7 Best U-Bolt Flip Kits For 2nd & 3rd Gen Tacoma

DuroBumps 2nd Gen Tacoma Build With Fender Trim & Custom Vinyl Wrap

We Chose The Top Options From Brands Like DuroBumps, Wheeler’s, Timbren & More

When venturing off-road, every additional inch of ground clearance proves invaluable in preventing costly trail damage, which we achieve through suspension lifts, larger tires, or the addition of high-clearance bumpers. However, many enthusiasts neglect the low-hanging components of their trucks in this search for additional clearance.

We want to minimize the amount of objects that hang low to the ground on the truck as much as possible. If we can remove or relocate these items, they won’t get snagged on rocks or other items found on the trail. U-bolt flip kits are an accessible and easy mod anyone can do to their truck to eliminate one of these contact points.

Additionally, bump stops, which are often sold in tandem with these flip kits, provide an additional source of cushion as our suspension reaches the limit of its compression. In practice, whenever our suspension “bottoms out” after a sudden bump or pothole, bump stops take some of the load that would otherwise be transferred into the shock. Over time, this will preserve your suspension components and allow for a smoother recovery after major bumps.

What Is It?

Thread Nuts on U-Bolts

Picture above: Red arrow pointing to OEM U-bolt bracket.

U-bolts secure leaf springs to an axle. They also hold the bump stops in position. From the factory, they go over the top of the leaf packs and are secured on the bottom of the axle via a bracket.

When wheeling, every inch counts, and if you can increase clearance and avoid a potential breakage, the effort is worth it. And so, enter the U-bolt flip kit.

DuroBumps Bump Stop For 2nd And 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma Installation

Pictured above: DuroBumps U-bolt flip kit and bump stop.

A flip kit takes the same concept and flips it upside down so the bracket and nuts are on top of the leaf pack. This puts the mounting hardware and bracket in a more desirable location, up and out of the way.

A full kit will include a reversed bracket, new U-bolts, hardware, and bump stops. When shopping, we must consider if there are lift blocks or an aftermarket leaf pack already installed. These add extra height that we need to calculate into the length of the bolts, which are trimmable after they are installed.

Keep in mind that the OEM U-Bolts are square-shaped as they go above the leaf pack and hang down. U-bolts from a flip kit have a rounded side to wrap flush around the axle.

Why Should You Upgrade?

Why Add A U-Bolt Flip Kit To Your Truck?

From the factory, the ends of the bolts and large bracket are exposed to rocks and potential damage. Installing one will position the bracket on top of the leaf pack, protecting the ends of the bolts. Furthermore, this creates more ground clearance under the rear axle and a smoother surface that will not get snagged on rocks as easily.

Additionally, this modification offers the option to upgrade bump stops. You can either use ones that are compatible with the chosen kit or opt for a full hydro bump and strike pad. An upgraded bump stop allows for softer engagement, earlier engagement, or even adjustable stop points. Overall, the upgraded bump stops will improve the ride quality of your truck and prolong the life of your suspension components.

1. DuroBumps

DuroBumps U-Bolt Flip Kit for 2nd & 3rd Gen Tacoma

Find It Online

A significant player in the realm of bump stops is DuroBumps. Their U-Bolt Flip Kit provides various rear bump stop heights and U-Bolt lengths to cater to your specific setup. That means you can choose based on your specific suspension. The bump stops in the kit are an industry favorite, made of dual durometer rubber. They provide a dramatically better upgrade to the factory equipment. The bracket is 3/8″ thick steel and the U-Bolts are 9/16″ in diameter. Components are zinc plated and powder coated black.

2. Wheeler’s Off-Road

Wheeler’s U-Bolt Flip Kit 3rd Gen Tacoma Parts

Find It Online

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Wheeler’s Off-road offers another solid alternative. This kit is available either without rear bump stops or with SuperBump replacements. If you choose to go with the complete package, these stops are made from microcellular urethane. The plate is 3/8th inches thick with zinc-coating. These guys have also been in the industry for a while, and offer a quality choice.

3. Archive Garage

Archive Garage Stealth HD U-bolt Flip Kit 3rd Gen Tacoma

Find It Online

  • Archive Garage Stealth HD Toyota U-Bolt Flip Kit: Check Price

The Archive Garage U-bolt flip kit offers several options to choose from depending on your needs. You can opt to either purchase it without bump stops or choose between a few of the aftermarket bump stops on the market, such as SuperBumps. Archive Garage also offers several finishes and styles of U-bolts at a range of price points.

4. AccuTune Offroad

Find It Online

  • AccuTune Offroad U-Bolt Flip & Bump Stop Kit: Check Price

This one is similar to others on the market. What sets this one apart is the spacer they include to adjust the height of the new bump stop. On their website, they offer a comprehensive list of the most commonly used replacement leaf packs and rear shocks for the Tacoma, along with the corresponding spacer sizes needed. This approach ensures that you achieve maximum up travel without bottoming out the shock.

5. Timbren

Timbren U-Bolt Flip Kit With Timbren Active Off-Road Bump Stops For Tacoma

Find It Online

  • Timbren Active Off-Road Bumpstops w/ U-Bolt Flip Kit: Check Price

Timbren’s kit features its own bump stops. These are soft at the beginning of their compression curve, allowing for smooth engagement. Not only does this make significant impacts feel softer, but it also contributes to a smoother everyday driving experience. However, due to the softer activation, they won’t reduce rear sag or body roll. This one is specifically designed to assist avid off-road users at high speeds where the suspension is truly put to work.

    6. SumoSprings

    SuperSprings International U-Bolt Flip Kit With SumoSprings

    Find It Online

    SuperSprings offers a U-bolt flip kit that includes their polyurethane SumoSprings. Like the others, they cushion large impacts progressively, meaning they get firmer as the compression force increases. On the opposite end, they remain softer for smaller impacts and daily driving. Additional benefits of SumoSprings include the ability to assist with rear sag when hauling or towing, as well as the early engagement point that can help prevent body roll.

    Special Mention: Trail-Gear

    Trail Gear Performance Hydro Bump Stop & U-Bolt Flip Kit

    Find It Online

    A newer option to the market, its a good one to consider. The reason we added a special mention for this one is because it’s not quite like the others. As you might be able to tell, it also includes hydraulic bump stops. The install process is more involved, since you’ll need to remove the factory strike plate and punch out some rivets. However, if you’re looking to take your rear suspension to the next level, hydros might be in your future.

    Final Thoughts

    DuroBumps U-Bolt Flip Kit For 2nd & 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma With Bump Stop

    Every kit mentioned above achieves the goal of relocating your U-bolt mounting plate to a more desirable position above the axle. This safeguards your hardware and threaded bolt ends from damage on the trail, while also increasing your clearance. Furthermore, they can add an extra level of damping to your suspension.

    For those who already have an aftermarket bump stop installed on their vehicle, having the option to purchase a flip kit separately is an excellent choice for pairing. If you tow frequently or wish to reduce rear sagging and minimize body roll, adding an aftermarket bump stop will make for a far more comfortable ride and significantly prolong the life of your suspension.

    Regardless of the option you choose, these are arguably a necessity as you begin to modify your truck’s suspension for serious off-road travel.

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