Pedal Commander For 2nd Gen Tacoma Review

Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller For 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller For 2nd Gen

What I’ll be showing you today is something that I have wanted to purchase for my Tacoma for a long time! The Pedal Commander throttle controller.

Have you ever felt the need to find a solution for improving your gas mileage or getting better throttle response? Well, the Pedal Commander is the perfect solution for you! While we know the intention behind the product, the real question is, do they actually work? I know there are many questions in the community regarding how legitimate the claims are.

Like most Tacoma owners I have been looking for some answers to my poor gas mileage and slow throttle response. I have had a chance now to install and use the Pedal Commander and I am here to tell you that it definitely works.

Below you will find a step-by-step walkthrough on how I installed the Pedal Commander in my 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma as well as a quick review regarding my overall experience. Follow these steps, and you too, will be well on your way to improving your fuel economy and throttle response.

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  • Pedal Commander For 2nd Gen (05-15) Toyota Tacoma: Check Price

What Is a Throttle Controller?

Pedal Commander Install & Review For 2nd Gen Tacoma

For those of you that are unaware what a throttle controller is, it’s a device that is responsible interrupting and modulating the electrical signal between the gas pedal and the engine management system. Throttle controllers will receive the signal from the pedal, alter the signal, and the signal is relayed via the system’s electronics to the motor. The system’s response (how sensitive it is to pedal input – can be more or less), is exactly what the Pedal Commander (and throttle control units in general) are modifying.

This results in quicker (more sensitive) throttle response or slower (less sensitive) throttle response depending on the intended effects that you’re after (decreased throttle lag or improved MPGs). The ultimate outcome being more or less miles per gallon, based on how quick or how slow you decide to have the system set to, and improved daily drivability.

Features & Specifications

How To Install & Use A Pedal Commander

  • 36 customizable, adjustable settings (4 modes that can be fine tuned)
  • Fast, simple installation, easy DIY (usually around 15-20 minutes, no tools needed)
  • Will not void warranty (does not leave any trace on truck’s computer)
  • Eliminates throttle delay and dead spots
  • Potentially save up to 15-20% in fuel economy in ECO mode (variable, results vary based on driving habits)
  • Bluetooth enabled app
  • 2-year warranty


Pedal Commander Review - Cables That Connect To Gas Pedal

Thankfully, for this install, you wont need anything except maybe a flashlight to see better behind the pedal. Super quick and easy.

Step 1. Remove Key/Remote From Vehicle

Make sure your ignition is off and your key fob is at least 35ft (10m) from the vehicle to be sure your vehicle is not going to try to use power to transmit any signals to your fob.

2nd Gen Tacomas do not have the touch sensitive door, or a keyless entry system, but I did it regardless, just to be extra safe.

Step 2. Leave Driver Door Open

Leave your driver’s side door open for at least 15 minutes to ensure that the ECU has been completely powered down.

The goal here is to make sure that your Tacoma is completely “asleep” during this install to reduce any risks, should there be any.

Step 3. Locate & Disconnect Gas Pedal Harness

How To Install Pedal Commander On 2nd Gen Tacoma

What you’re looking for here are the wires and the harness that goes from your gas pedal to the engine management system. Once you locate it, you will notice a plug. Once disconnected, you will be ready for the next step. Don’t fight with the harness, with the right amount of pressure, it should release.

Step 4. Plug In Pedal Commander Unit

Installing Pedal Commander Unit On 2nd Gen Tacoma

Once you have everything disconnected, plug in the Pedal Commander. Each plug to its corresponding connection. When plugging it in, be sure to listen for an audible “click.” This lets you know that the system is properly attached.

Step 5. Wire Management

Managing Wires From Throttle Controller

Once you have figured out a location to place the Pedal Commander; tuck away the wires so that they do not interfere with your pedals or driving experience.

I recommend running them up to the steering column and placing the Pedal Commander somewhere easy to reach while you are driving.

Step 6. Mount Control Box

Pedal Commander Installed In 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Once you have found a solid location for your Pedal Commander and ran the excess wiring, place it where desired and mount the throttle controller using the provided pieces in the box (Velcro and mounting bracket).

That’s it, all done! You are now ready to enjoy your Pedal Commander and your ability to focus on getting a quicker throttle response or better fuel efficiency. I suggest messing around with the settings so that you can get adjusted to how each configuration performs.


Pedal Commander Bluetooth App - Detailed Review & Overview

After messing around with the Pedal Commander for a few weeks, I learned that this throttle controller makes a substantial change to your driving experience. After putting the controller into most sensitive Sport+ mode, I was kind of beside myself after experiencing the instantaneous acceleration. It really throws you back in your seat and it’s pretty easy to chirp the wheels. It’s a bit excessive for my taste, I liked a bit more dialed back setting, but it was still fun to mess around with. On the other end, after setting it to the lowest Eco mode, I quickly found out that even under full acceleration (pedal to the floor) that the truck would accelerate at a very underwhelming pace, however, that is what is needed in order to better your gas mileage. If you’re looking to improve MPGs, don’t expect a super reactive pedal. You can’t have it all, haha.

Be sure to download the Pedal Commander app that way you can control it on the fly from your very own phone! The app gives you a chance to better tailor the Pedal Commander to you and, even more so, enhance your driving experience. It can be easier to use than the unit itself, especially if you’ve got it mounted down low.

Your settings include Eco, City, Sport, and Sport +; each one of these will affect your driving experience, alongside the (+)1-4 or (-)1-4 settings along the bottom of the Pedal Commander which allow for fine tuning within each setting. At the end of the day, choosing which settings will work best for you will require a little trial and error. Everyone has different driving preferences. I found a sweet spot somewhere in the middle.

Side note: As you are playing around with the settings on the fly, be sure that you only switch the settings without having your foot on the accelerator pedal. You may change settings while moving, but take your foot off the pedal before doing so. Once you have made your changes, you are free to use the gas pedal!

Final Thoughts

Lifted MGM 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma With Toyo Tires

The Pedal Commander is a great product that offers good results at a relatively reasonable cost. 2nd Gen Tacomas are notorious for experiencing “lag” between you pressing your foot on the pedal and the truck accelerating. It’s worth noting that other mods that you could consider would be a re-gear, or maybe even a supercharger. Now, I’m not suggesting a supercharger or gears are the same this as a throttle controller, but you may be able to see some results, perhaps enough that the roughly $300 price point will keep you satisfied, and with much more cash in your pocket.

If you’ve done any sort of modifications to your truck (lift kit, tires, etc.), then you know how these things can affect performance. This throttle controller helps combat all of that to improve your driving experience. After having one installed it is very tough to go back. It is a quick and easy install to greatly enhance your everyday driving on and off the trail without breaking the bank!

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