ARB OME MT64 Suspension Review

ARB OME MT64 Lift Kit

Manufacturer: ARB OME MSRP: $2040+
Average Score
  • Build Quality 9.0
  • Ride Quality 9.0
  • Performance 9.0
  • Adjustability 9.0
  • Value - Is it worth it? 9.0
ARB Expands Their Lift Kit Offerings With This New Shock System

If you didn’t already know, ARB’s shock systems are labeled under the Old Man Emu (OME) name. This far reaching brand has been a staple in the off-road community for decades, for a very good reason. Performance and reliability.

Until now, they’ve only had the Nitrocharger line, a more entry level kit, and the BP-51, a premium race inspired line. They hit the affordable and high end of lift kits. Now, with the MT64, they created a complete lineup to better accommodate the full spectrum of user applications.

We had the privilege of working directly with ARB to help launch this kit last fall. We started by flying out to Washington and were given three of their company trucks to create content and test everything in the mountains of the PNW. More on that later.

A couple months back, we finally got our hands on a Tacoma setup, and we installed it on my father-in-laws truck. He’s very picky and was looking for a modest lift that performed well on the road. While he might not wheel like we do, this was an excellent solution for him and he’s been stoked.

Let’s get into the details, including the install, before and after, and some real world performance review.

If you’re looking for even more detail, check out Ryan’s post on Trail4Runner – ARB MT64 Kit Review. Lots of additional info there!

MT64 Overview

ARB OME MT64 Review

Let’s run through some basics and features.

Starting with the name, we can quickly identify a few defining features. The MT portion refers to a monotube design with an internal floating piston. The 64 side of things refers to the diameter (63.5mm). This is similar to how other companies label their shocks as 2.0, 2.5, etc. If we translate the mm into inches, we’re looking at roughly a 2.8″ diameter shock body. That extra diameter offers similar performance to other 2.5 kits, with a massive cavity that allows for a lot of oil to help with cooling and overall performance, but without the extra parts that introduce more points for failure. That’s not to talk down on reservoir options, but if you’re looking for less maintenance, it certainly stands out.

The other feature worth mentioning is the front coilover assembly’s spring perches. ARB looked to simply the coil buying process, while still allowing you to modify your setup when adding weight. This allows you to easily maintain lift heights as you add mods like bumpers, skids, etc.

With an anodized aluminum body and natural rubber OEM-style bushings, this kit has everything you could want. Low maintenance, high performance, and importantly, corrosion resistance.

This whole system is geared towards the majority of the market. It steps up the design with upgrades that separate it from the lower tier option, while keeping the focus on the most common end user – the daily driver and weekend overlander. The whole line was developed to deliver the best possible performance while avoiding common negatives and maintenance schedules of more premium offerings.

Comparing OME Kits

Nitrocharger Vs. MT64 Vs. BP-51

Whenever there are several options to choose from, the most common questions asked cover differences, applications, and how to choose. ARB put together the above chart to easily distinguish between the choices, and help determine what works best for you.

Simply put, you can’t go wrong picking the proven Nitrocharger line if you’re on a budget, or just looking to get your truck off the ground. If you want the best possible performance and adjustability, the BP-51 will shine. But if you’re stuck in the middle, and still want a high performance kit, the MT-64 does a great job rounding out what’s available.

If you have any questions or need help selecting a kit, drop your comments below and I’ll do my best to help out.


Installing ARB OME MT64 Suspension On 3rd Gen Tacoma

We got our kit installed at Yotaworks in St. Charles, IL. Travis, the owner, is a hard working, knowledgeable Toyota dude who has a ton of experience.

Our kit had every OME component that was available including UCAs, a new medium duty leaf pack and more. We got the kit from Mudify, so if you’re looking for a one stop shop for parts, they’re a great choice. That also includes complementary mods like brake lines, bump stops, etc.

Install is relatively straightforward, and this kit is entirely bolt on. We’ve covered installs at length on the site, so just search around for detailed guides.

Before (Factory)

OEM 3rd Gen Tacoma Lunar Rock

For reference, here is the truck right before the install. All OEM, begging for a lift, and some dope wheels and tires.

After (MT64)

Lunar Rock 3rd Gen Tacoma With OME MT64, Black RRW RR6-H Wheels, 275/70/17 Falken Wildpeak AT4W Tires

Immediately after installing, we also added some RRW RR6-H wheels (-12 offset) and some 275/70/17 Falken Wildpeak AT4Ws (the latest iteration of the super successful AT3W).

The result was a perfect stance with an OEM+ focus in aesthetic. Man, do these Lunar Rock trucks looks great or what?!

The shot above is post alignment, and several weeks of driving to allow everything to settle. In my opinion, and my father-in-law’s, the setup is dialed and perfect for his wants and needs.


OEM+ Tacoma Build With Moderate Lift, Wheels & Tires

The suspension features digressive valving and while digressive suspensions tend to ride stiffer at slow speeds and around town, the engineers at OME did an incredible job dialing it in. While certainly providing a slightly firmer response, this kit offers on-road performance that is sure to satisfy almost everyone.

The MT64 hugs the road and provides a great balance of comfort and performance. While my father-in-law will primarily stick to pavement, like I mentioned he’s very particular, and even he strongly approves of the improvement over the stock suspension. OEM suspension is designed mainly for general on-road ride quality, but it’s a generalized approach that can leave a lot to be desired.

When I first drove the ARB Tacoma, where we put about 500+ miles on the asphalt over a few days, I was pleasantly surprised with how it performed. I’ve run two Nitrocharger kits as well as the BP-51 and the MT64 is a perfect hybrid. If you’re concerned about the daily driving characteristics, I’m here to put all your concerns to rest. You don’t have to worry about a stiff or jarring ride, and can rest assured that ARB did their homework.


ARB Company Truck Build With MT64 Lift Kit

Although we haven’t wheeled our local truck, I was able to cover almost 200 miles of off-road driving on our initial testing and content runs.

As you can see above, the ARB 3rd Gen Tacoma is pretty built out. It has every single accessory they offer. That makes the rig heavy and puts even more demand on the suspension.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to drive my trucks hard. Of course, this is within reason, but I like to push trucks to see how they will perform. I was definitely cautious at first considering the weight of a full overland build, but any concerns were quickly put to rest. From moderate rock crawling, to bombing down a drive lake bed with my foot to the floor, running 60+ mph over loose and rutted sections – I was incredibly impressed. The harder you push the suspension, the better it seems to do, with literally no shock fade. While maintaining comfort, the control in extreme situations was impressive.

Honestly, this kit leaves very little to be desired. I can’t say that I found any flaws, or that that the performance could be better. In fact, I went into the testing with high expectations and left extremely satisfied. At this price point and with these features, this setup is tough to beat!

Final Thoughts

3rd Gen Tacoma & 5th Gen 4Runner With OME MT64 Suspension

The ARB brand and reputation speaks for itself. As one of the most established and reliable brands in the space, you can purchase their products with confidence. We can’t express enough thanks for being able to be a part of the launch, and our independent testing checks all the right boxes.

This new lift kit for the Tacoma fills an important void that was previously missing and continues on the path of high expectations that we hold brands to. Looking forward to seeing more of these on the market and what might be coming down the pipeline in the future!

Extra Images

3rd Gen Tacoma Build

2-3" Lifted 3rd Gen Tacoma

Lunar Rock Tacoma With Black Wheels

Lunar Rock Tacoma

MT64 Rear Shocks


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20 days ago

These look good! Def like the aluminum body… my Nitrochargers are starting to show signs of rust.

21 days ago

How much lift did you get front and rear and on which notch did you put the circlip on the front springs to get this lift?

2 days ago

What OME front coils number reference did you get to be able to get those 2.5″ on 2nd notch? I got the 4000 but from 4000 to 4007 length seems to be different !

18 days ago

It does! I thought the max lift you could get from this Shock was 2″ front! Awesome thank you

18 days ago

Yes I get that. My truck is pretty much stock as yours so no added weight. But you still have to add or change your leaf springs in the rear or add a block to get a rear lift right? So what would you recommand as I get a bit more than 2″ front? 1″ or 2″ rear ? Thanks again for your Time

Last edited 18 days ago by Nelson
21 days ago

How high is the lift and on what notch did you put the circlip to get this lift?

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