R4T Spare Tire Trash Bag Review

R4T Spare Trash Bag Review

Do Your Part & Leave The Trails Better Than You Found Them

We’ve all seen it on the trails more times than we can even count; trash and debris. Every pull-out and mixed-use area is susceptible to extreme neglect from others. Sometimes, it even reaches out to the trails themselves.

While what’s left behind isn’t always intentional, it’s extremely hard to think that each piece bounced out of a truck without the driver knowing. We can and should be better, and must hold ourselves accountable to keeping the environment clean. The R4T spare tire trash bag is an awesome tool to start practicing leaving the trail better than you found it.

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Leave No Trace

Leaving No Trace - Keeping Public Land Free & Open

In light of recent years, the great outdoors have been seeing more popularity. As a result, a growing level of use and abuse. Just about every popular trail shows how many people have come through not by the photos they take, but by the trash left behind.

While there are organizations that ensure these trails are kept clean, it’s an uphill battle. As the trash begins to pile up, these same organizations and government entities have started to consider closing the trails entirely just to minimize the impact.

This problem isn’t just in the wilderness either. Just this past 4th of July, my hometown in Lake Tahoe got hit the hardest it’s probably ever been and the region had over 8,000 pounds of trash removed from its shores; over 6,000 of which was from Zephyr Shoals. We’ve most likely seen the photos and videos that came from this carnage, and while blame shouldn’t be placed, this amount of traffic does bring people who are just downright disrespectful to these beautiful areas.

Nobody wants to pick up after others, but it’s for the greater good. If not you, then who?

Initial Impressions

R4T Spare Tire Bag Mounted On Tire On RIGd Ultraswing

Spare tire bags have been on the market for a while now. Having your refuse outside of the vehicle and not stinking inside sounds like a very good reason to buy one. However, it seems that the prices of those bags have begun to creep up. The R4T bag is not one of those.

With a promotional price of $30, it’s currently the most affordable option out there. There are two large straps used for attaching to the spare tire or tailgate and sleeves are included on the straps to help minimize wear on them or your rig.

There is also MOLLE webbing and mesh pouches on the bag to attach and stow additional items. A dust flap that buckles shut and a drawstring further seal the main compartment. The inside is lined for easy cleaning if last night’s grub melts through the trash bag you had it in.

Spare Tire Trash Bag Mounting

Attaching the bag to the spare is simple and the straps allow it to be crossed in the back for extra security. You can also adjust the straps to accommodate at least a 35″ tire. With the buckles on the bottom, the bag won’t be easily loosened when the load gets heavier.

Finally, even if its name mainly suggests it’s a trash bag, it can still be used to stow additional gear too.


Spare Tire Gear Bag On 3rd Gen Tacoma Overland Build

With a simple design and purpose, it’s only fitting to see how it holds up with a day of use. Unloaded, it will stay on the tire at whatever height you tightened it at.

Once that load starts getting heavy, it will begin to sag, though it seems to be a common theme with all types of these bags. The dust flap does a superb job in performing its namesake and the drawstring adds additional peace of mind. However, it won’t fully close the top of the bag.

Having an assortment of trash doesn’t pose any problems while in use. Within an hour of cleaning a given area, I had a variety of items inside and didn’t have to play Tetris to keep anything from falling out. The bottom line is, if it fits inside, the bag won’t have an issue with holding it. Once it’s tightened to the spare, especially if you cross the straps, you won’t need to be concerned about it coming loose.

Final Thoughts

Quicksand Access Cab 3rd Gen Tacoma With Black GFC Platform Topper

While it does seem to be a rudimentary item, the R4T spare tire trash bag can be essential. With the next affordable trash bag being $15-$20 more, this bag just makes more sense.

Cleanliness is an essential part of life, and it matters tenfold in the wilderness. That’s especially true if you consider the damaging effects litter can have on an ecosystem. Keeping the campsite clean is a great start to practicing the “Leave No Trace” mantra. Cleaning up any evidence of human activity helps preserve our trails and the beautiful views that they have to offer.

Spreading awareness on maintaining the trails will help keep them open for generations to come. So, for such a low-cost tool to help accomplish that, what’s keeping you waiting?

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