R4T Aluminum Battery Tie-Down Review

Billet Aluminum Battery Tie Down For Larger Batteries

Affordable Mod & Solution For Larger Group 31+ Batteries

When it comes to electronics, the battery is often one of the last items to be upgraded. For those who are ready to perform that upgrade, it seems the only option is to upgrade the space it resides in. While many companies offer complete boxes for the popular Group 31, they come with a formidable price tag and encase it in quite a bit of metal.

That complete cage is great for those who push their rigs to the limit. However, it’s a bit excessive for the daily driver, weekend warrior, or moderate overlander. This is a simple and budget-friendly solution.

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R4T Billet Aluminum Battery Tie Down For Group 31 Battery

The product is a solid piece of 6061 clear anodized aluminum that accommodates larger, flat-top AGM batteries. The embossed logo is surrounded by a topographic design that complements the outdoor spirit most of us have.

The strong and lightweight billet aluminum easily keeps your battery secured on rough trails. It provides the closest guarantee of keeping it secured in its factory cradle without resorting to full enclosures.

This product will also work for other Toyota models (4Runner, GX, FJ Cruiser). Confirm your fitment before buying.

Why Upgrade

Aftermarket Aluminum Battery Tie Down

While it may seem odd to upgrade just the tie-down, it’s a critical component in your overall power upgrade. The factory part is designed to only fit a group 24F, so upgrading to a Group 31 necessitates an upgrade.

The cheap metal most of these are made of will begin to flex over time when frequenting tougher trails. Rust and corrosion will also accelerate wear, making their reliability questionable. That’s not a concern here.

What’s Included

AGM Battery Tie Down

Included in the box are the block itself and two j-hooks, one shorter than the other. All hardware needed for installation is also provided.

There are no instructions included, but the installation is simple enough and outlined in this post.


Remove Factory Battery Tie Down & Terminals

Tools Required

  • 10mm crescent wrench
  • 11mm crescent or socket wrench

Installation is a simple process. You don’t even need to remove the battery from its cradle. Ideally, having electrically insulated tools is preferred as we’ll be disconnecting and working it.

Step 1. Disconnect Battery

R4T Billet Aluminum Battery Tie Down Installation

The very first step is to disconnect the battery. Though we are not moving it, this is highly recommended as we are working around a live connection. Starting with the ground (black) terminal first, loosen the screws with a 10mm wrench. Next, disconnect the positive (red) terminal. Be sure the negative and positive cables don’t touch each other. Finally, move the cables to a safe place that’s out of the way.

Once the terminals are out of the way, unscrew the sole fastener from its J-hook with a 10mm wrench. When the fastener is fully removed, lift the factory tie-down away from its J-hook and remove both ends. This takes care of the smaller, attached hook.

Step 2. Assemble & Install

Aftermarket Battery Tie Down For Tacoma

With the old one removed, attach the smaller J-hook to the rear-facing portion of the R4T tie-down. You can choose which side you want to face up, this won’t affect installation.

Next, fasten the j-hook with included fasteners, leaving around two threads exposed on top. This step is optional as you can place the hook into the hole by the battery without the main aluminum section but it does make the installation easier.

R4T Billet Aluminum Battery Tie Down

Insert the smaller J-hook into the rear hole behind the battery. There will be an eyelet that will be fairly difficult to see based on your lighting situation.

Once the smaller J-hook is secured, insert the larger J-hook into the front hole below the cradle. Attach the fastener to the larger J-hook and tighten both ends with an 11mm crescent wrench until it is firmly secured.

Finally, reconnect the terminals starting with the positive cable first and verify power is back in the truck.

Final Thoughts

Billet Aluminum Battery Tie Down Review

Although the R4T billet aluminum tie-down is made to support a Group 31, it will still accommodate smaller AGM batteries. They emphasizes that only AGM can be used and it’s best to heed that warning. They also say that it won’t work with Toyota factory batteries as the cells are raised and would not allow it to perform as designed.

As long as your aftermarket choice is AGM and a flat top, it will work. For example, I currently have a flat top Duralast 24F in my truck and this mod works perfectly. If you’re planning to upgrade your truck and don’t want to commit to an entire aftermarket enclosure, the R4T battery tie-down is a budget-friendly solution that I would easily recommend.

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