23Zero Breezeway Rooftop Tent: 2-Year Review

3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma With 23Zero Breezeway Series 62 RTT

Long-Term 2-Year Trail Tested Review

When we started looking at adding a rooftop tent to our camping setup, several things quickly came to mind. The first was, “do we really need this for camping?” – The quick answer? No! However, it has made our personal camping experience significantly better!

Previously, we had our ground tent tote stored in the bed. That took up a decent amount of the already limited bed space. Mounting a tent to the rack and putting our sleeping bags in it would save us vital space in the bed.

What other benefits come with purchasing a rooftop tent? For us, getting up off the ground was definitely a most important benefit.

This has also made our campsite definitely cleaner. We no longer have to deal with mud or dirt getting in the tent. Just take your shoes off, store them in a shoe bag hanging off the tent, or set them in the truck bed! Another benefit for us is that it is always on the truck, ready to go! If we wanted to leave Friday for a short weekend trip, we can!

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Set-Up Process

23Zero Breezeway 62 Setup Process - How Hard Is It To Open & Close?

Together, my wife and I can get the tent fully set up and ready to go in around 15 minutes. Setting up is simple!

  1. Undo and move the four over the bag straps.
  2. Unzip the bag around the body of the tent.
    • One tip we learned to make the zipper easier to open (if your tent opens to the driver’s cab side) is to open up your rear window to give yourself extra room to move the zipper safely without snagging the fabric.
  3. Fold the bag off of the tent’s body, and undo four straps (two on each side of the tent body that act as compression straps).
  4. Undo the strap that secures the ladder to the body, bring it out towards the hinge, and open it away!
  5. Set the ladder (locking bottom to top to keep the extra ladder rungs out of the way!).
  6. Deploy rain covers.
  7. Set up your bedding, and you’re all set!

It may not be as fast as a hard shell rooftop tent, but at the 23Zero Breezeway 62’s price point, it’s hard to pass up!


23Zero Softshell Rooftop Tent - Long Term Review

The 23Zero Breezeway 62 is a 3+ person sleeping capacity tent that is made out of a 280GSM ripstop polycotton canvas. It also comes with 23Zero’s light suppression technology (LST). The LST fabric allows the tent to stay about 20% cooler inside, and once the tent is closed up, it gets dark!

This keeps the morning sun out if you decide to sleep in a little later than normal. The tent itself is rated for all four seasons and can be outfitted with an insulated winter insert for those cold camping nights.

The queen-sized mattress is a three-inch thick rebound mattress that has a cotton top and waterproof base. This eliminates the need for a condensation mat. The tent itself is compatible with annexes and optional accessories sold by 23Zero.

The weight of this tent is about 145 pounds, and offers a 2-year warranty!

We got to see this tent locally at a shop (Artemis Overland Hardware) and got to compare it to other options side by side. We decided that for the value, the Breezeway had everything we wanted; easily accessed replacement parts, bags, straps, etc. Initially, we were very impressed with everything this tent had to offer us for our adventures.

The Breezeway’s large openings allow you to adjust how you want air coming in and out of the tent. If you are camping on a hot summer night, you can keep the roof, and two of the windows opened up for increased airflow. Conversely, on a cold winter night, you can keep everything closed up to keep as much heat in as possible!

Exterior Build Quality

23Zero Breezeway 62 Build Quality & Materials

We have been super happy with how this tent has treated us! Each window of the tent has two zippers, with the main openings having one zipper on each side. The main bag is one large zipper that very easily glides around the base of the tent during set up and take down.

Four exterior straps secure the outer bag, and four more internal straps compress the tent down. There is also one more strap to secure the 90″ ladder to the base of the tent during transport.

Interior Build Quality

23Zero Breezeway 62 Interior Space

The interior of the tent matches the outside quality! You have a large open space with a three-inch mattress, which allows you to store small items next to you when you are in the tent.

The hinges of the tent have a hook and loop closure, so you can route cables up into the tent if needed! Inside, the tent is tall enough that you should have plenty of space to sit up or move around freely. Overall, we’re very impressed with the quality, both inside and out!

Two-Year Ownership Update

23Zero Breezeway 62 Storage Bag Wear & Tear

Over the past two years, the tent has held up great! We have had a very small hole in the bag itself and a worn segment on the opposite side. However, I truly believe this is due to possibly overtightening the strap on the back a few too many times.

23Zero Breezeway 62 Frayed/Worn Tent Straps

Everything still functions as it should, and the inside still looks as good as it did the first day when we opened it up!

The outside bag has faded slightly (this lives on the truck as my daily), but nothing that affects the body of the tent. I have had to singe the straps from time to time to keep them from fraying, but the maintenance on the tent has been very minimal!

Final Thoughts

23Zero Rooftop Tent On Lifted Quicksand 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma Bed Rack

Is there anything we would change at all? Honestly, the only thing that I can think of changing on the Breezeway is the straps!

A good friend of ours had the idea to swap out the strap ends with Cobra buckles instead of the loop-through closure the tent currently has. However, the tent itself has held up great, and we can’t wait to get more trips under our belts with this awesome piece of gear!

We would fully recommend the Breezeway Series as a great option for those looking to add a rooftop tent onto their adventure rig, whether it’s a weekend warrior or a fully devoted overland rig!

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Timothy Rosenthal
Timothy Rosenthal
11 months ago

How is this tent in the rain and wind?

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