tie-down straps are included


Lifted Magnetic Gray Metallic 3rd Gen Tacoma with Body Armor 4X4 Sky Ridge Awning

The Body Armor 4X4 Sky Ridge Series Pike Awning is made out of durable 4420D Rip-stop Polyester Oxford fabric that is polyurethane coated for waterproofing. As I mentioned earlier, it is 79” x 79” which provides about 43 square feet of cover to protect you from the rain, sun, or snow.

When the awning isn’t deployed, it is securely encased in a durable, UV resistant 680GSM/1200D PVC coated tarpaulin material. A heavy-duty zipper helps to keep the elements out and the two exterior straps keep everything in place.

The setup is quite easy and uses a solid set of aluminum twist-lock arms and legs that will protect you and your gear through every trip or trail you find yourself on.

When you first unbox this awning, you will immediately see that it is a quality product made of durable materials that would rival its competition out on the market.


Step-By-Step Awning Install on 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

The install process for the Body Armor 4X4 Sky Ridge awning will differ for every build.

Generally speaking, you will need some type of roof or bed rack to be able to install this awning. The awning comes with brackets and nuts/bolts so that you can mount it directly to your rack.

However, you may need to get some slightly different hardware depending on what rack you are running on your Tacoma.

Awning + Prinsu

Detailed Install for Body Armor 4X4 Sky Ridge Roof Rack Awning

I have the Prinsu Designs Cabrack and I needed to use different ¼” carriage bolts that would fit in its extruded aluminum crossbars.

I eventually plan to add the awning to my Body Armor 4X4 Overland Bed Rack, but for now, I’m using 4” carriage bolts that I previously used to secure my FieryRed traction boards to my Prinsu rack. If I end up keeping the awning installed on my roof rack, I will get some shorter carriage bolts for the awning and reinstall the traction boards in the middle of the Prinsu rack.

I would suggest mounting the brackets loosely to the back of the awning as your first step. I mounted the brackets to the roof rack first so I could test fit my bolts, but this made installing the awning a two-person job and increased the difficulty a bit.

Mount Brackets To Awning

Installing Retractable Awning on 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma Roof Rack

To mount the brackets to the awning, slide the hex bolts into the slots on the base of the awning. Next, remove the nuts and slide the bolts into the holes in the brackets. Finally, loosely tighten down the bolts using the provided wrench.

Once the brackets are loosely attached to the awning, you can hold it up to your roof rack and bolt the brackets down using either the provided t-slot bolts or your bolts that work with your rack.

The install is as simple as that! As I mentioned, you may need different bolts or possibly even a different bracket depending on your rack setup, but install is generally straight-forward.

Awning Set Up

Step 1. Undo Straps & Unzip Cover

Sky Ridge Series Pike Folding Truck Awning Review & Install

Once you have the awning installed and you are on the trail and ready to deploy it, the setup process is pretty quick and easy.

The first step is to undo the outer straps that help to secure the case of the awning. Next, you can fully unzip the cover and flip it back so you have access to the awning.

Step 2. Undo Straps & Unroll

Body Armor 4X4 Sky Ridge Series Pike Awning Setup

You will then see two Velcro straps holding the awning in. Undo these straps and unroll the awning.

Once the awning is slightly unrolled, you can access the side supports that are tucked into the base of the awning and attached using velcro.

Step 3. Set Side Supports

How to Setup Foldable, Retractable Car, Vehicle, Truck Awning

Pull these out 90 degrees while still holding up the awning and extend them a bit so you will be able to reach them when you fully unravel the awning.

Next, fully unravel the awning and put the pins on the side supports into the holes in the front awning support.

At this point, you can pull out the awning’s legs, similar to how you pulled out the side supports. Extend these until they reach the ground, and twist the bottom part of the legs clockwise until they lock in place.

You should now have an awning structure that is set up and sturdy.

Step 4. Secure Awning

Roof Rack Awning Setup on 3rd Gen Tacoma

There are four velcro straps on the sides of the awning that allow you to secure the awning to the side supports. Simply undo these velcro straps, wrap them around the side supports, and reattach them to the awning.

Finally, stick the provided stakes into the ground and tie off the attached ropes at a roughly 45 degree to anchor the awning to the ground.

Now that the awning is set up, you can hang out and stay protected from the elements. To pack up the awning, simply do the above steps in reverse and you’re good to go.


Body Armor 4X4 Roof Rack Awning Install, Setup & Review

This Body Armor 4X4 Sky Ridge Series Pike awning is a seriously good, quality product that I would consider a necessity for any overland Tacoma build. It is extremely simple to install, set up, and break down.

Body Armor 4X4 provides all of the hardware necessary for install, however, you may need to add your hardware depending on what setup you are using. I installed this on my Prinsu Designs Cabrack, but I will most likely move it to the Body Armor 4X4 Overland Bed Rack that I have installed on the bed of my truck so that it will fit with the Body Armor 4X4 rooftop tent I will be installing soon.

It also looks pretty awesome installed on the truck. When driving at highway speeds, the awning doesn’t budge at all and the wind noise is minimal.

Final Thoughts

Best Roof Rack Awning on 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

While this tent is on the smaller side and designed for a truck, it still comfortably provides plenty of room for 2-4 people to stay protected.

If you are in the market for an awning for your Tacoma, I would highly suggest looking into the Body Armor 4X4 Pike awning. You will not be disappointed! The product is pretty affordable and from first glance, not much different from many other competitive awnings on the market. For under $200, this is a really good option to consider when comes to awnings.

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2 years ago

Is it possible to mount this awning on something other than a rack set-up? Could it be installed or mounted on a hi-top fiberglass roof?

2 years ago

Enjoyed your article. I’m looking to purchase this awning. Would you know the measurement between the hardware that attaches the metal extrusion to the “L” bracket in the picture? I have a Gobi Rack and need to order the correct size bracket. Unfortunately, Gobi Racks make the parts when ordered.

2 years ago

Yes. Thank you

2 years ago
Reply to  Rick

I used to have a GOBI rack- the awning bracket they sell is made for pretty much all awnings. Unless something has changed…

3 years ago

Very helpful article and great pictures!! Thank you so much. I am seriously considering buying it instead of the ARB now, the price is great too!!

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