25 Gifts Under $250 For The Off-Roader

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After Testing a Ton of Gear This Year, Here Are Our Top Picks

As the gift-giving season approaches, there’s a golden opportunity to surprise your favorite off-roader or overlander with thoughtful presents they might not yet have. Whether you’re in the final stretch seeking a last-minute gift or looking to broaden their collection, this curated list encompasses an array of items perfect for any adventure

With all gifts being $250 and under, you’ll be sure to find something that works for everyone. Let’s get into the list of gifts!

Note: These items are not listed in any particular order 

1. MORRFlate Tire Repair Kit – $150

MORRFlate Xtreme 4×4 Tire Repair Kit

The MORRFlate Xtreme 4×4 Tire Repair Kit is a comprehensive tire repair solution. It covers tread punctures, sidewall punctures, sidewall gashes, valve stem shearing, losing your valve cores, and much more. No matter the trail’s challenges, this kit guarantees you’re equipped to swiftly tackle any tire-related mishaps you encounter.

2. Agency 6 Shackle Block – $60

Agency 6 Recovery Shackle Block Assembly

The Agency 6 Recovery Shackle Block Assembly is a sturdy, versatile, and heavy-duty recovery accessory. With a 13,000 lb. working load limit it will provide a secure attachment point for recovery straps, winch cables, shackles, and anything else you may use to recover a vehicle, ensuring a reliable recovery option if you get stuck. 

3. GEARWRENCH Tool Set – $140

GEARWRENCH Mechanics Tool Set

The GEARWRENCH Mechanics Tool Set offers a comprehensive array of durable tools, ensuring quick and effective on-the-go repairs essential for maintaining your vehicle during your adventures.

4. Rollercam 6-Pack Roperoller – $45

Rollercam 6-Pack Roperoller with Accessory Cord and Carry Case

The Rollercam 6-Pack Roperoller is a versatile set for securing any of your gear when you’re headed out on the trails. It is also ideal to tie down your canopy, tent, and awning tie-downs to create optimal security. The Roperoller rope lock is made from a brass roller, stainless steel springs, and shafts, making it extremely durable. The ropes themselves are 10ft long allowing you to mount practically anything, anywhere.

5. Midland Two-Way Radio – $80

Midland 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio

The Midland radios are a great entry-level radio to facilitate clear communication when you have no signal. I have used these radios on numerous trips and they have never failed me. It’s an essential safety tool that anyone should have when heading off-road.

6. KTJO Wireless Carplay Activator – $100

KTJO 4x4 Wireless Carplay Activator

The KTJO 4×4 Wireless Carplay Activator adds wireless CarPlay functionality to your truck. Rather than plugging your phone directly into the head unit, the Activator simplifies the process by allowing you to connect your phone via Bluetooth. Once you’ve connected your phone to the adapter, CarPlay will become instantly accessible without the need for any physical connections.

7. Husky Floor Liners – Price Varies

Husky Weatherbeater Floor Liner

If you have carpet mats in your 4Runner, upgrading to all-weather floor mats is a must, especially any from the Husky line. Husky Floor Liners offer superior protection for a vehicle’s interior. They’re tailored to fit specific models, guarding against dirt, mud, and spills.

8. AVS Window/Hood Deflectors – Price Varies

RealTruck AVS In-Channel Ventvisor Window Deflectors

RealTruck AVS In-Channel Ventvisor Window Deflectors & Hoodflector Bug Shield provide added comfort. They minimize wind noise, keep rain out when the windows are cracked, and protect against bugs and debris on your hood. You can buy them separately but we suggest getting them as a set to ensure maximum protection.

9. Offroam Phone Mounts – Price Varies

Offroam Toyota 4Runner Phone Mount

Offroam phone mounts offer secure and accessible phone placement for navigation and communication while you’re driving. They ensure devices stay in place in any terrain. They have multiple options for phone mounts depending on what you are looking for, including Mag Safe compatible and wireless charging mounts.

10. R4T Spare Tire Gear Bag/Trash Bag – $30

Runnin 4 Tacos Spare Tire Gear Bag/Trash Bag

The Runnin4Tacos Spare Tire Gear Bag/Trash Bag offers a convenient storage solution that is out of the way. It’s perfect for stowing gear or managing trash while on outdoor expeditions. And with its large straps and weatherproof material it’s great to store on your ladder or spare tire. 

11. Cali Raised LED Ditch Brackets – Price Varies

Cali Raised LED Ditch Light Combo

The Cali Raised LED ditch lights paired with the mounting brackets make an excellent present for those planning night-time adventures on the trails. With various ditch light options available, you can select the perfect fit for your needs. These lights not only enhance night driving but also illuminate your surroundings during low-light conditions, providing optimal visibility.

12. MESO Customs Interior Lighting – Price Varies

MESO Customs Ultimate Map Lights Dual Color for the 5th Gen 4Runner

MESO Customs offers both Map and Dome lights (along with hatch lights for the 4Runner), allowing you to create a complete set. You have the choice between V1, without the dual light capabilities, or V2, which includes both bright white and red lighting options. Installing these lights is a breeze—simply remove the stock cover and light bulbs and replace them with the MESO Customs unit.

13. TRD Pro Grilles – Price Varies

Tacoma Troop 3rd Gen Tacoma TRD Pro Grille

Tacoma Troop provides TRD Pro Grilles designed for both the 3rd Gen Tacoma and 5th Gen 4Runner. These grilles, inspired by TRD styling, offer a simple installation process, replacing your current grille effortlessly. Available in several options for each truck, these upgrades not only enhance style but also improve airflow to the engine and radiator for added functionality.

14. Sandy Cats Kinetic-X Recovery

Sandy Cats Kinetic-X Recovery Rope

For every overlander and off-roader, a reliable set of recovery tools, including ropes, is essential. Sandy Cats’ Kinetic-X Recovery Rope stands out as a high-strength solution designed to offer elasticity, minimizing jolts during vehicle recovery making it an ideal choice for various recovery scenarios.

15. Hest Camp Pillow – $89

Hest Camp Pillow

The Hest Camp Pillow, a top choice among campers, offers superior comfort and portability. Crafted from temperature-resilient memory foam, it’s engineered to align the body, relieve pressure points, and regulate temperature. Its contoured profile ensures proper neck support and stays in place for a restful sleep during camping adventures.

16. LifeStraw 4-Pack Bundle – $60

LifeStraw 4-Pack Bundle

LifeStraws make excellent gifts, especially with this 4-pack bundle perfect for sharing among four people. These devices offer water filtration from various water sources, safeguarding against bacteria, parasites, microplastics, dirt, sand, and cloudiness, guaranteeing access to safe drinking water wherever you go.

17. Jackery Explorer Power Station – $220

Jackery Explorer 290 Portable Power Station

An essential for every overlander is a power station, and the Jackery portable power stations stand out as a popular choice. They efficiently charge gear and power essential items at camp, like lighting and fridges. Jackery has power stations available in various sizes, however, this size is ideal for weekend warriors and occasional campers due to its versatility and capacity to meet most needs.

18. Canvasback Seat Covers – Price Varies

Canvasback Bench Seat Cover

Canvasback provides a range of covers designed to safeguard all sections of your seats from wear and tear. These covers shield your interior, effectively protecting against accidental damage. Made from Poly Denier with PVC undercoating, they are waterproof making them perfect for protection.

19. Expedition Essentials Paper Towel Holder – $65

Expedition Essentials Quick Paper Towel Holder

The Expedition Essentials Quick Paper Towel Holder is a practical addition to any off-road setup. It keeps paper towels easily accessible for quick clean-ups or unexpected messes. And with its strong rubber-coated magnets, it can stick to any magnetic surface.

20. BioLite FirePit – $175

BioLite FirePit

The BioLite FirePit is a portable fire solution, ideal for anyone seeking a convenient wood campfire experience minus the smoke. It’s perfect for creating cozy campfires, offering both warmth and ambiance. Additionally, its USB rechargeable power pack powers the integrated air fan for up to 30 hours on a single charge, and when not in use, doubles as an emergency power bank.

21. Fukin Tuned Throttle Controller – $200

Fukin Tuned Throttle Response Controller

We all know the throttle response on many of the Toyota trucks isn’t the best but with the Fukin Tuned Throttle Response Controller, that can all change. This upgrade boasts numerous benefits—it won’t void your warranty, includes an Anti-Theft feature, and provides an impressive 36 sensitivity settings, allowing for personalized customization. Not only will it be a great gift for the mall crawlers but I’m sure it’ll get used out on the trails too!

22. Ironman 4×4 4.5′ Awning w/ LEDs – $225

Ironman 4x4 4.5' Instant Awning with LED Lighting with Dimmer

The Ironman 4×4 4.5′ Instant Awning stands out as an excellent awning suitable for all adventures. Featuring built-in LED lighting for nighttime and instant shade for daytime excursions, making it a versatile addition to your setup. It is crafted from weatherproof 280gsm ripstop poly-cotton with seam-sealed stitching, it ensures dry conditions even in wet weather. Additionally, it offers UV50+ sun protection, shielding against harmful sun rays for a safer outdoor experience.

23. GoPro Hero10 – $250

GoPro Hero10

For the person in your life who loves to record all of their adventures, the GoPro is the perfect piece of equipment. The GoPro HERO10 has a GP2 processor that enables 5.3K video shooting, 23MP photos, improved low-light performance, and game-changing HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization. Additionally, it’s cloud-connected, allowing you to automatically upload footage once charged for effortless storage.

24. Jetboil Zip Camp Cooking System – $95

Jetboil Zip Camping Stove

The Jetboil Zip Camping Stove, combined with Jetpower Fuel, presents a compact and efficient cooking solution, ideal for any expeditions. This stove rapidly boils water in just over two minutes, using half the fuel consumption of traditional systems. With its 0.8-liter capacity, it’s excellent for preparing meals or brewing coffee with ease.

25. Kamp-Rite Prep Table – $120

Kamp-Rite EZ Prep Table with Insulated Bag

The Kamp-Rite EZ Prep Table offers a portable and well-organized space for food preparation at camp. Its counter-height design streamlines meal prep, while the insulated storage cabinet below enables convenient access to a fully stocked kitchen setup.

Final Thoughts

From innovative tools for maintenance to versatile camping gear and accessories, these handpicked items under $250 are tailored to elevate every journey. Whether it’s enhancing safety, comfort, or the overall experience, each gift on this list serves as a testament to the passion and thrill of off-roading and overlanding and would make a wonderful present for the adventurer in your life.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

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