Agency 6 Adventure Mini Shovel Review

Agency 6 Shovel & Mount Combination on C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper

The Agency 6 Shovel & Tube Clamp Mount Combo

As an avid outdoor explorer, tools have become an important part of my gear setup. When out in the wilderness, you are only as efficient as the gear you have with you. Some tools prove to be more beneficial than others.

One of those beneficial tools is a shovel. They can be used for numerous things while off the grid. Digging cat holes, digging a pit for a fire, digging around your tires if you get bogged down, clearing out an area for a campsite, etc.

There are many options on the market, all different sizes and prices. With all the gear we carry, you want to try and save space and weight where you can.

It can be hard to find a spot for a full-sized shovel on your rig, and even harder to mount. Agency 6 came up with a solid, simple solution.

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  • Agency 6 Adventure Mini Shovel & Mega Mount: Check Price

Note: The billet mount has been discontinued. A6 has replaced the mounts with smaller, more universal mounting bracket options.

Who is Agency 6?

Agency 6 Mega Mount for Adventure Mini Shovel

Agency 6 is a USA-based company that designs and manufactures all its products in Roseville, CA.

They are an outdoor adventure-based company built to inspire others to get out and enjoy the outdoors. They are committed to making superior equipment and specialize in camping basics such as tools, gear, and off-road 4X4 vehicle accessories.

Among a few other items, they are known for are their billet winch shackles, hitch-mounted shackle blocks, and fairleads.

In this article, I will be looking at their shovel and mount combo. Finally, we’ll provide my overall thoughts after testing.


Black Aluminum Agency 6 Adventure Mini Shovel

I was truly impressed by the design and feel of this shovel. You pay for what you get. This thing is extremely well built, and Agency 6 took time focusing on all the details of it.

This is designed for use with off-road vehicles, traveling, and camping. It is made from 6061-T6 Aluminum which is highly resistant to corrosion and cracking. It’s compact and lightweight which makes it ideal for the frequent traveler. It weighs in at only 1.75 lbs and is 23 inches long. It is powder-coated textured black to give it a more durable and rugged feel. Even the welds are extremely clean!

Mount Specs

Shovel with Tube Mount for Off-Road, Overland & Camping

The Mega Mount is a 6061-T6 billet aluminum universal mounting bracket that can be mounted on multiple applications. You can mount it to round tubing (like I did with my bull bar), square bar, or even flat surfaces.

It is powder-coated red to give it a glossy clean finish. The mount comes in three different colors: red, black, or grey. The shovel comes in either a red or black finish.


Mega Mount for Mini Shovel from Agency 6 - Complete Review & Overview

The installation takes less than five minutes. The only tool required is an Allen wrench set.

The Mega Mount comes with two clamps, two threaded knobs, and eight bolts. You will only utilize four bolts to secure the mega mount, but they provide two sizes depending on your application. This mount can fit around a variety of surfaces.

Step 1. Mounting Mega Mount

I mounted mine on the main hoop of my steel front bumper. It’s out of the way, uses otherwise empty space, and let’s face it, especially with the red shovel (which obviously matches my truck), it just looks super rad.

I simply placed the mount in the location I desired, and on the opposite end I lined up the two clamps. Using the four smaller bolts, I slid them through the mount and tightened them down fully using an Allen wrench.

Step 2. Connecting Shovel

Simply place the shovel onto the mount lining up the holes with the holes in the mount. Slide the two spin knobs through the shovel and twist to tighten them down fully to the mega mount.

I opted to use one of the longer bolts as a makeshift lock to secure it to my rig. I decided to leave mine permanently mounted and wanted a more theft-proof solution.

Final Thoughts

Agency 6 Shovel & Mount Combo on 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma with Steel Hybrid Front Bumper

This package is a solid option if you are in the market for a super functional, low profile, space-saving tool such as this.

The ability to mount it to any tube caught my attention. I didn’t have to shop around for a mount separately.

These guys are consistently putting out amazing products!

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