Cali Raised LED Toyota Blank Switch Review

Cali Raised LED Blank Switches - Tall & Small Options

OEM Style Replacement Options For Empty Switch Gaps

In the world of modifying off-road vehicles, integrating various accessories for enhanced functionality, aesthetics, or added features is practically inevitable. Often, we employ the vacant OEM switch positions on the vehicle’s dashboard to accommodate these supplementary controls. Nevertheless, there are scenarios where we might need to extract factory parts while preserving the location for future utilization.

In such instances, Cali Raised LED offers a user-friendly remedy with their OEM blank switch replacement panels. These can be employed in numerous spots within your vehicle to fill the voids created by the removal of existing holes. The neat and polished appearance of a blank switch seamlessly integrated into the dashboard is far superior to leaving an empty aperture. Additionally, it can be readily removed at a later time to facilitate the installation of additional accessories.

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Blank Switch Replacement Panels For Toyota From Cali Raised

Cali Raised LED OEM switch replacement blanks boast an identical design to the factory ones from Toyota.

Two different variants are available – the tall size and the smaller size.

These blanks are typically used to fill in blank gaps inside of your dash when an accessory is removed and you want to retain the location for future expandability.

Both versions can be found in various Toyota models, including the 2005-2023 Tacoma, the 2007-2023 Tundra, and the 2003-2023 4Runner. Additionally, these switches come with a reassuring two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Tall Size

  • 1.55inH x .81inW x 2.3inD
  • Weight .6oz
  • Collar to retention tab depth .29in

Short Size

  • 1.3inH x .88inW x 2inD
  • Weight .5oz
  • Collar to retention tab depth .29in

Switch Pin Out

  1. Com1
  2. Com2 plus LED change
  3. Unused
  4. Backlight LED
  5. LED Ground

Wiring Guide

  1. Green Wire: Connect to the battery + / ACC
  2. Red wire (close to green wire): Connect to the relay
  3. Black Wire: Connect to the ground
  4. Red wire (close to black wire): Lower dash light +


  • Rated at 3 Amps. A relay is necessary if your accessories require more power than that.
  • Please measure the hole you want to place before placing an order, in order to make sure it fits.
  • SPST design (Single Pole Single Throw)
  • Built-in 2 LEDs, laser-etched pattern


Toyota Switch Blank Replacement

Take one of the OEM switch placements and place it in the now-empty space with the button facing out toward you.

OEM Switch Blank For Tacoma

Then, push back firmly until the blank button pops into place.


Cali Raised LED OEM Style Switch Blanks

Confirm the blank switch functionality still clicks and that there is no binding.

Final Thoughts

Cali Raised LED Toyota OEM Switch Blank Replacement Panels

Cali Raised LED has astutely addressed a market need by making OEM switch blank replacement panels that are readily accessible. This eliminates the time-consuming process of visiting a dealership, describing the part, and having the parts department search through their catalogs. There’s also the issue of small OEM parts costing much more than they should.

Cali Raised LED’s switch blanks are an excellent addition to ensure that you’re ready for future projects or to just clean up your dash. Their commitment to meeting customer needs and making their products readily available makes them a top choice for any automotive project.

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