67 Designs TacoRail Accessory Mount Review

3rd Gen Tacoma 67 Designs TacoRail Dash Accessory Mount

Organize Your Phone, Radio, Navigation Tools & More

When it comes to outfitting you Tacoma with essential accessories, a phone/accessory mount is go to first option.

In today’s world, our phones are an integral part of our driving experience, handling everything from navigation to music and more. As such, it’s crucial to have one that is both functional and stylish. The 67 Designs TacoRail immediately stood out as a beautifully designed and highly adjustable option that I can use for more than just my phone.

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Design & Specifications

67 Designs TacoRail Low Profile Accessory Mount

This is a well designed T-track mount. It seamlessly integrates with the lines of your dashboard. The CNC-cut aluminum construction boasts exceptional precision. Also featuring a brushed matte mil-spec black anodized finish and a discreet logo on the right-hand side. This is a crucial aspect for those who want to pass the truck onto the next owner without sacrificing its original features. As well as carrying on and OEM+ look to the interior.

The trackball system can accommodate balls from other companies as well. This provides you with more flexibility in terms of mounting multiple devices. What’s more, the trackballs can be positioned anywhere along the track, enabling you to fine-tune the placement of your accessories to your liking.

Having unlimited adjustability allows you to positions items to not obstruct your view of the windshield. Overall, it that offers unlimited flexibility and an elegant design that enhances the overall look and feel of your truck’s interior. As well as proving its worth with the functionality and adjustability.


  • Weight: 8oz
  • Size: 9.125in L x .5in H x .825in W
  • Two Mounting Holes
  • 9.125in T Track Length

Installation Tips

67 Designs TacoRail Navigation Setup

After using it for some time I have had a few improvements I have made for a better experience both on road and off-road. Some of the things I have done is use double sided tape for mounting, added RAM mounts for items, and routed cables cleanly down the dash. The details to these improvements are listed below.

Double Sided Tape

67 Designs TacoRail Accessory Mount For 3rd Gen Tacoma

Installing is straightforward with the provided instructions. However, using industrial double sided tape you are able to provide additional strength to the hardware used to attach the TacoRail. As well as minimizes vibrations and sound while on the dash.

Placing two strips of tape along the channels of the mount and trim the excess with a razor blade. Then, thoroughly cleaning the dash with alcohol wipes before installing promotes good adhesion. Despite the tape being slightly visible underneath, I have not had any issues with peeling or moving.

3rd Party Accessories

67 Designs Taco Rail With Radio Mount & Phone Charger With RAM Mounts

Luckily RAM Mount balls are compatible with some modification. This provides the option to utilize a variety of different solutions. RAM Mounts specifically expand the options when it comes to phone and radio. The RAM Mount T-nut may need to be trimmed down to fit.

To maximize the functionality, it is discovered a step-down ball adapter can accommodates a wide range of wireless chargers. The charger cable can effortlessly tuck behind it and descend down the dashboard into the glove box for a sleek appearance.

Cable Routing

67 Design TacoRail Dash Mount Cable Management

If preferred a small hole can be drilled in the dash surround to route cables in and out behind the head unit. But, you are able to run the cables cleanly behind the mount and tuck them down the side of the dash. From there they can be routed into the glove to be hidden. A power adapter can be added inside of the glove to further hide the cables and provide power.


TacoRail Series-55 Low Profile Dash Accessory Mount With RAM Mounts

Its most notable feature is its ability to maintain a sleek and seamless appearance within the vehicle. Unlike other options that might obstruct the driver’s view more, the 67 Designs maintains a low profile.

It not only facilitates the straightforward mounting of multiple devices but also boasts a trackball mounting system that provides versatility in positioning along the rail. Adjustable arms allow you to achieve the optimal distance and location for your accessories.

The cross-compatibility with other products, such as RAM Mounts, provides added flexibility and adaptability to your needs. 67 Designs also offers a range of accessories and add-ons, allowing for further customization.

The high-quality construction and ability to blend seamlessly with the vehicle’s interior make it an ideal solution. I would not hesitate to purchase from 67 Designs TacoRail again for future projects and accessories, such as their GoPro mount with a 360 Degree camera.

Additional Options

67 Designs TacoRail Track Balls

Additional Track Balls

Each comes with one trackball. However, you have the option to purchase up to two more when configuring. It is best to purchase the two additional at $10 each because these CNC balls are $20 each if purchased later.

Phone Mounts

You have the option to add either a universal or magnetic phone mount made by 67 Designs. The universal is a clamping style design attaching onto the side of your phone, while the magnetic comes with adhesive metal pads to install on the back of your phone.

Both mounts will also include an adjustable arm and adapters to install them on the TacoRail.

GoPro Mount

The last option is to add a GoPro. This is a specially made by 67 Designs to adapt your GoPro to the trackballs used on the mount.

This offers an easy way to record your off-roading sessions. Or, it can make for an easy dash cam setup.

Final Thoughts

67 Designs TacoRail Review & Overview

When shopping for a for a phone mount I wanted something low profile, easily adjustable, and allows me to add more than one thing. The 67 Designs TacoRail was able to check all the items off of the list for me. With the addition of the wireless charger and the use of RAM mounts for further expandability I would highly recommend this low profile accessory to other Tacoma owners.

If you have any questions about accessories, please leave a comment below or connect with me via social.

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